17 Vaping Myths Debunked

In our fight to keep the vaping industry alive we have endured slander to no end and without merit. The biased studies funded by Big Tobacco, the blasphemous claims by the mainstream media, and the looks we get from people who just don’t get it continue to pile up.

Vaping Myths Debunked Aspen Valley Vapes

Well with the help of honest studies and real-life testimonials from each and every one of us, we can start to prove all of the naysayers wrong. Here is a list of 12 vaping myths that have been debunked and backed up by concrete facts.

1) E-Liquids Are Dangerous And You Don’t Know What You’re Putting In Your Body

This tends to be one of the most common myths used by non-vapers and people who are uneducated on the subject of vaping. There are only 3 or 4 ingredients* used in e-liquid depending on what you vape; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural/artificial food grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional).

Each of these products, with the exception of nicotine, are in many everyday products we use or consume like cosmetics, food, and drinks.

2) E-Liquids Contain Anti-Freeze

Anti Freeze in Vape Aspen Valley Vapes

This is one of our favorite myths to hear. One of the ingredients in vape juice, propylene glycol, is used in anti-freeze. I’m not exactly sure how that translates to e-liquids containing anti-freeze, but the claim was made and ruffled the feathers of the vaping industry. To us, that’s like saying you’re drinking water when you’re really drinking a soda or a beer.

The funny part about PG being used in anti-freeze is that it is intended to make the anti-freeze less harmful if it is swallowed. You want to know what else contains PG that is meant for adult consumption? Fireball whiskey. On top of that, PG is used in many hospitals to help keep areas sanitary.

3) Vaping Causes You To Inhale Formaldehyde

Ahhh, the infamous formaldehyde myth. This one caused quite the stir when the “study” making this claim was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The intention of the study was to calculate the risk of cancer in humans, which would be a great thing to know.

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Unfortunately the researchers botched the study by having machines simulate the act of vaping at temperatures that were so high they caused dry-hit conditions. Each and every single one of us can tell when we are getting a dry hit and immediately quit vaping. After dying and feeling the heat of 1,000 suns in our throat we then come back to life, address the problem, and fill our tank or re-drip on our coil. The machines did not simulate the real act of vaping in their study. They took those e-cigs to pound town and never looked back.

You can view the whole study here: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc1413069

You can view the facts behind debunking the myth here:

4) E-Cigarettes Will Give You Popcorn Lung

Popcorn Lung Aspen Valley Vapes

Oh man, another myth that took the vaping industry by storm and still gets brought up every so often… Vaping gives you popcorn lung. This claim is just comical when you get down to the facts.

The big fuss was about e-liquids containing diacetyl, which caused popcorn lung in popcorn factory workers from breathing in high levels of diacetyl from the butter flavoring. The primary e-liquid flavors of concern were custard flavors. While we think all e-liquids should be diacetyl free for the safety of all vapers, the levels of diacetyl that were found in e-liquids were so insignificant compared to the levels of diacetyl that are found in regular cigarette smoke

Dr. Michael Siegel concluded that smokers are exposed to diacetyl levels that are 750 times higher than the diacetyl levels of vaping. An average vaper is exposed to 9 micrograms of diacetyl per day while the average smoker is exposed to 6,718 micrograms.

Siegel also went farther in-depth when he looked at the Harvard study that caused the diacetyl concerns in the first place. He found that the e-liquid with the highest levels of diacetyl exposed vapers to just 239 micrograms whereas a heavy smoker is exposed to 20,340 micrograms. We aren’t rocket scientists, but the numbers speak for themselves.


5) Nicotine Causes Cancer

Nicotine Vape Benefits Aspen Valley Vapes

We feel like this myth was used more as a scare tactic than anything, but you can see why people would draw that conclusion if they don’t know their facts. Plain and simple, nicotine is not a carcinogen. There have been multiple studies done by independent groups and government agencies that have not found a link between nicotine and cancer. This means that it has to be the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes that cause the cancer. In fact, while it is addicting, nicotine is about as harmful for your body as caffeine.


6) E-cigs Are a Gateway to Tobacco Use for Teens

A lot of the people opposed to vaping bring up children and teens using these devices and then later switching to regular cigarettes in the future, which is a valid concern. However, tobacco harm reduction education in public schooling is much more effective now. Most teens know the consequences and think it’s gross. That doesn’t debunk the myth though.

One study done by the CDC confirmed that increased use in e-cigs in high schoolers did not translate to an increase in smoking rates. This study actually proved a lot for vaping advocacy and you can see our 9 key takeaways from that study here. https://aspenvalleyvapes.com/9-key-takeaways-from-the-cdcs-electronic-cigarette-report/

Another study done by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center looked at 1300 college students with an average age of 19. Of the 1300 students in the study, 43 of them said an e-cig was their first nicotine product. Of those 43 students, only one of them said that they went on to smoke regular cigarettes. You can see more about that study here: http://consumer.healthday.com/cancer-information-5/tobacco-and-kids-health-news-662/e-cigarettes-may-not-be-gateway-to-smoking-study-681597.html

7) Vaping Causes The Same Harm To Your Body As Smoking Cigarettes

As vapers, we probably don’t need to bust out the facts to debunk this myth because we are living proof that vaping doesn’t cause the same harm to our bodies as smoking cigarettes. Aside from the fact that our e-liquid has 4 ingredients compared to the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes, we know our bodies best. We know we can breathe better, have more endurance, and we have an increased sense of smell and taste. All things that were hindered by smoking.

