15 Of The Best Natural Ways To Clean Nicotine And Tar From Your Lungs Today!

As we all know, cigarettes are terrible for your lungs. Tobacco is one of the deadliest killers in the United States, killing around 480,000 people every year! Below you will find a shocking graph showing the causes of preventable deaths in the United States, per year.

TobaccoDeathsAs you can see above, tobacco use is the highest cause of preventable deaths in the United States. There have been studies that show that nicotine, by itself,  can actually be beneficial for you. Unfortunately when paired up with tobacco, the two can work as a deadly team.

We would like to show you the best natural ways to clean nicotine and tar from your lungs today! Start working towards a healthier lifestyle with these 15 methods:

1) Are You Getting All Your Vitamins?


When you smoke cigarettes your vitamin A, C and E levels lower. You can still restore them though! Eat fruits, such as Kiwi, that are rich with these vitamins, and your body will start restoring these levels.

Vitamin A helps maintain your lungs and keeps them functioning normally.

Vitamin B-6 helps keep your DNA from becoming damaged and mutating, which helps in lowering your risk for lung cancer.

Scientific Reports found that higher intakes of vitamin C may help limit your risk of lung cancer.

Low blood levels of vitamin D may be connected with an increased risk of respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and interstitial lung disease, according to a review article published in Advances in Nutrition in May 2011. Make sure to eat fish like salmon and tuna, which provide vitamin D. You can also eat mushrooms, eggs, and fortified foods that can help provide this essential vitamin.

Vitamin E has been found to have both beneficial and negative effects on your lung health. A study from Respiratory Research in 2014, may have found an explanation for this. Make sure to get your vitamin E in the form of alpha-tocopherol, which is found in olive oils and sunflowers. This form of vitamin E can help improve your lung function.

2) Eat Your Spinach, Popeye


Spinach is full of folic acid and is full of vitamins. It contains vitamin A and flavonoids which are known to help protect the body from lung cancer. Spinach is also rich in iron, which your body needs to carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.

Free Radical Biology & Medicine performed a study that shows eating an amount of sodium nitrate equivalent to that found in 100-300g of spinach for just 2 days significantly improves lung function.

3) Don’t Stay Thirsty


Make sure you are always drinking water. When you smoke your body becomes dehydrated. You can hydrate your body back to normal, and flush out all the nicotine by drinking a lot of water.

When you breathe through your nose, you inhale moisturized air, or vapor. When you breathe through your mouth too much, you are receiving dry air. One of the important reasons we have noses!

Your lungs also need to stay moisturized. Drinking water will help your lungs receive the proper amount of moisture they need to operate.

Working out in water helps strengthen your body in multiples ways. Due to the resistance it puts on your body when you attempt to do regular dry land exercises, it makes your body work overtime to supply enough oxygen. However we will talk more about exercising later in this post.

4) It Might Make You Cry But It Works


Onions are amazing! This vegetable helps when it comes to cleaning out your lungs! Onions can prevent many diseases, including lung infections.

Cancer patients eat onions to prevent the growth of new cells. Anthocyanins are the antioxidants which are found in the pigment that gives red onions their color. The sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine makes onions useful in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections.

5) It’s Not Just A Color


Oranges contain cyrptoxanthin, which also helps prevent lung cancer. Oranges are also rich in vitamin C which help your lungs effectively transport oxygen throughout your body.

Orange Peels help provide support against respiratory distress. The peel has a lung cleansing effect that helps break down and expel congestion.

Orange juice regularly relives stress and boost metabolism.

Oranges also contain Carotenoids, which is an orange antioxidant pigment. Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables characterized with orange and red colors. This antioxidant helps cut the risks of developing lung cancer.

6) Kids Should Always Eat Their Broccoli


Broccoli helps restore your Vitamin C and B5 in your body. A chemical pathway in the lungs called NRF2, involved in macrophage activation, is wiped out by smoking. When Broccoli is damaged, such as when chewed, it produces a plant chemical called sulphoraphane. This chemical can restore this pathway.

Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute reported that smokers and former smokers who eat lots of broccoli may be less likely than other smokers to develop lung cancer.

