The American Vaping Association Calls Out The CDC Research Results!

With the growth of electronic cigarettes comes more researches, some good, some bad. The latest study was regarding whether e-cigs lead minors on the path to smoking cigarettes. This study was held by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the results were not so accurate!

American Vaping Association Speaks Up

The President of the American Vaping Association (AVA) was not pleased with these results. The AVA described the results as “plain deceptive” and are asking for the paper’s retraction.

Mr. Gregory Conley, the president of the association had much to say! “The recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and its accompanying press release are just plain deceptive. The American people expect better from the CDC and the paper should be retracted. The AVA takes issue with the CDC’s claim that non-smoking young people who use e-cigarettes are about twice as likely to say they intended to smoke conventional cigarettes within the next year compared to those who had never used e-cigarettes. The reported result is flawed because, unbelievably, teens who answered ‘probably not’ when asked if they intended to smoke in the future were counted as likely future smokers instead of unlikely future smokers. Even worse, the CDC failed to disclose this in its press release, which led to hundreds of news sources identifying e-cigarettes as a gateway to cigarettes. A growing number of studies have shown that e-cigarettes help smokers safely and effectively quit the habit and are not gateways to tobacco smoking.”There is no evidence e-cigarettes are gateways to smoking, and in fact, for millions of Americans they are anti-tobacco products.”

CDC’s Electronic Cigarette Study Results

The Centers for Disease Control study showed that more than 263,000 young people chose e-cigarettes when smoking for the first time last year, a threefold increase from 2011. It is unfortunate that government studies such as this can be fabricated. We are just happy that the AVA has came out and called out the CDC for their false information. It’s not easy to be apart of the vaping community, but with great support from associations like the AVA, we can all feel comfortable with our lifestyle!

You can view a previous blog post where there is an actual study that shows that electronic cigarettes are not a gateway to regular cigarettes. You can view that post here. We will continue to see more studies as the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow. We can only hope for honest studies from our own government!

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