5 Tips for Vaping in Your Vehicle

Depending on where you live, there may or may not be rules on the books that outlaw you from vaping while you drive. In general, it’s best to steer clear of vaping while driving since it could serve as a distraction and take your eyes off the road from time to time.

We aren’t naive, though. We know that many of you—especially those who live in states where vaping and driving is perfectly legal—are going to vape while you drive. Some of you might even really enjoy doing it and take pleasure in getting behind the wheel and enjoying a specific e-juice as you drive. To which we say: Great. Do whatever makes you happy!

But there are some things that you should keep in mind when you vape and drive. For example, you should use common sense and steer clear of filling the tank on your e-cigarette or changing out a coil while you’re driving. Performing tasks like those could very well lead to a dangerous situation and put both you and those around you at risk.

You should also keep some other tips in mind before you decide to vape and drive. These tips will keep your car clean, allow you to focus on the road when you’re driving, and most importantly, protect you and your passengers at all times. Remember them when you get behind the wheel with your e-cigarette…

Tip #1: Open your windows when you vape.

If you are riding around with other passengers in your car, this is really a no-brainer. Unless they enjoy vaping as much as you do, they probably don’t want to sit and look at the vapor that you will be producing when you vape.

This vapor might not be harmful to them, but they will also be forced to try and look through clouds of vapor when they are in your vehicle. So at the very least, you should crack a window so that most of the vapor ends up going outside.

This isn’t the only reason you should crack a window, either. Depending on what kind of e-juice you are using, you might start to notice a film form on your windows if you vape inside of your car often enough. E-juices that are high in vegetable glycerin are known to create foggy windows.

Cleaning the film off the windows is simple enough. A water and vinegar mixture will do the trick. But if you fail to clean your windows regularly, you might find it difficult to see out of them. So do your best to aim your vapor outside to avoid running into this problem.

Tip #2: Figure out where you’re going to keep your e-cigarette when you’re not using it.

Unless you have a large SUV or truck that provides you with plenty of storage, you probably don’t have a natural place to store an e-cigarette when you’re driving. This could cause you to frantically look around inside of your car when it comes time to put your e-cigarette down once you’re done using it.

Don’t let it get to that point. If you’re going to use an e-cigarette in your car, find a safe place to keep it when you’re not holding it. It should be a place that will allow it to stay put so that it doesn’t tip over and spill e-juice everywhere. It should also be a place where you can access it easily if you want to get to it.

Interestingly enough, no one has really come up with a foolproof solution for storing an e-cigarette in a vehicle. But if you get creative, we’re confident that you can find a place for it. As long as it’s safe and secure when you’re driving but also easily accessible when you want to use it, it should be fine.

Tip #3: Keep your e-cigarette away from your teeth when you’re vaping.

Some vapers like to put the mouthpiece of their e-cigarette inside of their mouths when they vape. As a matter of personal preference, they like to do this because it’s comfortable and allows them to get all of the vapor they are creating.

But this can be a problematic approach to take when you are driving. While putting your e-cigarette into your mouth near your teeth will allow you to get to more vapor, it will also put you at risk for an accident if you hit a pothole or a big bump. Your e-cigarette could very well bump up against your teeth and chip or crack them. You could even lose teeth if you hit a particularly rough patch of road.

By keeping your e-cigarette away from your teeth, you can prevent an accident from occurring. It might mean you don’t get to use your normal vaping style in the car. But it’s a small price to pay to keep your teeth intact.

Tip #4: Take your e-cigarette and vaping products out of your vehicle when you’re not using them.

If you’re going to vape in the car, you might be tempted to leave some of your vaping supplies there so that you don’t have to bring them back and forth between your home and vehicle all the time. This will make things convenient for you, but it could also negatively impact your e-cigarette and other vaping products.

When it gets cold out, the consistency of e-juice changes dramatically. It becomes a lot thicker and that can cause issues with wicking and can even lead to your e-cigarette tank leaking. So you definitely don’t want to leave your e-juice out in the cold.

Warm temperatures can also be incredibly bad for vaping supplies. Your e-cigarette battery isn’t designed to handle high temperatures, and there are other parts of your e-cigarette that could possibly melt or warp in the heat. So make sure you take them out of your vehicle whenever you’re not in it.

Tip #5: Avoid littering with your vaping products.

If you have recently traded in smoking for vaping, you might be in the habit of throwing cigarette butts out the window when you’re done with them and unknowingly continue that habit when you vape. Or you might just be the kind of person who doesn’t think much of throwing a small piece of garbage out the window when you’re driving.

Whatever the case, you should not litter at any point when vaping behind the wheel. Wait until you get home to discard of empty e-juice bottles, old coils, and whatever else accumulates inside of your car. Not only will you be littering when and if you throw these things out of your car while driving, but you will also be making the entire vaping community look bad. And you could even find yourself in legal trouble if a police officer witnesses you throwing garbage from your vehicle.

So please, don’t make your mess someone else’s mess. If you’re going to vape and drive, clean up after yourself later.

Do you have any other tips to share with those who enjoy vaping in the car? Let us know.

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  1. Sheldon robertson says:

    If you insist on using an rda instead of a tank use an easy dripper. It has a suction cup you stick to your window and the Nozel is tapered to accommodate different sized driptips. It works like a hamster water bottle, stick your vape up to it. Pump it once and it drops the perfect amount on your coils.

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