Well now you have some scientific evidence to back up the way you feel! A study led by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Department of Cardiology at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece found that smoking cigarettes caused a greater elevation in blood pressure and heart rate compared to e-cigarettes. The study also found that while cigarettes acutely impaired diastolic function there was no difference in diastolic function observed in e-cig users.

You can view the full study here: http://spo.escardio.org/eslides/view.aspx?eevtid=54&fp=1375

8) E-cigs Are More Addictive Than Regular Cigarettes

Vape Addiction Aspen Valley Vapes

This myth may have some truth behind it because we are addicted to getting new mods and tanks, but science proves that e-cigarettes are not as physically addictive as cigarettes.

Two independent studies, one conducted by Dr. Murray Laugesen and one by Dr. Thomas Eissenberg at Virginia Commonwealth University, found that e-cigs do not deliver nicotine as efficiently as regular cigarettes. In fact, e-cigs deliver nicotine in lower levels than tobacco smoke.

On top of that, some argue that it’s not the nicotine that makes cigarettes so addictive. While there is no denying the fact that nicotine is addictive, many claim the thousands of other chemicals and by-products of cigarettes make them much more addictive than they’re made out to be.

You can read more about Dr. Laugesen’s study here: http://vaperanks.com/e-cigarettes-200-times-less-toxic-than-analogs-new-study-shows/

You can read more about Dr. Eissenberg’s study here: http://consumer.healthday.com/cancer-information-5/smoking-cessation-news-628/benefits-of-e-cigarettes-may-outweigh-harms-study-finds-690268.html

9) E-cigs Are Explosive

This myth is somewhat tricky to debunk because of all of the news stories we have seen published, but in reality e-cigs are no more explosive than your smartphone. It all comes down to battery safety and education.

We’ve all seen the stories of people’s eGo batteries igniting while charging, we’ve seen the videos of batteries venting in pockets, we’ve seen the aftermath of batteries venting in cars, but we never hear the full story.

When used properly and safely, e-cigarettes do not pose threat to explode in your pocket or your hand. For those of you with mods and external batteries, ohms law and battery safety need to be a top priority for you to know. You need to know what resistance is safe to run on your mod based on your type of battery. You need to know how to safely transport your batteries. You can learn all about battery safety here.

As for the eGo style batteries catching fire while charging, well that’s a manufacturer’s defect or an operator error. It’s very similar to the stories of phones catching fire. If you smother it while charging, it will get hot and can potentially start a fire.

Just practice safety at all times and you will be good to go!

10) Non-Smokers Will Pick Up Vaping

E-cigarettes were introduced as a tool to help smokers quit smoking. They aren’t marketed towards non-smokers, they aren’t marketed towards young teens, they are marketed to people looking to quit smoking.

A study done by the CDC completely debunked this myth. According to the study conducted in 2014, among the group of adults who had never smoked cigarettes only 3.2% had ever tried vaping. The age group that had the highest rate of people trying an e-cig without ever smoking a real cigarette was the 18-24 age group at 9.7%.

You can view the full study here: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db217.htm#e-cigarettes

11) E-Cigs Aren’t An Effective Tool For Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking Start Vaping Aspen Valley Vapes

We are all living proof that this myth is complete and utter garbage. We can personally say that if it wasn’t for vaping that we would still be smoking cigarettes to no end. The hundreds of thousands of vapers across the world are proof of this, but if that’s not good enough for some of the naysayers, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) released a study that concluded that e-cigarettes should be added to the list of primary tobacco harm reduction modalities. Aka e-cigarettes are a great tool for helping people quit smoking.

You can view the full study here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4078589/

12) Second Hand Vape Is Dangerous Just Like Second Hand Smoke

With second-hand smoke being so dangerous, it’s easy to see why people were so worried about second-hand vapor, especially with the big formaldehyde myth that floated around. Another concern was the amount of nicotine that might be left in second hand vape. Astonishingly, Lolliard Tobacco Company came out with a study in support of e-cigs rather than bashing them.

The study done by Lolliard compared the levels of carcinogens found in 2nd hand vape to 2nd hand smoke. The study concluded that 2nd hand vapor contains the same levels of carcinogens as ambient air. The study also found that the levels of nicotine in 2nd hand vape are negligible.

The NCBI also conducted their own study comparing the effects of 2nd hand vapor and 2nd hand smoke on indoor air quality. The report concluded that there is no apparent risk to human health from e-cig vapor based on the compounds analyzed.

You can read the full Lolliard study here:

You can read the full NCBI study here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23033998

13) Most Studies Show That Vaping Is Risky for Your Health

vaping risky

At the present moment, there are many studies that are being done on vaping all across the world. Lots of prestigious colleges and universities are spending time, energy, and money trying to figure out what the long-term effects of vaping will be.

And while some studies suggest that there could be potential risks associated with vaping, many also show that the benefits of vaping could far outweigh any of those risks. In fact, Public Health England, which is an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK, came out recently and said that it believes e cigarettes are up to 95 percent less harmful to people than regular tobacco cigarettes.

There are other studies being done to prove or disprove that, but at the very least, there is some evidence that suggests vaping could be beneficial to you.

