How to Minimize the Smell When You Vape

Maybe you’re vaping in a public park or an indoor space and want to be respectful to people nearby. Maybe your roommate or spouse just doesn’t like the smell of your e-cigarette. There are many reasons that you might want to minimize the smell your e-cigarette produces when you vape. It allows you to vape […]

Can Flavored Eliquids Continue to Exist?

Taking all previous tests thrown at the vape community, sadly vapers have now reached the time period where the final exam and ultimate test will now be held. It just so happens this final examination aligns with one of the core features that allows vaping to be advantageous has now become the most strenuous challenge. […]

Is “Criminalizing” Youth Vaping a Good Solution for America?

Is "Criminalizing" Youth Vaping a Good Solution for America?

If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you should know that Illinois is one of the only states that punishes minors caught vaping with civil penalties. Now, we’re not talking about minimum ages for vaping or punishing retailers who sell e-cigarettes to minors; we’re talking about sentencing teens in court for nothing more than […]

One of the World’s Biggest Cigarette Companies is Going Smokeless, But Not in the US

In a surprise announcement, Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world, is claiming that they intend to quit smoking. What they really mean is that they are going to focus on pushing smokeless alternatives, like e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes, which produce vapor instead of smoke.   While this is […]

How to Extend Your E-Cigarettes Lifetime

How to Extend Your E-Cigarettes Lifetime

If you know many avid vapers, then you know it’s not at all uncommon for them to have half a dozen or more old e-cigarettes that they don’t use lying around. These are partially made up of older e-cigarette models that have lost their appeal, but almost always include at least one or two vapes […]