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Eleaf iStick Electronic Cigarette F.A.Q’s

The Eleaf iStick took the vaping world by storm about a month ago. The technology that crafted this fine device is quite incredible and having the ability to put this technology in such a small unit is just amazing! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Eleaf iStick, so we decided to do […]

The Aspire Atlantis Is Now In Stock And Ready To Ship! Check Out Our F.A.Q.s!

The wait is FINALLY OVER! We have just received our order for the Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer, and all orders are now being shipped, starting today! We know everyone was very excited for the new Aspire Atlantis, as were we! There are plenty of questions regarding this new clearomizer by Aspire, and we are here to […]

Conclusion Of The Denver Vape Meet

We love to attend anything related to vaping. This past weekend Aspen Valley Vapes was one of the many vendors at the Denver Vape Meet, and we got to meet plenty of great vapers and other great vape shop owners! The Denver Vape Meet Turn Out There were a few hundred people that showed up […]

The Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer Will Be Available Soon!

Aspire is one of the largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette clearomizers! We are always excited to hear when they are coming out with new products! Well we just received news that Aspire is coming out with a new clearomizer, called the Aspire Atlantis, and it will be available later this month! What’s New About The […]

Can You Be Allergic To Vaping?

This does seem like a very odd question, but the truth is, you can be allergic to vaping! It’s definitely not common, but there are people out there that can be allergic to what is in the actual E-juice! Why Does My Throat Itch When I Vape? If your throat itches from using an electronic […]