The problem is that the studies that are pro-vaping don’t always get the same push as the ones that seem to indicate potential problems with vaping. That’s why it’s very important for you to do your due diligence and read about vaping as much as you can.

New information is being released all the time, and researchers are constantly finding out more and more about the e-cigarettes and e-juices that vapers use.

14) Vaping Can Increase Your Chances of Catching Pneumonia

catching pneumonia

Back in 2014, a report emerged indicating that a man in Spain caught pneumonia as a result of vaping, and it scared a lot of people. It was the second such case of pneumonia resulting from the use of an e-cigarette.

But in the months—and now years—following the report, Professor Riccardo Polosa of the Institute for Internal Medicine & Clinical Immunology of the University of Catania has down countless interviews in which he has discounted that report and pointed out that people most likely cannot catch what’s called lipoid pneumonia from vaping.

“After careful reviews of these clinical cases, I could identify a more plausible cause for these patients’ lipoid pneumonia,” he said during one interview. “I do not understand why my colleagues incriminated vaping.

Most probably, they reasoned that inhalation of vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid could have been the cause without considering that glycerin is not a lipid, but an alcohol. By definition, alcohol cannot cause lipoid pneumonia.”

This means that vaping will not, in all likelihood, put people at risk for diseases like pneumonia, as has been previously reported.

15) Using E-Cigarettes to Cut Back on the Number of Regular Cigarettes You Smoke Won’t Make a Difference

During a recent interview with the Deseret News, Dr. Brian King made some troubling comments about one of the biggest potential benefits of using e-cigarettes. Many people out there use them to cut back on the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoke per day.

They have been able to successfully scale back their cigarette intake from one or two packs per day to just a few cigarettes per day in some cases. Dr. King argued that “just reducing the number of [smoked cigarettes] doesn’t reduce health risks” and he said that “you have to quit completely” to reap all of the healthy benefits of quitting. He’s right in that quitting smoking altogether is the goal, but he couldn’t be any more wrong when he said that simply cutting back won’t help you when it comes to your health.

Cutting back on cigarettes can be extremely beneficial to those at risk for certain respiratory diseases. Someone who smokes a pack or two a day is much more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases than someone who smokes just a few cigarettes per day.

Of course, most people want to stop smoking completely, but that doesn’t mean that they should be discouraged simply because they aren’t able to go from 20 cigarettes to 0 cigarettes overnight.

16) Vaping Products Are Not Regulated

fda regulations

This was true, until just a few months ago. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has created a long list of regulations for vape shops and vape manufacturers to follow, and while many of these regulations have come under fire in the vaping community, they have also forced those who create and sell vaping products to step their games up and make sure that they are creating quality products.

The good thing is that many vape shops were already doing this. The vaping community has done an excellent job of policing itself in recent years by relying on word of mouth to promote the very best products in the industry.

Anti-vaping groups might try to sell you on the idea that vape shops and manufacturers are brewing up e-liquids in their basements and bathtubs without any regard for what they’re doing, but in reality, the majority of vape shops go out of their way to do extensive testing in order to ensure that they aren’t putting low-quality products out on the market and doing any harm to their customers.

17. Banning E-Cigarettes Would Make Them Go Away Forever

banned e cigarettes

Some extremists have argued that e-cigarettes and vaping as a whole should be banned because it promotes the act of smoking. Despite the fact that many studies suggest vaping could potentially save millions of lives in the years to come, they want to find other ways to help smokers kick their habit. The problem is that, even if vaping was to be banned, it wouldn’t just disappear.

The UK-based Center for Substance Use Research shut this myth down recently by surveying more than 9,000 U.S. vapers and asking them what they would do if the vaping products that they use were taken off the market.

Almost 70 percent of them responded by saying that they would turn to the black market to continue buying the products. This would obviously be problematic, because it would mean that there would be no sense of checks and balances in place to make sure that vapers are buying quality products. And it could further tarnish the reputation of the vaping community. It’s why anti-vaping groups need to think long and hard before pushing for a ban of e-cigarettes and e-juices.

Let us know if we missed any myths in the comments below!

*Please note that the flavoring used in e-liquid may indeed contain multiple ingredients, but that does vary for each e-liquid.

59 thoughts on “17 Vaping Myths Debunked

  1. Topher Wisniewski says:

    This is a fantastic, articulate and all around intelligent report. I think the timing is crucial as well. Make no mistake, people. Big Tobacco is pissed off! They have deep (bottomless) pockets and a slew of legislators who live in them. These politicians who so desperately wish to stay in office, must bow to “The Man” (in this case Big Toby) and do his bidding. His bidding is a misinformation campaign and heavy use of other scare tactics. As was highlighted in the article, the very few dangers involved with vaping are avoidable with proper education and a dash of common sense. Please share this article across as many social netowrks as you can. This summary needs to be out in the open.

    Great piece of work, Aspen Valley! You have just earned yourself a spot on my “bookmarks” bar in my browser and I will be patronizing your establishment as soon as possible!

    • castello2 says:

      I will quote the VP of casaa for clarity and easiness “At a vape meet in Wisconsin this weekend (manning the CASAA booth), just about every vaper thought all of the regulations, bans, taxes and FDA actions were because of Big Tobacco lobbying. They had no clue about the pharmaceutical industry, the ANTZ organizations or why the government wants us to keep buying cigarettes.

