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A Full Breakdown of the Best E-Cig Products of 2018 (So Far)

A Full Breakdown of the Best E-Cig Products of 2018 (So Far)

The electronic cigarette industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout 2018 so far. However, even with potential flavor bans and the FDA flip flopping standpoints multiple times the vape industry has pumped out some of its best products ever in 2018. New products are seemingly coming out everyday, which is a […]

Sigelei 75 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod FAQs

Whenever a popular new device comes on the market, we like to keep vapers informed with our frequently asked questions series. Sigelei has produced some of the best box mods on the market, from the mini to the 150W dual 18650 box mod. We are extremely excited for their first temperature control device. How Big […]

Smok Xpro M45 (Updated M36) Aspen Valley Vapes Review!

“What is up everybody! This is Andy with Aspen Valley Vapes and today we are going to be doing a little review of the Smok Xpro M45. So I have been using this device for about 2 weeks now and I am loving it! It’s great, it’s compact, simple to use no switching to the […]