The Best States for Vaping: Is Yours On The List?

All across America the popularity of ecigarettes and vaping is growing, and state and local governments are scrambling to respond. US cities and states have taken a variety of approaches to ecigarette regulation and public vaping, resulting in a range of ecigarette policies varying from relaxed to extremely restrictive. If you are a vaper or care about vaping rights, it’s good to know what states welcome ecigarette users and which ones are trying to shut them out.

If you recently read our article about the worst states for vaping you might have left feeling disheartened about ecigarette policy in America. But today we’re going to cheer you up by talking about some of the best states for vaping. Even though lately the US government seems to be waging a war against ecigarettes, there are still many places in America where vapor shops abound and people are free to to vape in parks and restaurants. Here are some of those vaping safe havens that are still left in the US.


Best States For Vaping

Home of the Vaping Convention Circuit, which was founded to “introduce as many tobacco users as possible to vaping as a viable alternative,” Florida is one of the best places to be a vaper in the US. It has one of the densest concentration of vapor stores in America and a large, active vaping community that prompted Vape News Magazine to call Florida a “vape trendsetter.” Florida is also the home state of International Vapor Group, the parent company of several popular ecigarette brands, including Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke.

Unlike many other states that have rushed to ban public vaping, Florida law doesn’t restrict public or indoor ecigarette use and it’s not at all uncommon to see someone puffing on a mod at the beach or in a bar. If you’re planning a Florida beach vacation this year, you don’t have to worry about checking your ecigarette with your luggage, either; vapers are allowed to puff in wait areas and inside the terminals at both Tampa International Airport and Miami International Airport.


Oklahoma vaping

Oklahoma might seem like an unlikely hub for a progressive new trend like vaping, but the state has seen an explosion in vapor retail stores and ecigarette use. Public vaping is allowed anywhere except on state property and near schools and a huge, passionate community of vapers continues to grow in Tulsa. And, despite only having about 1% of the US’s population, Oklahoma has 6% of the vapor retail stores in America. According to Chip Paul, an owner of two vapor stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma, “you can’t even get commercial retail space in Tulsa right now in that 1,200 or 1,500-foot range because everyone is opening a vapor store—it’s crazy.”

The reason for the popularity of vaping in Oklahoma likely has to do with the fact that the state has one of the highest smoking rates in the US, although it has been in decline since 2001. Because of this, Oklahoma vapor shop customers were the subject of a small pilot study by Theodore L. Wagener on ecigarettes and smoking cessation. Although the study used a nonrandom, potentially biased population as a sample, they still found that 64% of the Oklahoma vapor shop patrons they studied had quit smoking cigarettes entirely.


Nevada vaping

This one probably comes as no surprise, as Las Vegas is the place to go in the US for pleasures that are sometimes frowned upon in other places. If you don’t mind sharing the bar and restaurant air with cigarette smokers, it is a great place to be a vaper. You can even bring your ecigarette to McCarran International Airport to enjoy a vape while you wait for your flight.

Nevada has the highest density of vapor shops in the entire United States, with almost seven shops per 100,000 residents, although most are concentrated in the Las Vegas metro area. For three years straight Las Vegas also hosted the Vape Summit, one of largest vaping conventions in the world, where hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors gathered to exhibit their goods.


colorado vaping

Denver, Colorado is a great city for vaping. With tons of vapor shops in the area and public vaping allowed, it’s no wonder that it’s a first choice for vapor manufacturers introducing new products to the market. Denver has one of the highest number of vapor shops per capita in the US and is, of course, the home state of Aspen Valley Vapes.

Colorado is not totally immune to overly-harsh vaping regulations, however, as public vaping bans were recently instituted in several cities in the Denver metro area, including Golden and Louisville. In most places, though, vapers are free to puff on their vaporizers pretty much everywhere except schools and child care facilities.

Vaping Culture Is Still Strong in the US

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We couldn’t include every vape-friendly state on this list even though we know there are some amazing states, cities, and communities of vapers all across America. Communities of vapers and ecigarette users are growing and thriving everywhere, and it’s exciting to see the culture grow and change. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a vaper.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these vaper-friendly places, keep spreading the love and continue defending your right to vape. This is a critical time for vaping policy and lawmakers everywhere are trying to pass regulations and taxes that will make vapor products less accessible to consumers. Even in a state like Oklahoma, which expressly prohibits municipalities from enacting stricter ecigarette regulations that what the state already has, vapers need to be ready to fight the FDA and other organizations that continue to try to crush the vaping movement.

Now that you’ve learned about some of the vaping havens in the US, we would love to know what it’s like to be a vaper where you live. Whether your city is hostile to vapers or the home of a free, booming vapor community, let us know in a comment below. No matter what, you’ll always be able to order top-quality products from anywhere in the US here at Aspen Valley Vapes.

6 thoughts on “The Best States for Vaping: Is Yours On The List?

  1. Lisa Belle says:

    I just recently moved to NM. Surrounded by vape friendly states.
    NM has some good shops, though and I hope people are realizing that we do need to stay connected and fight for the right to be smoke-free, as crazy as that is!

  2. Elliott Nunez says:

    I live in Florida. Turned alot of smokers here on to VAPING. !!! Yes it’s true there are two B and M vapestores right across the street from each other on my way to work…I still shoponline though! Vape on Floridians!! Tourists!! lol

    • Ben says:

      This is such good news as I’m from the UK and have been vaping for about 2 years now started just after I got back from Orlando and I am returning next October fingers crossed it’s still all good then

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