      To be frank, it’s memes like this that perptuate that belief and keep people ignorant of the facts. They already have a distrust of the tobacco industry, because of the ANTZ, so it makes sense to them that all of our problems come from the tobacco industry.

      Of all our enemies, the tobacco industry is the lowest threat, because they are also the e-cig industry and would benefit from a thriving e-cig industry. Focusing on them as another “front in the war” is like the Allies worrying about Axis-friendly Finland during WWII, lol! wink emoticon

    • Wrong facts says:

      Hahaha it’s so funny people like you man Google scholar this stuff and that’s real facts it’s called being bias this cite is trying to sell vapes of course the all of the truth is not going to be told otherwise they would make no money lol

        • Eric Christopher says:

          While all companies are in some way dedicated to ensuring they don’t bad mouth their own brand, you are effectively arguing an online specialty store the size of say being the only one in a city is the same as Amazon or Ebay protecting their own brand. That is an inherently flawed way of thinking. Also bashing somebody for using google to find information relating to studies and official reporting is also wholely for inflammatory purposes. I am a researcher with two degrees going to graduate school. Do you know how expensive it is to acquire these reports in print in such a specified field of study within medicine. I am lucky to have access to the online resources I do to the over 200 papers prepared by the IEEE every year as well as the access granted to me for all of the theoretical physics I need to do my research online in pdf format. All of the things linked to here have legitimate citations that link to the studies or link to articles that make dense subject matter more accessible to people who aren’t literally in the fields in question. It would cost millions of dollars and undermine the nonprofit nature of most research professional societies if they just sent me, or any of the millions working in health or other fields ten of these 10-40 page things a month. I am in am in the minority as I actually have used mine to curb candy addiction and therefore cannot speak on behalf of the people I know in their 40s and 50s who kicked cancer sticks to the curb, however, it is clear you are blinded so much by subjective reasoning the second you see they are an online vape shop you fail to recognize the things you are criticizing are not only wholely unrelated to the problem at hand but come off as actively hoping that somebody less intelligent than you will prove some point you have strong ‘feelings’ about but no legitimately profound objective criticism for. You sound like some stoner who took a philosophy and business ethics class angry at ‘the man’ more than you sound like somebody with legitimate, bonafide, evidence to defend your claim.

          • james thomas says:

            The problem with traditional cigarettes is the additives, smoke and chemicals. This is where e cigarettes can really jump in and help. With so few ingredients and the ability to reduce nicotine intake to zero over time, it is a far better choice.

  2. ken says:

    13.. e-juice flavorings are marketed to attract children: I have an AARP card, and I still like the fruity pebbles and rocky road vapes! The variety of flavors aren’t aimed at the kiddo’s, they’re targeting adults with a sweet tooth. (safety disclaimer should be added that all e-juice can be harmful to children or pets, especially those with higher nicotine levels)

  3. Larry everton says:

    Still it is stated that e-cigarettes were a tool to help people quit smoking. How much good is that if the user still smokes when it is comfortable to do so. So e-cigarettes when your inside and regular cigarettes when your outside. Way to kick that habit dudes.

    • Garth says:

      Larry everton. Nobody said that ecigs were the end all for quitting smoking. They are the best and cheapest option though, until they get taxed to death anyway. There are a lot of people that can’t just break away from the convenience of the cancer sticks but a lot of those will also win in the long run. Don’t put those people down. Encouragement is Key. I tried the drugs and patches but after 45 years of smoking it was an ecig that helped me win the battle. Over 3 years without tar and stinky clothes and no intention to start smoking ever again. I couldn’t care less if the government would like me to get cancer and die shortly after I retire so I’m not a burden.
      Encourage smokers to try everything even ecigs although you may not like them. That person may end up being the biggest winner and find themselves able to toss the whole works away after a few weeks.

      • Kathy Fauske says:

        I love your post. I smoked for 28 years at least a pack a day. I quit cigarettes on 12-26-14 it’s been almost a year and a half. The only thing that Helped me quit was Vaping. I don’t cough anymore,I breathe better, I have my sense of smell and taste back. I recommend Vaping to help quit smoking all the time! It changed my life forever! I do recommend you get educated on what type of vape setup is best for you,find a knowledgeable vape shop and ask questions… I still am learning better ways to vape,and safer ways to vape so keep educating before you pass Your judgement on vapors ( not you, others ).

    • Colleen says:

      I don’t smoke, I vape…big difference! I haven’t had a cigarette in a year (April 10)
      I started at 18 mg and as of right now I am at 3mg. When I can vape 0 easily without nic cravings, I will be done with my e-cig. I’ve been smoking a pack a day since I was 16 and I’m just about to turn 47… you can put it down all you want, but if you’ve never had an addiction then you’re best not to say anything at all. If you’ve ever had to fight an addiction then you should be ashamed of yourself for your comment. I’d say that vaping has saved my life.

      • Lisa says:

        It has also saved my life. I gave up cigs on Jan. 5 2015. I am also 47. I was smoking two packs a day. I started with 24 mg of nicotine and I am now at 6 mg. I have never felt better and I don’t get winded. I could tel my lungs were healing the first month. The best purchase I ever made was my vaporizer.

