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E-Cigarette Commercials on TV? 

  A new law in Canada could allow companies to market devices and e-liquid on TV.   The country’s new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act prohibits companies from using colorful packaging, effectively forcing companies to used neutral colors. This change will bring new possibilities for marketing material as the restrictions for E-Cigarette advertising are not […]

San Francisco Voters Side With Tobacco Flavor Ban

On Tuesday June 5th 2018 San Francisco voters upheld the vote to ban all flavored tobacco products. Ranging from candy flavored e-liquid to menthol flavored cigarettes. With this decision, San Francisco is said to now have the most stern policy concerning tobacco flavoring. Dr. Melissa Welch, a spokeswoman at the American Heart Association, stated that […]

“Wet Lung” Story Dismissed by Leading Doctor

Doctor Denounces Wet Lung Vaping Story Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has discharged media accusations after a story of an 18 year old woman developed a rare condition following 3 weeks use of an E-Cigarette. Stating that this is a “new low for e-cigarette opponents” Dr. Farsalinos went on to explain the woman had a medical history […]

Standard E-Liquid VS. Salt Nicotine E-Liquid: Which MG is Right For You?

If you have heard of Salt Nicotine E-liquids then you know that the market is absolutely booming right now. These higher nicotine juices are common among low wattage devices like the Aspire Breeze, Suorin Drop, Smok Infinix and many others. So what if you want to, for example, switch between your SMOK X-Priv and a […]