Aspen Valley Vapes Referral Program FAQ

We have been receiving question about our new referral program and we want to make sure they are all answered! We here at Aspen Valley Vapes have just rolled out a new referral program that allows our current customers to receive a FREE 30ml bottle of E-juice for each referral sent! This is a great way to try out new flavors for free, and to bring in friends to a vaping company that cares about the vaping community! Have questions about our program? Well here’s your answers!

Q: Once A Referral Is Sent When Should I Expect My Free 30ml Bottle Of E-juice?

A: You will receive your FREE 30ml on your next purchase made on our website. Read the next question regarding receiving credit for your referral!

Q: How Do I Receive Credit For My Referral?

A: When you send us a customer, that customer will receive an order number. On the next purchase you make with us, you will put the customers name and order number in the ORDER NOTES during the checkout process. You will also put the flavor and nicotine strength of the E-juice you want for free in the ORDER NOTES during the checkout process. When we receive your order we will check for the referrals order, and as long as the order is there, we will send you out your FREE 30ml.

Q: Is There A Minimum Order Needed?

A: There is no minimum order required. You can buy ANYTHING on our website and receive the FREE 30ml. This means you can buy the least expensive product on our website and still receive the 30ml.

Q: Is There A Limit On The Amount Of Free 30ml Bottles?

A: There is absolutely no limit on the amount of FREE 30ml bottles you can earn. For example…. If you send 4 referrals to us, on your next order if you put all 4 names and order numbers in the ORDER NOTES with the 4 bottles including their flavors and nicotine levels, you will receive 4 FREE 30ml! We want to take care of anyone that takes care of us!

Q: I Am A Member… Can I Take Advantage Of This Program With My Membership Pricing?

A: Of course you can! You are part of the Family and we want to treat you well! Even with your membership pricing you will still receive a bottle for every referral sent to us! Just make sure to put the customers name and order number in the ORDER NOTES including your flavor and nicotine level and we will ship the 30ml out with your order!

Q: Can I Pick A Dripping Juice For My Free 30ml Bottle?

A: Only Aspen Valley Vapes Members can pick a dripping juice for their FREE 30ml bottle. If you wish to become part of the Aspen Valley Vapes Family click here!

Q: Can I Pick Two 15ml Bottles Instead Of One 30ml?

A: When it comes to our Referral program you will need to pick a 30ml. We do not offer the option of choosing two 15ml bottles of E-juice.

If you have any further questions please give us a call at 1-800-266-7556, or email us at! If we continue to hear questions regarding our Referral Program check back to this page we will make sure to add them!
Andy Flynn

2 thoughts on “Aspen Valley Vapes Referral Program FAQ

  1. David Bruni says:

    Andy I straighten out the problem I printedm yhr receite amd then I didn’t go though wiyh the rest of the check out I’m sorry for the inconvenience so instead I’ll buy 2 how’s that. Nice speaking to you and I hope we become a profitable family.

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      We are glad that we were able to assist you! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

      – The Aspen Valley Vapes Team!

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