    • JONO says:

      I’m some people may do that, but that’s a blanket statement you’re using to apply to all e-cig users. I used it to quit smoking period, as many have. It’s the best smoking cessation tool to ever hit the market. Better than nicotine gum, patches, pills, hypnosis, anything.

    • Benjamin says:

      lol I was a regular smoker for 5 years daily may I add I had more than 10 of them nasty sticks.. Now I vape maybe half of 35 ml bottle a WEEK I love that I can kiss my wife with no smell and I can taste my food !! Vape is made to quit smoking and live a healthier life .. I for one don’t even drink so vape has actually help me kick smoking and no I don’t even have a urg to smoke a traditional cig @ all In fact Mr Larry I even resent the people who smoke now and observe how they act so drained and grumpy and spit a lot .. God I hated those days .. Now I’m free of Big Tabacco and prob even vape soon .. MINED OVER MATTER

    • Ron says:

      I haven’t had a smoke in nearly 2 years, so ya thanks, habit kicked! Don’t try to sway the good of the article for your purpose, and a negative one at that.

    • Tara Ash says:

      Larry Everton, I quit smoking completely when I started vaping and don’t ever intend on starting again. But that was my personal choice. A friend of mine capes as well, but she still smokes regular cigarettes also. She only smokes half of the regular cigarettes she used to since she’s stared vaping, so she is still making progress. Every person has their own battle to fight and everyone has a different goal for winning their battle. Mine was to quit completely and I achieved mine and won my battle. She wasn’t ready to quit completely and wanted to slowly wein herself off with vaping so her goal wasn’t the same as mine. We have both won our battles even though the outcomes are completely different. Vaping is the only way either of us could reach our desired outcome though.

      • Ben says:

        The way I see it regarding dual-users.. It’s not the cigarettes that they smoke that matter, it’s all the ones that they DON’T smoke when they vape.. THR all the way.. Would it be better for her to quit the traditionals? Of course it would, but every cigarette she avoids, that’s a win

    • Shane says:

      I smoked for 9 years but after 2 days of using vapor, i threw away the cigarettes i had left. Im one of thousands who have made that choice so this comment is invalid

    • Zhaylin says:

      I started smoking when I was about 12 years old. By the time I was 18 I smoked 2-4 packs a day. Then I quit for 8 years. Family drama helped me pick the habit back up and I jumped right back to 2-4 pack a day. I couldn’t quit again for anything. I tried meds, patches, cold turkey. Finally found e-cigs. I both smoked and vaped for several months until I found a good mod and a good juice. Eventually, I discovered I simply preferred the e-cig. I’m almost 43 years old now. I’ve been cigarette free for about 3 years.

  4. Sharon says:

    I smoked for over 30ty years and tried everything to quit – never got past more than a year. And I am happy to say that with vaping I have been cigarette free for a little over 3 1/2 years and have no urge to ever light up again, there are many more like me……

    • Larry everton says:

      Say what you will, but vaping is a crutch just like Nicolette or any other smoking deter ant . I have been smoke free for 18 years after smoking 3 packs a day besides using Cooenhagen at the same time. 71years old now and had lung cancer with part of one lung removed. That was 11 years ago. It is great if a person wants to use vaping as a way to quit smoking but if that is not their intention then WHY.

      • Ben says:

        Larry, Harm reduction. Vaping has been shown to be “At least 95% Safer” than tobacco. If someone doesn’t plan to quit, vaping is a much better alternative

      • Jackie says:

        Because we enjoy the act of vaping and nicotine it delivers. Nicotine has excellent health benefits. Do some reasearch. My non smoking husband enjoys vaping some caramel after dinner.

  5. Janet Andersen says:

    Larry, many of us stopped smoking completely the day we bought our first vape. Some never quit smoking completely and some just take awhile. But every time someone vapes, they aren’t smoking and that’s kind of the point. Each to their own, now we have choices.

  6. Gina says:

    It’s just another way to fool people into wasting money since the people that I know who vape have done so to stop cigarettes but keep on vaping. They are spending more on the vaping products because they are allowed to vape pretty much anywhere they want at anytime. I get it that it may be a “healthier” alternative to cigarettes but I don’t know if anyone else thinks it’s annoying to Have some vaping next to you and have to stand the smell after someone just blew it out their lungs. I’m sorry but they do not smell good at all. I used to smoke cigarettes and I’ve been smoke free for more than 10 years by just stopping cold turkey. Why can’t people see that vaping is going to be just like the big tobacco companies, greedy! They just want your money.

    • zlice says:

      honestly i don’t care who wants my money. what i spend on vaping is less than 20% of what i used to spend on cigarettes and i don’t have to go through withdrawals for months to do it. secondly you stand next to people with bad breath or bo everyday an breath next to them. there’s no law saying they cant stink all they want. or that a restaurant cant smell or candy soda or anything else. there are smells everywhere that are unpleasant i suggest you get over yourself and step back so he or she doesn’t breathe on you

    • Kristi says:

      I vape peppermint which most people enjoy. I don’t blow it in anyone’s face. I had a guy stand by my car (park in the back away from others), sniff the vape, and compliment on how wonderful it smelled. I will never stop vaping, because I use it for other things than nicotine addiction. My nerves are shot and it keeps my hands out of my hair (trich). I hope everyone uses manners.

    • Jennifer says:

      Good job on quitting. Too bad you used your experience to be rude and unsympathetic rather than understand what people are going through.

