15 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

15 Electronic Cigarette MythsThere are plenty of myths about electronic cigarettes, but today we are going to talk about 15 of the most common myths!

Electronic Cigarettes Are Dangerous Because You Don’t Know What Is In Them

This will never be the case as long as you are always dealing with a company that is reputable. Many companies that make the E-liquid that goes into the clearomizer state the ingredients that they use. If they do not state the ingredients they use, then we recommend that you don’t use that E-liquid, and you go to a juice company that does! Some companies may use different ingredients than others, but as long as you have done the research and find that the ingredient is fine to vape then you are good to go!

Electronic Cigarettes Cause Cancer

There is no research that says e-cigs cause cancer, studies are continuing to show this. There is no tobacco in the E-liquids used in these devices, and they don’t leave any tar behind. The carcinogens that are in cigarettes are not present in electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Will Be Illegal Soon

As of right now, they are not illegal in the United States. There are studies that continue to show that electronic cigs are the healthier choice than cigarettes, and as long as more studies come out showing better facts for e-cigs, the market should still be around for a very very long time!

E-Cigs Can Explode

The only way an e-cig would blow up is if you aren’t using the correct batteries for your specific e-cig, or not listening to the instructions at all. We recommend you always read the user manual that comes with your electronic cig in order to practice the best safety while vaping. For those that live the mod life, you will want to always make sure you are following modding safety when it comes to proper use of batteries, and building coils.

Electronic Cigarettes Taste Bad

This is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE! With the many of amazing E-liquid companies in the market today E-liquids have been perfected to taste amazing. You can get anything from an E-liquid that taste like Fruity Pebbles, to a liquid that tastes just like Red Bull.  Everyone has a different taste in what they feel is good, and with the large variety of flavors there is always an E-liquid that will satisfy your taste buds! There is such thing as Vape Tongue, this is when you continue to vape the same flavor and the E-liquid no longer has a taste. You can view our post on Vape Tongue to learn more!

Electronic Cigs Are Bad For You Because The Nicotine In The E-Liquid

This of course is not true. There have been studies on nicotine showing that nicotine in cigarettes is not what is actually bad for you, the tobacco and other carcinogens are. The nicotine is what gets you addicted to the cigarette, the tobacco and other additives are what is bad for you. With the E-liquids offered today you will not find ANY tobacco in any of the liquids.

Electronic Cigarettes Are More Expensive Than Cigarettes

For the most part, electronic cigarettes will be less expensive than continuously smoking traditional cigarettes. With electronic cigs you only need to replace the E-liquid and coils every so often, where as cigarettes once your pack is gone, which for most smokers is very quick, you need to go back to the store to buy more. The taxes on traditional cigarettes alone makes the cost higher than vaping on an electronic cigarette!

Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Contain Nicotine

Some do, some do not! It depends on the E-liquid that you purchase. E-liquids usually come in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 15mg, 18mg, 21mg, or 24mg of nicotine. You do have the option of 0mg of nicotine, meaning there is NO nicotine in the E-liquid. Then there are liquids with higher levels of nicotine for heavy cigarette smokers. The point of there being so many different levels is for the smoker to eventually ween off needing any nicotine at all!

E-Cigs Contain Chemicals

This will usually not be true. This goes back to dealing with a reputable company. You will want to make sure you know exactly what that company puts in their E-liquid so that you know what you are vaping.

Electronic Cigarette Vapor Is Just Like Second Hand Smoke

Vapor is not smoke. There is no tobacco byproduct or constituent. The vapor that comes from an e-cig has no smell, no lingering odor, or anything else that will offend people around you.

Electronic Cigs Are More Addictive Than Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigs are no more addicting than tradition cigarettes. They may be more pleasurable and convenient, but they are not more addicting than traditional cigarettes that contain the harmful chemicals.

Teenagers Can Purchase E-Cigs

This is NOT TRUE! Teenagers can not purchase an electronic cigarette or any of the E-liquids unless they are 18 years or older (19 years in some states), just like cigarettes. Vape Shops will not sell to anyone under the age just as gas stations won’t sell traditional cigarettes to minors.

Electronic Cigarettes Attract Teenagers To Smoke

E-cigs are not made for kids or teenagers. As stated above you must be a certain age in order to purchase one of these devices, just like cigarettes. Due to the fact that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine there is an age requirement in order to purchase. The many flavors made today is not to appeal to kids or teenagers, they are to appeal to smokers that are wanting to quit smoking and start vaping on the flavor of their choice. This is just another convenience over traditional cigarettes for smokers.

Electronic Cigarettes Contain Anti-Freeze

This is NOT TRUE! This was a myth back in the day. There would be no reason a company would risk the lawsuits by using toxic chemicals in their E-juices. Companies would not want to use Anti-Freeze in their E-liquid for the intention of having return customers… it is hard to have returning customers when your customers are getting sick off of your product.

These are 15 common myths about electronic cigarette. There will always be rumors about new products, hopefully after reading this article we were able to answer some of those rumors for you! If there are any other myths that you have heard and would love to know the answer to please comment below and we will try to answer you right away!!


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