How to Avoid Swallowing E-Liquid

If you have just recently made the switch to an e-cigarette then chances are you have experienced e-liquid seeping into your mouth. From experience that is simply not something I like, and I am willing to guess neither do you. Which is why here at Aspen Valley Vapes we will tell you how to avoid this from happening!

Eliminate E-Liquid from Getting into your Mouth

One of the most common mistakes for novice e-cigarette users is overfilling their tank with vape juice. If you ever do happen to overfill your tank don’t worry, simply grab a paper towel or napkin and absorb the excess liquid. Be sure to wipe the outside of your tank as well before placing the mouthpiece back on.

Depending on the amount of liquid that leaked out you may have to clean the mouthpiece in all. If you are using the Aerotank then the mouthpiece simply pulls out to easily rinse out under water, then dry and reassemble.

Flooding the Coil

Another common reason for e-liquid to get in your mouth is pulling too hard. When you pull (drag) your e-cigarette and press the button that triggers the battery, which then heats the coil that is wrapped around wick that is soaking up the e-liquid, followed by vaporization. However if you drag too hard the coil cannot vaporize fast enough, forcing excess liquid to be dragged into the mouthpiece. This occurrence is commonly known as flooding your coils.

Flooding the coil is common for people who have just made the switch, and if this is you then no need to worry you will eventually find a draw that is optimal for your tank/coil. Luckily if you use the Aerotank then you can easily restrict or loosen the airflow valve by twisting the valve side to side, this is a great feature for reducing flooding.

Ingredients we all Eat

When e-liquid gets into your mouth you may experience a bitterness or slight burning sensation, nothing overly noticeable. Well you may wonder what is your e-liquid made of? Well the 3 main ingredients include propylen glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) combined with nicotine. Both proplyen glyco and vegetable glycerine are non toxic, organic, FDA approved food based ingredients.

Now the nicotine is what you need to be cautious about, exposure to eyes can cause irritaion or redness, and leakage in the mouth can be affiliated with a bitter or slight tingeling sensation.

If you end up getting any e-liquid in the center hole there is no need to worry since they every juice made in the USA is made of food based products. Though the e-liquid is made of food based products we do not recommend eating the liquid. As long as you follow the tips above you shouldn’t have to worry about getting excess amounts of e-liquid in your mouthpiece or your mouth. If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

Andy Flynn

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