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Why Does E-Cigarette Vapor Make Me Cough?

This is a common question and often times it is misleading. When you take your first pull off an electronic cigarette you may feel a tickle in the back of your throat that causes you to cough, this is what is known as a throat but more on this later. Coughing over time will decrease […]

Understanding E-Cig Terminology

Have you recently begun vaping? If so congratulations on quitting that nasty habit, but if you are new to the vaping community there are many terms that experience vapors use in reference to things that are helpful to understand. After reading this post you will sound like an experienced vapor with all the new terminology […]

What’s the average cost of an electronic cigarette starter package?

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits Average Cost There are many different electronic cigarette starter kits on the market today…. They price all the way from $20 up to $150. When it comes to e-cigs an average starter kit will usually be around $25-$30. When purchasing the packages that are on the lower end of the scale […]

What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

What E-Cigarette Starter Kit Should I Get?   One of the most common questions we are asked is “What is the best electronic cigarette starter kit”?. Since this is such a common question, we figured it would be best to give some pointers when choosing your first electronic cigarette.   When choosing your fist ecig, […]