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What’s the Difference Between Regulated and Unregulated Mods?

There are many mods available in todays market. These mods range from mechanical mods to box mods, and from regulated to unregulated. One of the biggest questions when it comes to the mod life is, what’s the difference between regulated and unregulated mods? Regulated¬†Mods Regulated mods are mods that offer protection from damaging your mod, […]

The American Vaping Association Calls Out The CDC Research Results!

With the growth of electronic cigarettes comes more researches, some good, some bad. The latest study was regarding whether e-cigs lead minors on the path to smoking cigarettes. This study was held by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the results were not so accurate! American Vaping Association Speaks Up The President of the […]

Why All The Fuss About Electronic Cigarettes?

There is a lot of attention aimed towards electronic cigarettes now days. Even though they have been around for awhile now, just within the last 2 years has the electronic market started to BOOM! There has been a lot of negativity aimed towards e-cigs and how they are bad for you, but there are so […]

Why Isn’t My Electronic Cigarette Producing Vapor?

There are few things more frustrating than trying to take a pull off of your e-cig only to have it produce little to no vapor. When this happens, there are a few quick fixes that get your device producing more vapor! Check the Coils The number one culprit of lack of vapor production is a […]

Why Is My Clearomizer / Tank Not Working?

There are many clearomizers on the market today! Some that are authentic and some that are clones. Both will sometimes have issues, and we are hopefully here to help! There are many reasons on why your clearomizer can not be working. Some of the reasons are as follows: Clearomizer is not connected to the battery […]