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Vaping Proven to Double Smoking Cessation Rates Among Smokers

SMOKING Cessation

Over the years, we have seen the vaping community share their stories about how vaping has helped them improve their lives. Many vapers are former smokers who turned to vaping as a way to escape the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes. On top of that, many vapers also acknowledge flavored e-liquid and its lack of […]

The New York Times Looks Out for Small Business Owners With Vape Shops

You might not necessarily expect to read many vaping stories when you crack open a copy of The New York Times. But the NYT has actually covered vaping on a number of occasions over the course of the last year or so. At the end of 2016, the NYT put together a story that featured […]

E-Cig Policies Need to be Level Headed & Goal Orientated

set goals not limits

The debate revolving around potential electronic cigarette policies is controversial at the least. There are hundreds of contrasting articles and opinions from both sides of the debate, at times making it hard to understand what is true and what is not. The biggest talking point surrounding this topic at this time is the opposing views […]

Iowa Attorney General to FDA: Proportionate & Responsible Reaction

Iowa Attorney General to FDA: Proportionate & Responsible Reaction

On Wednesday, November 14th the Iowa Attorney General, Thomas J. Miller, sent a letter to the FDA and it’s commissioner Scott Gottlieb. In this letter Thomas J. Miller outlined the importance of the FDA coming out with appropriate and proportional regulations towards electronic cigarettes. The Attorney General does a great job throughout the letter to […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

On Monday, November 12th Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it known that his office will look to file a lawsuit against a number of Chicago based electronic cigarette companies. This announcement comes about a week after L.A City Attorney, Mike Feuer, filed his own lawsuit against numerous Southern California based electronic cigarette companies. The 8 […]