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The Ultimate E-Cigarette Beginners Guide!

So you’re thinking about making the switch to electronic cigarettes? Most smokers have already tried the “cigalike” electronic cigarettes that are sold in gas stations and convenience stores across the country, but everyone knows that those just aren’t effective at helping actually kick the smoking habit. So you have seen people walking around with a […]

The Aspire Atlantis Is Now In Stock And Ready To Ship! Check Out Our F.A.Q.s!

The wait is FINALLY OVER! We have just received our order for the Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer, and all orders are now being shipped, starting today! We know everyone was very excited for the new Aspire Atlantis, as were we! There are plenty of questions regarding this new clearomizer by Aspire, and we are here to […]

Pioneer4You IPV3 Recall

Recently we have received a large number of inquires asking if the Pioneer4You IPV3 150 watt box mod had been recalled. We contacted our rep from Pioneer4You to see what they had to say on the matter. This is the exact response we received:   “Dear VIP customer, Here is a guidance that should be told […]

Can You Be Allergic To Vaping?

This does seem like a very odd question, but the truth is, you can be allergic to vaping! It’s definitely not common, but there are people out there that can be allergic to what is in the actual E-juice! Why Does My Throat Itch When I Vape? If your throat itches from using an electronic […]

Be Careful When Purchasing Vaping Goods On The Internet!

There are a large number of e-cig companies coming into the rapidly growing industry of electronic cigarettes. These vape companies are also coming right to the internet versus opening a brick and mortar, so the question is, how do I know the internet company I’m dealing with is reputable? Check The Electronic Cigarette Company Out On […]