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7 Biggest Complaints First-Time Vapers Have—and How to Fix Them

Once most people get the hang of vaping, they really enjoy it. There are all types of reasons why they start vaping—some want to quit smoking, while others want to try out all of the excellent e-juice flavors—but for the most part, people come to appreciate the entire vaping experience. Not everyone loves it right […]

New To Vaping? Beginner Guide To E-liquid

My name is Gary and I am the newest addition to Aspen Valley Vapes.  I wanted to join one of the fastest growing industries with one of the fastest growing companies.  My biggest issue was not knowing much about the industry, the liquids, and the hardware.  I’m new to vaping, as many of you that come […]

Do E-Liquids Expire? Your Guide To E-Liquid Safety

There are definitely a lot of interesting questions that are asked everyday in regards to vaping and everything else involved with vaping. One of the main components to vaping is E-Liquid, and a question that is asked very often is whether E-Liquids expire or not. The answer to this question is YES. As of right […]

Vaping and Dehydration: 10 Things You Need To Know

There has been a lot of controversy around Rip Trippers recent video promoting a new product that can help with some of the minimal side effects that come with vaping. We all know that vaping can cause some minor side effects such as dehydration, which leads to some other issues, such as what Rip Trippers mentioned […]

Tutorial: Joyetech Cuboid 200 Watt Update

Tutorial: How To Update Your Joyetech Cuboid Mod Joyetech is one of the best manufacturers in the vaping industry. Why? Because the Joyetech Cuboid was JUST released and there is already a 200 watt update available. The Cuboid was originally released as a 150W device, but the recent free update will bump that up to 200 […]