A Full Breakdown of the Best E-Cig Products of 2018 (So Far)

A Full Breakdown of the Best E-Cig Products of 2018 (So Far)

The electronic cigarette industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout 2018 so far. However, even with potential flavor bans and the FDA flip flopping standpoints multiple times the vape industry has pumped out some of its best products ever in 2018.

New products are seemingly coming out everyday, which is a great problem to have. But, we know how difficult it can be at times to keep up with all the great new products. Thats why we made a list of the best new products so far from 2018, hand picked by the staff at Aspen Valley Vapes!

In this post, we will break down the ins and outs of all of 2018’s best products! From hardware to e-liquids, if you are looking to get your hands on the best of the best this post has all you need to know about each and every product!

Cam – Customer Service – Top Picks!


Cam has been with Aspen Valley Vapes since July 2018. Here are his favorite picks!

First up we have Basix Fizzy Lemonade Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. Basix Fizzy Lemonade arrived at Aspen Valley Vapes in June of 2018. Sure this Salt Nicotine E-Liquid delivers delicious bursts of amazing lemonade flavors. But, what really makes this flavor jump is its unique carbonated quality. While its obviously not carbonated, Basix Fizzy Lemonade is the closest you can get to a carbonated vape beverage flavor you can get on the market! Finish it off with a incredibly smooth icy mint exhale and you have got yourself one of the top Salt Nicotine E-Liquids of 2018!

Cam’s next pick is one of the top selling e-liquid flavors of 2018, Aqua Pure! Aqua Pure arrived at Aspen Valley Vapes in April of 2018. In whole, the Aqua E-Liquid line has month in and month out been consistently one of the top sellers. Aqua Pure draws on its mouthwatering combination of juicy apple, succulent strawberry, and dripping watermelon to create a well rounded Fruit Flavored E-Liquid. If one thing is for certain in life its death, taxes, and Aqua Pure becoming your new every day vape juice.

Now in order to vape these flavors, one must have an actual device. Cam’s final pick is the sleek and very compact Smok Novo Ultra Portable Vape. The Smoke Novo arrived at AVV in July, it was the very first device Cam picked up in his time here and has kept up with continuous use since then. The small and compact design allows you to easily use it in public while still being polite to those around you. With a 450mAh internal battery the Smok Novo has a output wattage of around 10-13W. While its recommended to be used in conjunction with Salt Nicotine, the Novo can be used with any Standard Nicotine E-Liquid or even vapeable CBD! With 8 fantastic color options, its easy to see why Cam rounded out his top 3 products of 2018 with this incredibly reliable device!

Niky – General Manager – Top Picks!


Niky has been with AVV since October 2017. Here are her top products from 2018 so far!

Since Niky works in an office full of 20 something year old men things can get hectic at times, so in order to take the edge off the testosterone overload she likes to vape on Salt Nic Summer Strawberry. This Salt Nicotine E-Liquid arrived at AVV in February of 2018 with a bang! To this day Summer Strawberry continues to be in the top 3 best selling Salt Nicotine E-Liquids at Aspen Valley Vapes! Salt Nic Summer Strawberry relies on its incredible garden fresh strawberry flavors to create its out of this world realistic Fruit Flavored E-Liquid! The vape industry has thousands of strawberry flavored e-liquids, however finding a real strawberry flavor can be surprisingly difficult. There is no surprise why Salt Nic Summer Strawberry made her list!

When Niky isn’t getting heckled by one of the guys in the office, you can catch her vaping Lemon Twist Wild Watermelon Lemonade. Every vaper has one e-liquid flavor that they hold near and dear to their heart, that go to juice, that every day all day juice. Take one step into her office and you are immediacy hit by the sweet aroma of Wild Watermelon Lemonade. Lemon Twist Wild Watermelon Lemonade arrived at AVV in March of 2018. If you ask Niky what Fruit Flavored E-Liquid you should try without a doubt, 100% of the time, she will suggest Wild Watermelon Lemonade. Wild Watermelon is just one of those juices you have to try. The name speaks for itself!

In order to vape her favorite E-Liquid, Lemon Twist Wild Watermelon Lemonade, Niky relies on her Freemax Mesh Pro tank to deliver outstanding flavor with every single hit. Since arriving at Aspen Valley Vapes in July, the Mesh Pro has sold out time and time again. The Mesh Pro can be used with it’s single, double, or triple mesh coils, depending on what wattage you like to vape at. Without a doubt the Freemax Mesh Pro produces the best flavors out of any tank we have tried this year. Although Niky claimed this product for her list, if she didn’t someone would have. Since it was brought in, in July, everyone at the office has been raving and ranting about the amazing flavor quality the Freemax Mesh Pro produces!






Boyd – Shipping & Handling – Top Picks!


Jacob has been with Aspen Valley Vapes since August of 2018. Here are his top picks from 2018 so far!

Things can sometimes get a bit chaotic in the back for Boyd. Not only does he make sure packages are going out on time he also restocks the warehouse, so in order to get through a rough day he calls upon his favorite device of 2018, the Mi Pod vape starter kit! With its 950mAh internal battery the Mi Pod can last Boyd all day on one charge! The knock on the Mi Pods early on was the quality of the replacement pods, sometimes only lasting a day or two. But, with excellent quality control it seems they fixed their problems! The Mi Pod is smaller than the average wallet, so carrying it around is super non invasive. The Mi Pod has crafty designs and a slue of color options, so if you are looking to set yourself apart from the world of JUUL users, the Mi Pod is the way to go!

