Why Is My Clearomizer / Tank Not Working?

There are many clearomizers on the market today! Some that are authentic and some that are clones. Both will sometimes have issues, and we are hopefully here to help! There are many reasons on why your clearomizer can not be working. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Clearomizer is not connected to the battery correctly

There are times when the clearomizer may not be screwed onto the battery tight enough. NEVER tighten it too tight, but make sure it’s on snug so that the connectors are touching. If you tighten the clearomizer too tight then you risk having your E-juice leak into your mouth.

Replaceable Coil may be loose

Always make sure that the coil is screwed onto the clearomizer correctly. If your coil is not screwed down all the way then it will not trigger when pressing the fire button, which won’t allow you to receive any vapor!

My Clearomizer is connected correctly, and my Coil is tightened

When you run into a case where you have the clearomizer correctly connected, and the coil is fastened into the clearomizer then you may need to clean all of your connectors. Make sure anywhere there is connectors on the battery, clearomizer, or coil you clean those connectors 2-3 times a week. E-juice will leak through into the connectors, DON’T WORRY THOUGH, this does happen and will not harm the battery. It just won’t allow you to connect everything properly, meaning it SHOULDN’T work. Grab a paper towel and clean all connectors, once again repeat this 2-3 times a week!


My Clearomizer is connected correctly, my coil is tightened, and I have cleaned all connectors but my clearomizer still won’t work?

If you have checked all connections and have cleaned every connector then there can be a couple reasons for your clearomizer not working. It can either be the coil needs to be replaced, even if it’s a brand new coil, sometimes you may have a ‘lemon’ and the coil is just a dud. There can be times where your coil is just burnt out and you need to replace the coil. It will normally always be because of the coil when your clearomizer does not work properly!

Hopefully after reading this you have fixed your clearomizer and you are vaping like a mad man/woman! If you just need a new coil you can always purchase them from us here! Wanting a different clearomizer, well we got that covered for you as well!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of our products!

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Andy Flynn

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