There is an app for just about everything in 2017, and that includes vaping. In fact, there are many, many, many apps for those who enjoy vaping. If you go into the app store on your smart phone and search “vape,” you will find that there are numerous apps designed to catch the eye of […]

Certain vaping laws and regulations around the country have forced vapers to take some pretty dramatic steps when it comes to obtaining e-cigarettes, e-juices, and more. For example, vapers in Indiana are scrambling to purchase vaping products right now in light of the new state regulations that were just put into place. The new Indiana […]

If you Google the words “vaping” and “study,” there’s a really good chance that you will come across at least one recent study that was done on e-cigarettes, e-juices, or something else related to vaping. Vaping is an incredibly hot topic at the moment, so there are new studies about it being done all the […]

Vaping is a gateway to smoking. That is what many people and even some pretty powerful organizations would like to have you believe. Just one problem: There is absolutely no evidence to prove it. Studies have been done time and time (and time!) again in an effort to show that there is a strong connection […]

One of the best parts about vaping is the community that comes along with it. After you start vaping for the first time, you will quickly find out just how welcoming vapers are, and before long, you will be trading war stories and e-juice recommendations and talking about the struggles you must endure when you […]