Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

On Monday, November 12th Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it known that his office will look to file a lawsuit against a number of Chicago based electronic cigarette companies. This announcement comes about a week after L.A City Attorney, Mike Feuer, filed his own lawsuit against numerous Southern California based electronic cigarette companies. The 8 […]

Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It’s Hot Out?

Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It's Hot Out?

You’ve waited all winter for this moment. After spending months sitting out in the cold all by yourself taking quick drags from your e-cigarette before quickly running back inside, the temperature has finally gone up and allowed you to savor your favorite e-juices out in the sun. It’s all just so perfect. Its all perfect until you […]

L.A City Attorney Puts Foot Down with New Warnings

Los Angeles

City Attorneys are tasked with representing their city or municipality from different dangers. On Halloween 2018, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer spent his day sending a total of three injunctions to California based electronic cigarette manufacturers. The City’s Attorney office deems these companies to have marketed their products to minors. In court reports, the […]

Is Your PG Allergy Holding You Back From Vaping?

Is Your PG Allergy Holding You Back From Vaping?

When you vape, it should be a pleasant experience. There are times when you first start vaping when you might cough as you look to find the right vaping technique for you. While there may be some side effects to vaping, in general, you should enjoy vaping once you get the hang of it. What happens when […]

Is Charging Your E-Cig Through Your Computer Safe?

It feels like there are a million and one different things that people need to worry about when it comes to vaping. From finding reliable vendors for their e-juices to caring for their e-cigarettes properly to taking the right safety steps with their batteries, there are a lot of things that vapers need to keep in mind. […]