CBD Products

We do not currently carry any CBD products on Aspen Valley Vapes, but due to a high demand, we have partnered with Wellicy Inc to offer you a fantastic shopping experience for all of your desired products.

CBD Vape Juices

Browse Wellicy’s selection of CBD Vape Juices – They currently carry the top-rated KOI brand along with the all-new Jam Monster CBD vape juice and they are always adding new lines. Click the button below to browse their selection.

cbd vape juices

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CBD Edibles

Wellicy currently ofofers the KOI CBD gummies, but they are vastly expanding their offerings. The KOI CBD gummies are rated as one of the absolute best edible products in the industry and we highly recommend them.

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CBD Tinctures & Topicals

Click the button below to browse the various lotions, salves, tinctures, and other topcial products avaliable at Wellicy.

CBD Lotions & Salves

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