Be Careful When Purchasing Vaping Goods On The Internet!

Electronic Cigarette Internet CompaniesThere are a large number of e-cig companies coming into the rapidly growing industry of electronic cigarettes. These vape companies are also coming right to the internet versus opening a brick and mortar, so the question is, how do I know the internet company I’m dealing with is reputable?

Check The Electronic Cigarette Company Out On Social Media Platforms

Living in the year 2014, social media is HUGE! Usually there will never be a retail company that doesn’t have at least a Facebook page. If you are questioning the company you are trying to purchase vape goods from, one of the best places to go is Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. You can see how many people like or follow the company to see if they are legit or not. If they don’t have a lot of customer reviews, make sure to be weary of companies that have few than 100 likes/follows, and don’t keep up to date on their Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.  If they aren’t taking care of their social media they may not be legit, or they may even be a fly by night company.

Check The E-Cig Company’s Website

There are a few things to see if a company is legit or not just by checking out their own website. Make sure the electronic cig company has updated their products recently, if you see a company that just doesn’t look like they update any of their products or pages they most likely aren’t someone you will want to deal with. Some fly by night companies will come around to make a site and stop taking care of the site once they have made the money they wanted. The best page to check on a website is the company’s blog. If the company hasn’t written a post in months or even years, this should be a huge indicator that this company is no longer around. Some websites are electronic cigarette companies from overseas and they can collect the money and run. Always check the company’s About Us and Contact Us. You always want to look for a location. If a company doesn’t have their location on their website then this is usually a big “NO NO” and you should not trust them with your credit card information!

Check The URL

These days, with the amount of times websites and companies are being hacked, you definitely want to make sure you are purchasing from a company on a secure server. The question is, how do I know if the website is on a secure server or not? You can see whether a company’s site is secure or not by looking at the URL. A secured site will have “httpS://” There is an S after the http. A non-secure site will have “http://” and there is no S. If you purchase from an electronic cigarette company that has no “S” in their URL then you are purchasing from a company that has an unsecured network, and you run the risk of your credit card information being stolen. If you purchase from a secured website, then your credit card is safe.

Use Google!

Google is a great source to check up on companies. You can type into the search bar the name of the company you are looking to buy from and see what the first page has to say. You may see pages that talk about the company’s reputation! A great search is to put the companies name and the word reviews after to pull up reviews on the company. It’s always great to see what others have to say about a company that you are looking to deal with. If you see vapers leaving bad reviews about an e-cig company then you know not to purchase from them.

We here at Aspen Valley Vapes understand we aren’t the only company on the internet that sells electronic cigarettes and we aren’t saying to just buy from us, We want to make sure when purchasing else where that you are making a smart safe purchase. We will always continue to protect those in the vaping community!

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