Can You Be Allergic To Vaping?

This does seem like a very odd question, but the truth is, you can be allergic to vaping! It’s definitely not common, but there are people out there that can be allergic to what is in the actual E-juice!Allergic To Electronic Cigarettes

Why Does My Throat Itch When I Vape?

If your throat itches from using an electronic cigarette there could be a couple reasons for this. When you vape the propylene glycol in the E-juice can cause your throat and mouth to dry up. When your throat dries up you will have the feeling that your throat is scratchy, and this is a cause for an itchy throat! Always make sure to continue to drink water when vaping to help prevent this!

Another uncommon reason for your throat itching would be the fact that you are allergic to something in the E-juice. The most common ingredient in E-juice that vapers are allergic to is the PG (propylene glycol). There is always going to be PG in E-juices, due to the fact that the PG is what carries the taste of the E-juice from the atomizer to the vaper! There are E-juices out there that you can get max VG (vegetable glycerine) to help prevent the allergic reaction, but these juices will not work in a regular clearomizer. You will need to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer due to the fact the VG is a lot thicker than PG, and for most clearomizers, max VG will not work.

Can I be Allergic To The Vegetable Glycerine In E-juice?

The answer to this question is… YES! A human can be allergic to anything! A good way to find out which you are allergic to is to try different E-juices with your E-cig. Try juices that are Max PG, and try other juices that are max VG! See which juices your body works better with and continue to purchase those specific E-juices!

Why Do I Feel Shortness Of Breath When I Use My Electronic Cigarette?

This could be a sign that you are allergic to the PG or VG in the E-juice. If you have tried different juices with max VG or max PG and you are continuing to have issues then it could also be something in the specific flavor. All flavors are different in what is used to make it, so if you find that it’s no the PG or VG, check the flavor!


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