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San Francisco Voters Side With Tobacco Flavor Ban

On Tuesday June 5th 2018 San Francisco voters upheld the vote to ban all flavored tobacco products. Ranging from candy flavored e-liquid to menthol flavored cigarettes. With this decision, San Francisco is said to now have the most stern policy concerning tobacco flavoring. Dr. Melissa Welch, a spokeswoman at the American Heart Association, stated that […]

Big Tobacco Stocks At Lowest It’s Been For 10 Years!

The Cigarette Industry is taking HUGE hits from growing Vape Industry! Learn how just the JUUL itself is killing the tobacco industry below! Money Guru and “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer spoke about how vaping is on the rise and the cigarette companies are feeling it. On an a segment of “Mad Money” host Jim […]

FDA and FTC Send Warnings To E-Liquid Manufacturers

The long running battle to keep today’s youth safe from tobacco and nicotine products took a turning point today as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handed out 13 letters of warning to various manufactures, distributors, and retail shops. Some E-liquid brands use creative labeling that resemble different candies or […]

Vape Juice Guide: 5 Key Things YOU Need To Know

Become a vape juice expert in minutes with this short but definitive guide     Vape Juice, E-Liquid, E Juice, what’s the difference? Really there aren’t any, they all refer to the same thing, a liquid substance you vaporize in a machine and inhale through your lungs using the power of an electronic device or […]

The FDA Didn’t See This Coming

There’s a lot going on in the vaping industry right now since August 8th. The time is ticking down til August 8th 2018, where if the FDA’s deeming regulations don’t change, it effectively will wipe out the electronic cigarette industry. Brief Explanation of FDA’s Deeming Regulations For those that may not know about the FDA’s […]