Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

On Monday, November 12th Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it known that his office will look to file a lawsuit against a number of Chicago based electronic cigarette companies. This announcement comes about a week after L.A City Attorney, Mike Feuer, filed his own lawsuit against numerous Southern California based electronic cigarette companies.

The 8 companies included in the lawsuit include, ELiquid Depot, Kandypens Inc., Major League Vaping, Mig Vapor, Sea100, Sex Vapor, Suorin USA and Vista Vapors. Suorin USA is probably the most notable companies to be named. They make the Suorin Drop and the Suorin Air, two very well respected and top selling Pod System type devices on the market today.

Both lawsuits are geared towards the companies for allegedly selling and marketing their products to minors. Both California and Illinois increased the legal age of tobacco consumption to 21 in 2018. Mayor Emanuel will target a total of 8 companies / manufacturers in the lawsuit planned to take action on Tuesday. It is clear at this point that the city launched undercover sting operation, during which time the city was able to acquire these electronic cigarette products illegitimately.

Mayor Emanuel has a track record of being harsh on tobacco during his time in office. As mentioned before, he was an instrumental part of raising the legal age from 18 to 21. It is also important to note that Mayor Emanuel has, and will, continue to fight hard against big tobacco. He also helped pass an ordinance that requires retailers to post signage detailing the harmful effects tobacco products can have.

The city has sent 30+ letters to different manufacturers to better understand the content of their marketing material and what they will be doing to stop the sale of products to minors.

After the lawsuit was filed in L.A, the FDA also handed out more warnings to those companies named. It will be interesting to see what kind of action the FDA takes in this situation as well. Especially considering some sort of regulatory action is expected to be handed down by the FDA shortly for all electronic cigarette manufacturers and retailers.

Since the 2 city lawsuits are before any regulatory actions, it will be interesting to see if the lawsuits will simply fall through the cracks or if swift legal action will indeed take place.



0 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m all for there being an age limit for vaping. No problem with that at all. What kills me is the amount of effort the government is putting into stopping vaping all together or so it seems. I mean if they were to put as much effort into stopping drug trafficking and use as they do into vaping then they might actually put a dent in it. Instead we use tax paying dollars on bs instead of what the real dangers to society are.Cigarettes being a major danger among other things.

    • CARL SENNETT says:

      I agree with Kevin I think its bull shit that they even worry about it hell there is more alcohol and drugs on the street to be worrying about almost harmless vaping another thing is the age 18 to 21 my azz you go join the army at 18 and go die but you cant buy a vaping machine till your 21. no wonder Chicago is one of the worst cities in America to live in

  2. Jay Mouncey says:

    Maybe he should worry about all the shootings and murders in his fair city, instead of wasting taxpayer money on such an evil thing as vaping.

  3. KITTY says:

    When it comes to underaged kids buying products that falls into the hands of the parents and the vape shops, NOT the company\manufacturer. Something that has saved so many lives from not DYING from big tobacco products, but yet no one is talking about how all the government is doing is protecting their earnings because they earn 80% off of tobacco purchases. smh SHAME SHAME SHAME, Worry about underaged prostitution instead of a healthier to live without dying and spending your salary on NASTY DISGUSTING HARMFUL CIGARETTES!!

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