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15 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

There are plenty of myths about electronic cigarettes, but today we are going to talk about 15 of the most common myths! Electronic Cigarettes Are Dangerous Because You Don’t Know What Is In Them This will never be the case as long as you are always dealing with a company that is reputable. Many companies […]

What Is Big Tobacco Up To Now?

Well, now that we have heard that big tobacco companies were surpassed by open tank systems in terms of market share, this doesn’t come as such a big surprise.   What Did Big Tobacco Do This Time? In the image above you can see the new warning label on Mark Ten cigalike that was developed […]

What Does Steeping My E-Liquid Mean? What Does It Do?

There are many different E-liquids offered in today’s market. Some meant for dripping onto an RDA or RBA, some meant to just be put in a clearomizer such as the Kangertech Aerotank or Kangertech Mini Protank3. One main concern in the vaping world is steepening your E-liquid. What Does It Mean When People Say Let […]

Big Tobacco Is No Longer The Top Dog!

A recent analysis by Wells Fargo Securities has just concluded that big tobacco companies have fallen into second place in the electronic cigarette market. In the recent anaylsis, Wells Fargo Securities notes that personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes and e-juice containing nicotine has overtaken the classic cigalikes. Electronic Cigarettes Are On The Rise! Not only […]

Why Does My E-Juice Taste Different?

Sometimes even if you don’t have vape tongue, you may still get a different taste that you’re not used to. Today we will go over a few of these different reasons that your e-liquid may taste different. Vaping isn’t the same as smoking, where you will get mostly the same taste every time you light […]