      Fool people into wasting their money? I see you’re not a person who uses facts as their bases for their comments!

      This isnt snake oil lady! No one is being fooled! As this article, that you clearly did not read or at least didn’t comprehend, states, vaping is a healthier alternative and has helped a lot of people quit smoking, reduce their smoking, and quit both smoking and vaping all together. The statistics on vaping by far surpass all other cessation products as well as cold turkey. Yes, your way of quitting rarely works for most people and if they do quit the odds are high that they will start back up again. As an ex-smoker you should know the actual scientific data about it.

      Vaping is cheaper than smoking and what hurts vaping tremendously are all the uneducated naysayers and the big shots who’s pockets are lined by big tobacco and big pharma who have caused such a rukus that now the FDA is getting involved with all aspects as well as charging a huge fee which in return will now increase the prices of vape related products. A lot of the businesses that cared about the industry and their customers were small businesses who would have to sell their first born child just to cover the fees to allow one ejuice to be on the market. That’s just 1 flavor and strength. They have to pay a fee per sku. Guess who can afford these fees and who’s a-okay with paying them? Big Tobacco! What a coincidence. They’re now trying to recoup their losses by getting in the market that could have destroyed them. They also put a lot of money into our government as well as political figure’s pockets. They are the ones who put thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and made them even more dangerous and addictive. Great way to help Big Pharma as well. Big Tobacco’s only care for their customers is getting their money. Uneducated people keep voting these politicians in who allow large, greedy companies to monopolize the market and work with the politicians to increase fees because they are too stupid to comprehend what their end game is. These nimrods don’t care until it effects something they like. God forbid there be a heavy tax on yarn or cat food, right lady?

      I have been cigarette free for over 3 years. I was able to make vaping work for me pretty fast but it is harder for some people. I had a high nicotine level at first and it has tapered down quite a bit. I’m working my way to 0 and will quit. I’m healthier than I have been in a long time. I tried quitting many times with cessation products and even cold turkey. Chantix made me homicidal. Patches gave me severe night terrors and taking them off at night made my cravings worse. The last cold turkey try I got so sick and my hormones were thrown out of whack.

      I’m happy that people have a better option than just slowly killing themselves but people like you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Good luck with that attitude because the world doesn’t revolve around you!

    • Jennifer says:

      And it doesn’t matter what you think of the smell. If you politely ask someone to not vape around you they will likely oblige but I don’t see you politely asking anyone anything.

      Also, you act like there is only one flavor/brand. There are hundreds of thousands of flavors that all smell different. Not everyone likes the same thing. Also, the smell is the same before and after breathing in. If there was such a difference then it was likely the person’s breath!

      I am a polite vaper and do not vape around non vapers. I don’t vape inside public buildings. I don’t vape around children. If somene sees me vaping and comes by me, that’s on them. I will keep vaping. I have had one complaint about the smell and that was because the person didn’t like strawberries and the flavor was strawberry.

      On that note, I hate when people over do it with their perfumes and colognes. I wish there were laws on that. There is not a single flavor of ejuice that could come close to how offensive too much perfume or cologne is. Also, some perfumes are disgusting even when used sparingly. Perfumes and colognes can kill my mom who is allergic to chemical fragrances and some natural. The smell of vaper rarely bothers her. She can avoid vaper but not people who use perfume instead of bathing. There definitely needs to be laws about that nasty perfume and cologne.

  7. Renee Hacker says:

    I was a 2 pack a day smoker! My Father died of lung Cancer and before he died I promised to quit smoking. I did just that with the help of an e-cig!! I have not smoked a cigarette in almost 18 months and it does not bother me what so ever! I ma so grateful to have an e-cig to help me quit that horrible habit! The only downfall of quitting is my sense of smell came back and I realized my boyfriends feet smelled horrible and had no clue for 7 years LOL

  8. Cameron Arnott says:

    Larry everton: that person would never give up smoking. its up to the individual. if they don’t want to stop they won’t. no matter what they use.

    most people who take up vaping find that cigarettes taste so foul that 1-2 puffs are so yuck that they end up putting it out and not even try again later

    every time they vape it means that they could have been having a cigarette but they aren’t

  9. Marcus says:

    #10. I’m one of the few non-smokers to pick it up. But only to help get out of eating habits causing me to gain more and more weight. Problem was that i was so into the bad habit of the hand motions of eating and wanting to have something to taste all day everyday so when i tried my friends vape it gave me the idea to do it instead. I’ve lost ten pounds within the month and a half i have been vaping and do not plan to stop soon.

  10. Jeri M. says:

    I was a pack a day smoker for 30 years, with switching to vaping I have been cigarette free for over 2 years (March 1). I am a nurse an we preach to patients everyday about quitting smoking, but the truth of the matter was I was a hippocrit telling patients about the evils of smoking when you could obviously smell it on my clothes I was a smoker myself. Since I started vaping and also sharing information about vaping as a cessation option for my patients I feel better. I present more professional because I don’t smell of stale smoke and I feel better overall. Vaping really has helped me improve my overall health, I can work a 12 hour shift without being short of breath, I can smell and taste again and most of all I get out of work on time because I have found at least 45 minutes of time I wasted going outside to smoke.