It is recommended to eat broccoli in its raw form.

7) It’s Time To Take A Vacation To Brazil


Brazilian Nuts contain the highest source of a very powerful antioxidant, Selenium. Selenium enhances the effect of antioxidants, which helps in even higher preventive activity in the development of cancer. Studies have shown this as a preventive effect in mammary, prostate, and lung cancer.

A five year study conducted at the University of Arizona and Cornell University shows that patients that intake 200mcg of selenium daily had a 63% decrease in cancer of the prostate, 58% decrease in colon or rectal cancer, and a 46% decrease in lung cancer compared to the group of patients taking the placebo.

8) It’s Time To Go To The Mountains!


Pine needle tea can be a good ally in the fight against lung cancer. Pine needles are rich in antioxidants, including vitamins A and C, as well as flavonoids.

The essential pine oil may also aid in breaking up mucus and help remove mucus from your lungs. It also helps reduce the incidence of sinus infections.

Icelanders of the 1400’s used to take pine sap mixed with honey to ease lung troubles.

9) No Not Korn!


Organic Corn contains beta-cryptoxanthin, which helps protect you from lung cancer. Beta-cyrptoxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant.

Yellow corn contains beta-caroten, which forms vitamin A in the body.  Beta-caroten is a great source of vitamin A because it is converted within the body, but only in the amounts that the body requires. The beta-carotene in the body that is not converted into vitamin A actually acts as a very strong antioxidant. This antioxidant can help fight diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Sweet corn consumption reduces the risk of lung cancer by up to 37%!

10) It’s A Ginger Thing


Ginger is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used as an herbal remedy for 2500 years. Ginger helps defend against malignant diseases. You can eat a piece of ginger with a meal, or drink ginger root tea, as it facilitates breathing. It is a very strong tool to relive you from the toxins in your lungs.

Ginger also helps expand your lungs and loosens up phlegm because it is a natural expectorant that breaks down and removes mucus. This will help improve the circulation to your lungs, thus reducing the risk of many chronic lung diseases.

It promotes your respiratory health by eliminating tobacco smoke, air pollutants, and perfumes out of the air passages before they can irritate your lungs.

People with asthma and bronchitis encounter a faster loss of lung capacity. Ginger helps improve your lungs functions by increasing the lung capacity.

11) Try Nettle


Nettle is a plant that is full of iron, but can help disinfect your lungs and plays a very important role in fighting infections. Nettle tea helps with respiratory problems by fighting coughs, tuberculosis and asthma. It clears your lungs when you most need it!

In the respiratory system nettles help clear catarrhal congestion. The seeds are amazing lung astringents, which are particularly useful for bronchitis and tuberculosis.

A nice little side benefit… Nettle also helps relieve pain in your joints.

12) Take Care Of Your Skin


Nicotine damages your skin. Make sure to take care of your skin by drinking carrot juice, which contains large amounts of vitamins A, K, C, and B. All these vitamins are proven to efficiently remove nicotine from your body.

Carrot juice is also great when it comes to lung health, and protecting the respiratory system from infections. It can help counter the bad effects that are associated with smoking. Carrot juice is rich of vitamins that can help greatly reduce the risk of emphysema.

Studies suggest eating a few carrots per day could actually cut the rate of lung cancer in half. Researches believe this is due to the levels of gamma-carotene, lycopene, lutein xanthophylls, and alpha-carotene.

13) Uva, Ursi and Coltsfoot


When quitting smoking, it is important to cleanse your lungs from toxins. Uva, Ursi and Coltsfoot will help cleanse these toxins. These plants also toughen your whole respiratory system.

Coltsfoot is one of the most popular European remedies to treat chest ailments.

14) Never Stop Exercising


Exercising is a great way to keep your lungs healthy. Deep breathing exercises help strengthen your lungs, so make sure to do breathing exercises regularly. If you don’t know any types of breathing exercises you can follow this one:

  1. Stand up, keep your arms at your sides, keep your feet a little apart, and relax.
  2. Take several deep breaths, breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth until you can’t exhale anymore.
  3. Make you Diaphragm let out all of the air from your lungs by heavily gasping. Make sure to exhale through your mouth a few times until there isn’t any air left in your lungs.
  4. Inhale through your nose and let the fresh air into your empty lungs.
  5. Take a deep breath in and make sure to fully fill up your lungs with air. Hold your breath for 5 seconds, counting slowly. Every cell in your body should be filled with oxygen at this point.
  6. Exhale one last time through your mouth until there’s no more air left.

