How the Eye-Opening Documentary A Billion Lives Is Changing the Way People Look at Vaping

Do you have a negative perception of vaping because of something you heard a doctor say about it? Or did you read a study about vaping once and decide that it must be bad for you simply because of the facts that were highlighted in it?

Vaping Is Not A Crime

Then you should spend some time trying to educate yourself more about vaping, because it’s pretty clear that you haven’t invested enough of your time into learning about it. One of the best ways to do this is by watching the documentary, A Billion Lives, which was first released earlier this year. It was directed by Aaron Biebert, and it focuses on the claim that “this century a billion people are projected to die from smoking.”

Oddly enough, Biebert is not someone who vapes on a regular basis. He tried vaping before he started putting A Billion Lives together so that he could understand the vaping culture a little bit better, but he was far from an expert prior to the release of his film. However, after seeing how passionate people who vape are, he decided to do everything in his power to find out more about vaping while simultaneously shedding some light on the tobacco industry.
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His goal with A Billion Lives was to give people a closer look at the vaping and tobacco industries so that they could see how they work and then draw their own conclusions about whether or not vaping is something that should be seen as “bad” for you. And he did an excellent job with his film, which will, at the very least, force people to spend time thinking about the potential benefits of vaping.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes

The documentary is split up into three different sections. The first one features Biebert guiding viewers through the dangers of smoking cigarettes. During this section, he walks people through the health risks associated with smoking, including cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and more, outlines the entire history of the tobacco industry, and conducts interviews with people like David Goerlitz, better known as the “Winston Man” who was used to help glamorize smoking cigarettes back in the 1980s. Biebert relies on facts and figures to push his narrative forward as he warns people about smoking cigarettes and how it can affect them.

From there, Biebert transitions into the second section of the documentary, which focuses more on the vaping industry and includes some insightful interviews with people like Dr. Derek Yach, formerly of the World Health Organization, an anti-smoking activist named Clive Bates, and other doctors who speak openly about vaping. In speaking with them, Biebert mentions that there is, at the very least, a chance that e-cigarettes could be used to save a portion of the billion people expected to die due to tobacco use over the next century.

Vaping Saves Lives

There is no tangible evidence that can be used to prove this, but A Billion Lives has swayed the opinions that some doctors have on vaping and forced them to rethink their previous beliefs on it. It appears to be generating healthy conversations in the medical community and the debates that come out of it could lead to some groundbreaking findings on vaping in the future.

The third and final section of the documentary attempts to break down why there are so many people who are critical of vaping, and it finds that money probably plays a big part in it. As you will see in A Billion Lives, the tobacco industry spends billions and billions of dollars every year to market itself and to market against the competition so that it can maintain a stronghold on the industry.

Some of the facts that are presented in this section of the film might be hard for you to wrap your head around, but it’s interesting to see just how much money the tobacco industry spends to try and influence doctors, the government, and even the mediaTobacco companies influencing doctors

Since being released in the United States during a premiere at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in early August, A Billion Lives has generated a lot of interest amongst those both inside and outside of the vaping industry. Those inside of it can appreciate the fact that Biebert poured a lot of time, money, and energy into his project.

During interviews done after the film was released, Biebert said that he “became angry” after his initial research revealed how many people are expected to die due to smoking cigarettes and revealed that the documentary became “very personal” to him.

Those outside of the industry are also learning a great deal about vaping and how it might not be what they think. It’s not often that you see the subject of vaping tackled in such a serious and in-depth way, but Biebert has managed to do it with his film and he’s done it in a way that could bring about change.
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Whether you have a positive or negative perception of vaping, A Billion Lives is designed to lay out information for you about it so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing whether or not to support it. At this very moment, the FDA is pushing for stricter testing guidelines for vaping, which could very well force thousands of vaping businesses to close up shop.

FDA Not Vape Friendly

Before the FDA does that, shouldn’t more people learn about vaping so that they understand what vaping is and how it could possibly help those around the world?

Before you rush to judgment on vaping, you should give A Billion Lives a try and see what you think about it. Whether you are someone who enjoys vaping everyday or you think vaping is something that is bad for you, you will learn a thing or two about it.

Every politician and doctor who has to make a decision about vaping should also sit down and take the time to understand the vaping community better by watching this film. It’s a movie that is designed to teach, and it’s so successful in doing it that everyone should wait to form an opinion on vaping until after they’ve seen it.

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Tweet: @ABillionLives is Changing The Way People Look At Vaping! Help spread the word! #RT #vaping #vape

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    I have the same question as Mark where do I get this movie me and my wife have been vaping sense December and January respectively and already won my parents over now I’m on a crusade to win over my methadone clinic!

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