For those who live under a rock, you can catch the weekly AVV Live stream on Facebook and Instagram 4PM MST each and every Friday. On each episode, the cast samples 3 flavors that AVV carries. A few weeks ago in a very special guest appearance, Boyd and the gang tried I Love Salts Luau Lemonade Salt Nicotine E-Liquid, and upon his first hit Boyd was hooked. Luau Lemonade is created by combining the perfect balance of watermelon, lemonade, and pineapple. Although, we haven’t seen Boyd throw a proper Hawaiian Luau yet, we can assure you he’s partying on the inside when he takes a hit of I Love Salt Luau Lemonade! Oh and by the way, he used Luau Lemonade in the previously mentioned Mi Pod!

When Boyd isn’t using his beloved Mi Pod, he likes to use his Vandy Vape Pulse 80W. Although the Vandy Vape Pulse didn’t crack his list, the juice he most likes to drip onto his RDA is Naked100 Green Lemon. Naked100 Green Lemon arrived at Aspen Valley Vapes in January of 2018 and has been one of the best selling Naked100 E-Liquid flavors ever since. Naked100 is one of the most notable lines on the market. No matter what vape shop you go to, you are sure to find a bottle of one of Naked100’s flavors. Naked100 fans may know Green Lemon as Sour Sweet. The name change came only recently, as Naked100 wanted a name to better describe the flavor. Although the juice may have a new name, sour  and sweet still describes the juice perfectly. Green Lemon’s flavors perfectly contrast on and other, sweetness met with sourness.

Andy – Owner – Top Picks!


Andy started Aspen Valley Vapes when he was a wee little youngin’ at 22 years old. Here are his top picks from 2018 so far!

Its been said that Andy, also known as thicky, can smell a tasty e-liquid from 30 miles away. Although he has not been able to confirm nor deny this claim, he does have a couple delicious suggestions for you all! To start off his list, we have The Salty Club Blueberry Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. The Salty Club Blueberry arrived at Aspen Valley Vapes in March and has competed with the big dogs like a true e-liquid champion. Andy is a simple man, so it makes sense that one of his favorite salt nics is a straight, simple, and to the point blueberry flavor. Blueberry flavors have been jumping off the shelves in 2018 and The Salty Club Blueberry definitely leads the way. This blueberry flavor allows you to enjoy a nice realistic blueberry flavor without having an over the top sweetness to it.

On his Youtube page, AVAndy, you can find literally hundreds of reviews on popular devices like the Smok Fit, the Suorin Ishare, and many more. But, perhaps no device matches up to his all time favorite, the Aspire Breeze All In One! Although the Breeze arrived at Aspen Valley Vapes in November of 2017, Andy uses his Breeze AIO everyday all day. He uses the device so much he has TWO ready to go at all times. Aspire took the vaping world by storm upon the November release of the Breeze, so they decided to put out a second generation! Aspire changed the game once again with big improvement to the devices battery life as well as integrating an adjustable airflow. While the Breeze 2 is neck and neck with the Breeze in all categories, Andy loves the nostalgia of the original device!

Rounding out AVAndy’s top picks we have The Standard Gummy Blue Gummi. The Standard Gummy specializes in delicious gummy candy flavors, none more impressive than their Blue Gummi. As we mentioned before, any and all blueberry or blue raspberry flavors have been extremely popular this year and Blue Gummi definitely one of best selling blue raspberry flavors we have seen in 2018! Imagine your favorite gummy worm as a kid and turn it into a delicious Candy Flavored E-Liquid. Blue Gummi became an instant office sensation after the guys tried it on an episode of AVV Live. If you are looking for an e-liquid to tide over your sweet tooth, then look no further than The Standard Gummy Blue Gummi!

Cory – Owner – Top Picks!


Cory and Andy have been longtime friends, so when the opportunity arose for Cory to join Andy as part owner of AVV the decision was a no brainer. Here are his top picks from 2018 so far!

If you watch an episode of AVV Live, you will immediately notice Cory has a love for any Fruit Flavored E-Liquid. If there is one person in the office who can taste the subtle undertones of fruits in a specific vape juice, its got to be Cory! On the most recent episode of AVV Live, the guys tried the newest line at AVV Fresh Farms. Fresh Farms is a fairly new E-Liquid company, but don’t let that stop you from trying it. The guys tasted both the Barnyard Berry, which is a mix of wild berries, and Morning Melon, which is a watermelon honeydew flavor. Upon trying Fresh Farms Morning Melon Cory’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Cory had been raving all year about Candy King Batch being his favorite E-Liquid, but at last Batch was dethroned by Morning Melon.

Next up on Cory’s top picks we have The Salty Club Watermelon. Like we had mentioned before, Cory is a sucker for fruit flavors, but it takes a truly delicious flavor to catch his eye. When he isn’t vaping on his new favorite e-liquid he is surely vaping on The Salty Club Watermelon. The Salty Club Watermelon doesn’t need a host of different fruit flavors to get its point across, because it delivers extreme bursts of top notch watermelon flavors with each inhale.

When he is vaping his favorite salt nicotine The Salt Club Watermelon Cory likes to use his favorite pod device, the Joytech Teros. The Teros has a handful of different color options, even some that change color when the warmth of your hand heats the device up! With a 480mAh internal battery the Teros is able to have a constant 1.85V output. The Teros is recommended to be used with any Salt Nicotine E-Liquid, however you can use any standard nicotine e-liquid or even CBD vape juice! If you are looking for a device that will set you apart from your friends then the Joytech Teros is definitely the way to go!



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