You can repeat steps 4-6 as many times as you want. This is a great way to help keep your lungs strong!

Below is another great exercise to strengthen your lungs. If you have the time we would recommend to give it a watch!

15) Red Hot Chili Peppers


That’s right, those hot little red things! Chili peppers can help when it comes to cleansing your lungs. According to a study in the United Kingdom, Capsaicin, which is the burning sensation chilies provide, can kill lung and pancreatic cancer cells! Researchers believe this is the reason why people living in Mexico and India, who eat spicy foods, tend to have lower rates of some cancers.

The bright color of red chili peppers signals its rich of beta-carotene, or pro-vitamin A. The vitamin A found in red chili peppers is essential for healthy mucous membranes, which line the lungs and nasal passages. Mucous membranes help defend against invading pathogens.

Avoid The Follow During Lung Cleansing

  • Avoid stress. Stress can be one of the main smoking triggers in ex-smokers.
  • Avoid white flour, sugar, and dairy products. They help create the formation of mucus in your body.
  • Try to stay away from smokers! It may be hard, but try your best to stay away from any cigarette smoke.
  • If you are one that likes to smoke more when you drink, try avoiding alcohol until you feel you are comfortable to drink and not smoke.


It is never too late to quit smoking cigarettes, start today! You can start living a healthy life today just make sure to eat right and exercise. It may be hard but it will be well worth it in the end. There is nothing more important than your own health!


Did you find this article useful? Did we miss any ways that can help cleanse your lungs? Let us know in the comments below!








77 thoughts on “15 Of The Best Natural Ways To Clean Nicotine And Tar From Your Lungs Today!

    • JOSEPH NJOROGE says:

      Wow..yu guys re doin Great!! I am a smoker and always wishes to stop.. this so cool already ave learned alot..gona give it a trial..kudos.

      • Ajith says:

        hi Nithish,

        Please be informed you that pineapple is not just a fruit. it’s an ayurvedic medicine which helps to clean tar from lungs.
        am also an Ex smoker. pineapple and ginger helps me to remove tar from my lungs. now am very much happy. kindly try this once..

        Many thanks

          • Lionel Messi says:

            Yes you can. The tar would only start quitting after 2 months of not smoking and practising these remedies would be great for you. Start quitting smoking.

    • zap says:

      i’ve quit smoking for more than 1 month,the smell turns me off however i pick up vaping alternatively.it that equally bad?

  1. Reda says:

    Really cool
    I quit smoking after the following steps
    I was training for a week:
    smoking never before lunch
    Not smoking after dinner and going to sleep

    Then when I quit, it was like 3 Days of suffering where I had to fight with myself and find way to eliminate this urge to smoke.

    Fighting The urge to smoke in the first days is like being able to forget the smoking during 3 minutes

    The win over smoking is only reinforced by more healthy skin & more colors, more taste etc…

    • astroid says:

      very nice.. i quit smoking in three minutes after reading you comment.. no smoke before shit ..no smoke after shit… now i am shit free…

      dont smoke that shit… you piece of shit

  2. joshua says:

    I really want to stop smoking bt at the end of the day I found it iiresistable because I can’t hav my meals witout smoking of hemp and diluting it with tobacco after meals,I hav tried my possible best to stop I really don’t know hw to avoid dis,I need help

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  4. PJ says:

    Is vape more vulnerable than a real cigarette ? A friend of mine did stop smoking and started to use vape but it causes him to have problem with his lungs. What can you advice?

  5. Heather says:

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  7. Lucas says:

    Many of the things above I feel like they’re pointed towards me directly such as smoking a lot when am drinking alcohol that’s me and also hanging around smokers makes me wanna crave for it because a day will end without me thinking about a cigga but when I see them smoking or smell the smoke cravings come through. But will surely try the Vegetables and Fruits mentioned above in order to get my health back.

