9 Key Takeaways From The CDC’s Electronic Cigarette Report

New data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) put a massive hole in the debate against e-cigarettes. Slander campaigns by local governments have been spreading misinformation, stating that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco cigarettesMany of the same lawmakers that are pushing for stiffer regulations of e-cigs are the ones receiving political contributions from big tobacco. Their point is backed with saying that the long-term side effects of e-cigs are unknown due to how new they are. That argument may be silenced once and for all thanks to the CDC and the anti-smoking groups working to silence the myths around vaping.

 Silencing the Debate on Electronic Cigarettes

  • Vaping is a Gateway to Smoking Cigarettes: This is commonly brought up by the anti-vaping community, however, according to the CDC report, 47.6% of smokers had ever tried vaping and a staggering 55.4% of smokers who quit did so using an electronic cigarette. While just over 20% of current smokers who had tried to quit within the last year were using e-cigs.

  • Increased E-Cigarette use in High Schoolers will Result in Higher Smoking Rates: The CDC released another report back in April showing that smoking rates continue to fall in high schoolers. In the study 9.2% of students admitted they smoked a cigarette within the last month, a drop of 3.5% from 2013. While over the same period, the usage of e-cigs in students surged from 4.5% to 13.4%. However, a study done by Action on Smoking and Health dispels the myth that there is a link between the increase in student vapers and them switching to standard cigarettes.

  • Non-Smokers will Pick Up Vaping: According to the CDC study, a mere 0.4% of people who never smoked a cigarette were currently vaping every day or a couple of times per week. While out of those same adults, only 3.2% had ever tried an e-cigarette. Can you guess the total percent of Americans that have even tried vaping? Just 12.6%.


These statistics could be just the breath of fresh air the vaping community needed in our fight for the right to exist as we know it.

 Additional Key Report Findings:

  • 3.7% of Americans are Classified as Habitual Users of Electronic Cigarettes

  • 1% or Less Adults Aged 45 and Older that have Never Tried a Cigarette, have ever Tried an E-Cigarette

  • 9.4% of Adults Aged 18-24 had ever Tried an E-Cigarette, and Declined with Agecdc-3

  • Men were more likely to Try E-Cigarettes than Women

  • 12.6% of Adults had ever Tried an E-Cigarette (Use Varied by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic or Latino Origin)

  • 3.7% of Adults Reported that they Currently Used Electronic Cigarettes Every Day or Some Days (Figure 2)



 2014 was a busy year for the CDC but thanks to their dedication to uncovering the true statistics behind the usage of electronic cigarettes in the United States, the vaping community has a fighting chance against increased regulations.

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