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E-Cigarettes Banned In Checked Lugagge

Can you imagine arriving at your final destination after a long day of traveling only to see that your electronic cigarette was confiscated from your checked luggage? As long as you follow the new rules, that won’t be a problem. The DOT (Department of Transportation) has now placed a ban on all electronic cigarettes in […]

How To Update The Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini | Tutorial

UPDATE (1/5/16): This tutorial is now for the newest eVic-VTC Mini update, version 3.0. The images reflect the previous firmware update, but all of the steps are the same. Let us know if the comments section if this tutorial was helpful or if you have any questions. Vape On 🙂   Just when we thought the […]

Vaping Etiquette: 7 Tips To Not Be THAT Guy

Most of the general public is dearly misinformed about electronic cigarettes, so as a community, we need to do what we can to improve our image. While there is evidence that states second hand vapor isn’t dangerous, the physical appearance of dense clouds  automatically receive a negative connotation.  Do you have any suggestions that should […]

Tutorial: How To Update Your Pioneer4You IPV3 Li 200W

Did you recently purchase the new Pioneer4You IPV3 Li but aren’t sure how to update it? Today we are going to go over the steps to update your IPV3 Li to 200 Watts. At the bottom of this tutorial, we have also included our video tutorial on how to update your IPV3 Li Temperature Control […]

Is Your Electronic Cigarette Authentic? Check Here!

When you’re looking to purchase an electronic cigarette or any related electronic cigarette accessory, if you’re paying for an authentic device, you should only receive an authentic item. The rising popularity of electronic cigarettes has led to factories in China creating replicas, better known as clones, of popular products on the market. Is there anything […]