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Slam Dunk! Space Jam E-Juice Is Coming!

Here at Aspen Valley Vapes we are happy to announce we will now be carrying Space Jam E-Juice! We are expanding our selection of e-juice constantly, and now we are starting to add multiple premium e-juice companies. As of right now, we have Midtown eLiquid and we just placed our first order with Space Jam. […]

Be Careful When Purchasing Vaping Goods On The Internet!

There are a large number of e-cig companies coming into the rapidly growing industry of electronic cigarettes. These vape companies are also coming right to the internet versus opening a brick and mortar, so the question is, how do I know the internet company I’m dealing with is reputable? Check The Electronic Cigarette Company Out On […]

Green Leaf Pioneer4You IPV3 150 Watt Box Mod F.A.Q.’s

UPDATE 12/12/15: The IPV3 Li update software is not compatible with Mac software or Windows 10. We have contacted Pioneer4You to inform them of the issue.   The Green Leaf Pioneer4You IPV3 150W Box Mod has finally been delivered to doors all around the United States! We have been seeing a lot of questions regarding this device compared […]

Why Are Prices Raising For Some Electronic Cigarettes?

Unfortunately situations come up that are out of our control… Sometimes these situations aren’t even because of the manufacturer of the electronic cigarette manufacturer… The most recent reason for the pricing going up on some of the vaping products is shipping! Why are some of the electronic cigarettes, mods, and accessories prices higher in price […]