Can Flavored Eliquids Continue to Exist?

Taking all previous tests thrown at the vape community, sadly vapers have now reached the time period where the final exam and ultimate test will now be held.

It just so happens this final examination aligns with one of the core features that allows vaping to be advantageous has now become the most strenuous challenge.

A test that will measure whether we will allow flavors to be eradicated from existence.

Any attack that threatens the use of flavors is an attempt to send a message to all those who quit smoking with the use of vapor products — that message is the opposition strongly disapproves.

Vaping flavored premium eliquids or, as the online search engine results prefer to call it “vape juice,” these flavors are one of the key principles to the effectiveness of the harm reducing elements in the vaping movement.

The FDA Position

FDA Gottlieb

Since the FDA has been forced to comply with the wrong side of the argument — which is not to say they haven’t, at times, shown some compassion toward the vape culture.

Though, it becomes quite obvious they are not too sympathetic to the testimonials of vape consumers.

As the recent joint VTA & CASAA call-to-action campaign called “I am Not an Anecdote” addressed this situation brilliantly — the title refers to FDA Commissioner Dr. Gottlieb commenting on not believing in anecdotal remarks.

Therefore, the campaign allowed all vapers written lifestyle switch to vapor products to immediately become sworn testimony.


The Food and Drug Administration has paved the way for countless American lives to be saved over the span of exactly 112 years, a solid century long consumer protection agency.

Their position on vaping seems to always flip flop, by installing a number of extensions on compliance dates.

Although, while delays on FDA compliance are great and much needed, it became clear that any delays at the federal level would immediately translate into an increase state and local battles.

An increase on targeting local municipalities to install a flavor ban initiative has become rampant and is moving too quickly for vapers and vape advocates to remain informed and active on such scattered issues.

Regardless, the most recent position of the FDA is that it may decide to impose a flavor ban. They have filed ANPRM on this matter which is an Announced Notice of Public Rulemaking.

Therefore, it is perhaps inevitable that a flavor ban may indeed be something that the FDA may install as they continuously receive pressure from Tobacco Control Groups, certain Senators as well as Public Health Groups.

Local Flavor Bans

Tobacco Bonds Declining

Therefore, flavors are under attack in a shockingly political and strategic fashion. Targeting small municipalities located on the outskirts of major U.S. cities, which typically identify as Democratic Metro Areas.

These municipalities are targeted for obvious reasons, for one, victory is inevitable in these areas.

Examples of area that have already passed flavor bans include Oakland, San Francisco and Richmond California. While L.A. County and the city of Sacramento will be voting very soon on this issue.

Not to mention, local areas within the states of Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania all have flavor bans on their radar or noted on their schedule.

What if all the things vapers believe to be the top reasons for vape-hate are entirely wrong. What if is has nothing to do with what vapers continually believe the opposition’s attacks are attributed to? All the pushback is coming from the anti-tobacco groups” vape advocates say.

Or, “It’s Big Tobacco,” says the vape enthusiasts.

Venturing into the Unknown

While many all insist that we can simply blame Big Pharma for all the attacks on the vape culture. How are we so sure? The industries being named are vastly powerful entities that stand to lose a lot of revenue.

However, so much more has been revealed lately that suggests vaping is just a shiny piece of a larger scheme in promoting obedient social control. So, has the vape community ever considered perhaps there is something even larger at work that the majority of people aren’t even aware of?

If Americans believe we know everything the government does to protect the interests of this nation, then it is safe to say, we, as Americans are entirely delusional. We see, hear and know only what they are able to reveal — which is not likely to be too much information.

If we knew all that was being done or all that needed to be done to defend this great nation, then America would lose the ability to properly defend itself. America cannot simply be an open book at all times and understandably so.

It’s basic logic. Let’s be realistic. Transparency is a fallacy.

Perhaps…Perhaps the opposition to vaping and the primary opposing force of the vape culture is motivated by completely different factors that are much much bigger than what we all tend to think and discuss.

So, if it is not at all what we claim it to be, then what could it possibly be? That is the unknown answer no one may ever be able to articulate.

Unless of course, someone would like to indulge the vape community? Doubtful.

2 thoughts on “Can Flavored Eliquids Continue to Exist?

  1. Ursula Urdiales says:

    What?? If they ban flavored e-liquids then might as well go back to smoking cigarettes. That’s not what I want to do at all.

  2. Cary Butler says:

    mint ” / “menthol” a flovor ? Yes ?. Then they should ban all menthol cigarettes.
    I really can not believe that a ban on flovered e juice will ever happen nationwide.
    But, maybe you guys (the producers) should start R&D on manufacturing and selling unflavored liquids with options of nicotine content from 0- ? % . Then, sell Flavor packs to add to your unflavored liquids. Obiviously this is an idea that sounds easy, and the end result would not equal the the variety and quality of juices on the market today. It is just an “out of the box” idea. I will say this. One day after I bouhgt my first Mod and tank, I smoked one cigarette, I have not had one since. That was 28 months ago. THANKS ! Vaping enabled me to quit tobacco forever.

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