  8. Bilal says:

    I want to leave smoking everyday I think that I may leave but from next day it goes like daily basis. I am 22 years old & I really want to leave smoking please anyone will help me out…

    • Yoda says:

      bilal…… just go for it, just remember you are not quitting anything, you are starting positive changes in your life and you must hold on to that thought to gain a resolve, it can be easy, as Yoda says- “there is no try”. The minute you stop you are no longer a smoker, you have stopped, you are now an ex-smoker. You are young, now is the time to act, stop now and reward yourself for achieving your goals, your body is young enough to make a great recovery. Just stop friend and be free.

  9. Sayan Ghosh says:

    Smoking is injuries to human health,but increases economical condition of government that’s can’t negotiate,a baby can crying for a blade but parents……………hope next generation can get a smoking free country’s/world!!!

  10. BEN says:

    I have smoked for 48 years. I have never left smoking, it truly believe it left me. Honestly i stop because “I” wanted to, not because someone else said so. YOU must make that decision and truly believe in yourself that you also have what it takes to beat the heat. My wife still smokes and it does not even bother me at all, she must make her own decisions, hopefully she will see the difference in me, and WHAM, over. Is it easy, never, then again quality takes effort. Every morning i congratulate myself for the perseverance i have shown and still does. DECIDE, CHOOSE, STICK, WIN.

  11. BEN says:

    Really want to stop smoking? Go and take an xray of your lungs and put it against a wall where you will see it everyday, or get a craving.
    It works. I also used ST JOHNS WORT, and never looked back.

  12. Guadalupe says:

    I want to stop sooo !! .. bad. This is very encouraging to me right now thank you so much All of you that has stepped out of that box for a Healthy future. I’M RIGHT WITH YOU LET’S DO THIS.

  13. Satbeer Singh says:

    I have visited this site a month ago and went through the whole aticle . I understood the causes of nicotine and the the steps to prevent diseases as mentioned in this article. I used to have around 20 cigarettes a day……but after reviewing this article I made my Mind and it it has been like a month I haven’t taken any cigarette. Thanks you guys for such a good article and it is is really very useful in my case. Thanks anyways…
    .I would suggest all the readers that its better to live a healthy life instead of living a stressful life with cigarettes

  14. Natasha lal says:

    Enjoyed reading this I will now try harder and use these ways of clearing my body of toxins and avoiding certain illnesses by following what I should be doing that is more positive

  15. Vikas says:

    I just quit smoking 2 days back ? It’s been 22 years I have been smoking but I guess quitting has to be in your mind ? If it is , you win else you loose…

  16. Mumtaz Bashir says:

    I quit smoking after 50 years, doctor warned me that it may be too late by next year. It is the 5th day and I am not experiencing much difficulty. Wish I had decided to quit earlier. My advise to all smokers is to stop smoking as soon as possible. After all it is injurious to health and with no advantage a waste of money. When I was young it was fashionable to smoke but now it is not even that.

  17. Dwayne says:

    I was smoking for over 12 years, I had it in mind to quit everyday but what ever I tried I just could not get over it, I also promise myself that I will stop by throwing away my lighter on other stuff containing smoking. One morning while I was praying I promise God that I will quit smoking day, and I said to him if I don’t stop today I don’t love or believe in you, and today I finally stop because I believe in God and I won’t let him down . on today I’m free from smoking.

  18. George says:

    I have been a pack a day smoker for 40 years, I am on Day 3 of being smoke free(actually three days, 12 hours, 14 minutes and 12 seconds, but who is counting). The first few days are difficult and it is a struggle not to run into the gas station and grab a pack. But the cravings are manageable!! As recommended in this blog, follow the breathing techniques, when the cravings comes they only last a few minutes. Even though its only day three, that is HUGE for me!! And its HUGE for all you people that left comments that have quit smoking as well…Way to GO!! As well, thank you to the blogger for the valuable info above, I will be using some of your eating and breathing tips! Good luck to all the others that are trying to stop smoking! I hope it works for you.