  11. Matt says:

    Vaping I find is better period.. yes I will continue to Cape well into the future. And who are you to nay say if I choose to do so? I don’t tell you how to spend your money nor should you tell anyone how they spend your money. If you don’t like the smell then move that seems simple to me. I vape, my girlfriend who has never smoked ever is happy because I don’t stink like cigarettes, she doesn’t have to wait on me while I smoke a cigarette and most importantly I can taste smell and breathe better. This is coming from a smoker who’s been smoking since he was 6 years old. I will continue to vape because I enjoy it.

  12. Kerry G says:

    I think it is important that people know that the ingredients are FDA approved as safe for consumption, but not yet for absorption via inhalation. There is an enormous difference between how the gut absorbs chemicals, and how hot aerosolized chemicals are absorbed in lung tissue. Not to say that the ingredients won’t eventually receive approval, but it is imprecise and misleading to tell people that ingestion is the same as inhalation. Ask any biochemist or pharmacist. So yes, although those ingredients are in a lot of consumer products, vaping (and thereby absorbing via inhalation) the same ingredients has not been completely studied and deemed safe, and my source is a close relative who is a chemist and studies tobacco at the CDC. Other than that, great job here!

  13. Dustin Tucker says:

    I haven’t heard it in a while, but I heard that using ecigs can give you pneumonia, with the juice being water vapor. Any thoughts on that?

    I’ve been using ecigs for about 3 years now. Helped me quit smoking cigarettes. I fell off the wagon last summer when I ran out of juice, being out of town. I bought a pack of cig and after having used an ecig for overy a year or so, I felt like complete and utter garbage. It felt like I was getting the flu. Felt rundown, and no energy. I never did get sick though. I bought some juice and a day or so later I felt immensely better. Every smoker needs to to at least try an ecig and notice the change, firsthand.

  14. Mike says:

    I;m sorry but#1 is wrong.
    Yes, the main ingredients are Nicotine, PG, VG, and Flavorings.
    What they don’t say is that the flavorings are made up of hundreds of aroma molecules, the ingredients that make up a flavor profile. You have no idea how these will effect your lungs. The science simply isnt there yet. The flavorings are approved by the FDA for entering the digestive tracts, not the respiratory system. It’s not ok to lie to people and say there are only 4 ingredients because now big juice companies are adding stabilizers to steep their juices more quickly.

    Sucralose is also added to sweeten juices and people just say that it “gunks up their coils”. Your coils are getting black because the sugar added to the juice is burning. When a substance burns it is not safe to inhale. The truth is you really have no idea what you are putting into your body unless you do unbiased research.

    All of this being said I am a vaper and I quit smoking almost two years ago. I feel infinitely better. However, you cannot lie to people and say that vaping is safe. Vaping is harm reduction first and foremost. I mean, where do you think those clouds go? Not all of the vapor leaves your lungs. We have no idea at the moment what prolonged exposure to PG and VG and all of the aroma molecules does to your body.

    • Adam K.S. says:

      Also in number one, FDA approved for human consumption I believe refers to being ingested, not inhaled. I have a friend whose son vapes in his room, and she has to clean gunk off the sides of the windows. It’s sticky and thick. Can the human lung adequately handle such stuff?

      I think it’s great that people are quitting smoking with a high degree of success, but I hope the dependence is reduced. Otherwise, you’re just substituting one vice for another. Ultimately, every effort to reduce your dependance on any vice is beneficial. Show your strength and find the determination to remove as many vices from your life as possible. I promise it will affect your life positively.

      My dad didn’t smoke cigarettes at a time when there was no known harmful effects. He simply deduced that it didn’t seem as though it was a wise thing to do. He didn’t feel it was healthy, and he made that choice based on a gut feeling.

      • Dan L. says:

        Hi Adam,

        I just typed a nice comment, only to have it deleted (forgot to enter email). Anyways, I’m gonna make this quick.

        In Lay Man’s terms, when your friend’s son inhales vapor, it absorbs the moisture from his lungs and throat, and then deposits it onto whatever the vapor is touching (basically). The same thing also happens with normal human breath (which is why you can see your breath when it’s cold (hot air meeting cool air = moisture deposit). Basically, your friend’s son just needs to be in a properly ventilated room.

        Scientific psychobabble garbage: Propylene Glycol (one of the components in eJuice), absorbs water. When it is inhaled, it absorbs moisture from your lungs, throat and mouth. When it is exhaled, it HOLDS that moisture, until it (in vapor form [hot]) comes into contact with colder/cooler air, it will then rise, thus cooling it, which will decrease its ability to hold moisture (water), which means it will leave that sticky substance (the moisture from inside of his body) all over your friend’s son’s windows.

        Oh also, quick side-bar. The whole “trading one vice for another”, while essentially true, is also not true. People who vape are trading a significantly more harmful vice, for another vice, which has been proven to be significantly LESS harmful than the previous. It’s still a vice, but at least it’s safer (and usually less expensive as well).