  19. Vineet Sharma says:

    I am leaving smoking from today, it was really very bad experience with me yesterday, I was facing breathing problem while returning to home, I thought I will not reach at home today, now I promised my self I have to, I will, I need to quit smoking. I read your suggestions and article, I saw your video uploaded. Thank you so much, you are doing a great and a precious job helping people for quiting this bad smoking, thanks, I want to say a few word to smokers, please quit this smoking and stay with your family and life, they are very beautiful. Thanks

  20. sammy samuel says:

    guys i am smoking cigarette and marijuana most of the time from 2011 and now its 2017.. i want to quit guys, i just want to get rid of it. i read all the points above and found quite interesting. from today onward i will not smoke.. but how to control the urge of smoking.

  21. Waseem says:

    That’s really great and absolutely complete here one thing u may add that’s some syreps or pills for faster cleaning of lungs . thanks

  22. Prithavi raj says:

    It’s very helpfull….my younger brother is a chain smoker…now I will try to apply these food items and life style accordingly. Thank-you.

  23. Zeeshan Khan says:

    I am a chain smoker. I am smoking from last two years and it is very difficult for me to quit. Even I know its not good for my health and it has no advantage. But I will try to control myself and quit smoking. Thanks guys for encouraging me. I will try to make myself busy in other things and not to buy a cig.. from the shop. Its difficult but I will quit.
    Thankssssss 🙂

  24. Azib Amin says:

    Hi, I am a partial smoker and i smoke ciggertte 1 a day or 4 ciggeettes only in a week …Now i have quitted it . it has been 10 days i quitted smoking nd i am having healty diet to cleanse nicotine from my body ….. Now i can donate my partial liver as a living donor ..or i cant ?????

  25. Rabih Bou Daher says:

    Hi, i quit smoking after 16 years with smoking between 1 to 2 packets in a day , my father has died couple of months back with deadly lungs and other problems because of smoking for 30 years and i couldn’t believe when he was in his last days when i saw his X- Ray for Lungs how much it was damaged also he had a very high blood pressure because of smoking , after that by couple of month i reduced smoking to be 5 cigarettes in a day , and now it is 2 months for me for not smoking at all , actually i changed my life style a lot , yes you will feel hungry and eat more and even feel sometimes stressed but my advise is that you quit smoking now , but i need the best natural food for cleaning my lungs and reduce coughing , any one knows please?????????????

  26. walk2emmaus84 says:

    Some of these things I knew but there were a few that I never thought about. Especially pine needle tea. I love to eat ginger so at least I’m doing good there…Lol thank you for sharing.

  27. Yvette Parache says:

    After reading this article i am going to quit smoking today. I am going to try those home remedies to help get rid if nicotine in my body. Thanks for the information , im completly conviced that i will stop smoking as of right now. Thanks for literature it helped me make a decision.

  28. Yvette Parache says:

    After reading this article i am going to quit smoking today. I am going to try those home remedies to help get rid if nicotine in my body. Thanks for the information , im completly conviced that i will stop smoking as of right now. Thanks for literature it helped me make one of the hardest decision ever.

  29. ButterBalls says:

    I go ape shit when smoke. I shit ape shit when smoke. Me vape wife’s tit but still smoke. Me vape wife friends pussy hole but still smoke. You put fake comments on page to make look important and helpful. Assholes, me go ape shit and blow smoke up your cock holes then make you vape my cock!

  30. gokulshree says:

    im not a chain smoker now. but once upon a time, i smoked a lots of cigarettes at a same time. but im smoking once in a bluemoon like. is it hurt a lot.

  31. Winnie says:

    I have also heard that going into a sauna and sweating out the nicotine will help it leave your system ….. follow good common sense though and check with your doctor if you have other health concerns, and do it gradually over a few visits) and start drinking lots of water.

  32. RT says:

    45 years of smoking, I decided it’s enough. I went cold turkey 1 week , now I 3 weeks not touch a cigarette. It’s feel so good , how come I not seriously thought of it back then. Anyway never to late to stop. If you really want to quit , you can bros, dudes, ladies

  33. Johng946 says:

    This web site really has all the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. edegdeegeded

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