        Hope that helped you out,
        – Dan

  15. K Whitehorse says:

    The “science” presented by the anti vaping crowd is junk, at best. Lots of half hearted, desperately concocted “factual information” cleverly funded by big tobacco and ultra liberal anti-everything Nazis. The people are the proof. The thousands upon thousands of smokers turned vapors who have improved lung capacity, stronger immune systems, decreased sensory deprivation and healthier vital organs. My story; I was a hardcore pack a day Marlboro man for many years. My doctor informed me that I had dangerously high blood pressure and was in the very early stages of emphysema that could only hope to improve with immediate and perminent smoking cessation. That was three years ago, and that was also when I started vaping. Today I’m like a walking miracle. My lung function has improved tremendously any my blood pressure has returned to normal levels. I started at 36mg of nic and about 3 or 4ml a day. Dropped to 24, then to 18. I’m currently at 12 and vape about 2ml a day. My story is not unique. In fact, it’s common. Too common. Greed is the only motivator behind demonizing vaping, save for the few misguided fools who hate everything and love to complain. God bless vaping!

  16. Sheridan chappell says:

    Quit 192 days. Vaping has saved me, say what you want I feel better, breathe better taste better smell better and just outright am healthier. So keep calm and vape on!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      As number 14 said, no. Vaping cannot cause pneumonia just from vaping. I’m sure it doesn’t help a person who’s have respiratory problems but it doesn’t just cause it.

      The two stories I heard about people getting pneumonia from vaping were debunked. Well, one was definitely debunked after doctors read his history. He had been sick on and off before he started vaping and had pneumonia prior to starting vaping as well. Often times when a person gets pneumonia they’re more easily prone to getting it again. The other one that I had read about, the doctors who came to the conclusion that the pneumonia was cause from vaping refused to share any other information that would’ve helped prove or bust it so it was considered to be debunked as well. If you just discovered a popular trend is possibly dangerous you would want to share your findings in hopes of saving other people.

      I also heard another story that a woman died basically from suffocation from vaping. The “friend” claimed that the oils from the ejuice had coated the woman’s lungs but no doctor or any other family member came forward with any more details so it was likely a hoax from an deeply vester naysayer or someone completely uneducated on the subject who just didn’t like her friend vaping. There’s also the possibility that the woman figured she could vape vegetable oil. This is a good reason to never call ejuice oil.

  17. Wrong facts says:

    All I have to say is you don’t have credible sources and this is a vaping site so of course you’re not going to put anything bad about it your lungs were meant to breathe with and putting anything into them is bad does not matter it’s only four chemicals if I smoked cyanide it’s gotta be good since it’s only one chemical right ?

  18. Dennis says:

    I started vaping, this is my 4th day. I used 5 packs of cigs a day i am 54 yrs old, and started smoking when i was 6 yrs old.
    I tried and failed many times to stop. Then i tried vaping, and i have not used any cigarettes during the 4 day period
    I thought i could not stop, People it will get you off cigarettes! i had a bad cough and brown Flem every morning
    This morning, no cough, no Flem, i breath much better, and feel great. It’s the best thing that’s ever happen for me
    I’LL never go back, i say vaping is good, It has made a great change in my life, Where nothing else would help.

  19. John M. says:

    I have to say this, I was a 30 year smoker. I smoked a half pack a day till my 40’s ( Im 56 now ) and then cigarettes went up to 9.00 a pack so I swithched to RYO ( Roll Your Own ) and io also started coughing up brown flem every morning. Someone told me about a brand of e-cig which I today am still using, and the fluids I choose are about 12 bucks for a 60MG bottle which lasts me well over a month and I havent coughed up brown flem in over a year , I feel better , I smeel things easily again , and I can taste everything much better. Im not an advocate of e-cigs or regular cigs , I also however am NOT against e-cigs but I am against regular cigs , they really stink to high heaven ! I cant imagine what I must have smelled like to non smokers. E-cigs in my opinion are a great way if you are going to smoke , to NOT limit your senses , to not stink to everyone around you , and to not wake up sounding like your about to choke to death.
    This was a great article. Loved it ! And I loved reading all the responses !

  20. JB says:

    Thank you for this piece on E-Vaping. I’m tired of such ignorance cigarette smokers spew out their mouth when I’m around them about dangers of vaping…none true

  21. JudyB says:

    Thank you for this piece on E-Vaping. I’m tired of such ignorance cigarette smokers spew out their mouth when I’m around them about dangers of vaping…none true

  22. DAVE KAYE says:

    It has been said for a long long time, that there’s nothing worse than an ex-smoker, when it come’s to people smoking. I have found of late that smokers who have tried and didn’t stick with vaping are for one reason or another the worst of all. They are the ones who bang on about popcorn lung, water on the lungs etc etc more than anyone else. I was a 40 a day man for many many years, and after a lot of experimenting and finding what is right for me I’ve never looked back. Great article.

  23. Joebloe says:

    Got myself a mod and some juice four days ago and have not had a cigarette since (smoked for fifteen years). I look and feel (and smell) fantastic! Screw the naysayers!

  24. Melanie says:

    I just had to read these myths again. I have been smoke free for almost 3 years. Uneducated smokers are telling me I’m still smoking, that I’m going to get popcorn lung..etc. I tell them I started at 12mg of nicotine.. and now I’m at 0mg. I love my vape..i have no intention of giving it up in the near future. I’m so tired of being sent articles abt how bad vaping is (from heavy smokers)..and that smoking is better for you. I can breathe, taste my food, walk up a big hill without getting winded, I don’t stink, my house doesn’t stink from 3 years of vaping indoors. I’m happy, healthy and proud of myself. I kicked a very bad habit I had for 22 years.

  25. heated tobacco says:

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