Is Vaping While Driving Now Illegal?

We’ve heard of DUI’s and DWI’s, but what about… VWD (Vaping While Driving)?

With the increased popularity of electronic cigarettes in the UK, senior police officers are now warning electronic cigarette users of the potential dangers of vaping while driving. While the specific act of vaping while driving is not illegal, it is up to the officer’s discretion to decide if the vaping is a distraction to you.

If the officer was to deem that vaping while driving is a distraction, they can prosecute you for such.

The legal charge would be “driving without due care and attention”, which could cause your license to be revoked, a 3- 9 point penalty on your license, or a fine of up to £2,500. That’s a pretty hefty charge for simply just enjoying your e-cigarette and favorite vape juice while you’re driving.

Should You Still Vape While Driving?

Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem. There are some things you might want to consider, though, such as not using a super-mega-supersonic sub ohm tank or rebuildable (RDA/RDTA) that will have you exhaling clouds larger than Smaug when he discovered Bilbo Baggins was attempting to steal his beloved stash of treasure.

The officers also suggest that you roll down your window and don’t let the vapor build up inside of your car, because that massive vapor cloud may distract your vision.

One thing to be courteous of as well is other drivers – maybe the person driving next to you has never seen the massive vapor clouds produced by devices like the Smok X Priv or TFV12 Prince Tank. Imagine your sweet ol’ gran ma-ma driving down the road and witnessing a massive vapor cloud pouring out of the window of your car.

What would go through her head?

She might start thinking that she missed out on something in the news, with technology advancing so fast these days – have Dragons been discovered? Is this real? Maybe it’s  a robotic dragon?

Her mind would be racing, which could, in turn, lead her to be distracted from the road in front of her. So remember, don’t just think about yourself while you’re driving and vaping, think of gran ma-ma, too.

How Can I Vape & Drive?

We recommend using a stealthier vape option such as the Kado Stealth or Sourin Air – these low powered devices don’t produce copious amounts of vapor, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally replicating a fire-breathing dragon.

Now if these devices just don’t cut it for you, which is fine, we know that everyone has their own vaping preferences, we’ll touch on using some higher powered setups while driving below.

This is pretty simple – as outlined previously, just use common sense. “Dripping & Driving” has been a meme throughout the vaping industry for many years, because we all know how hard it can be to drip some fresh vape juice on your RDA while you’re driving, but thankfully the RDTA & RTA’s were invented, because you can enjoy that same amazing flavor that you get from an RDA without having to drip.

What about taking it one step further – you could even use a squonk mod like the Vandy Vape Pulse by The Vapor Trail Channel – a fantastic squonking setup that allows you to simply press the squonk bottle to saturate the cotton in your RDA.

So.. Is Vaping While Driving Illegal?

In short, no, vaping while driving is not illegal. The tricky thing is that you now leave it up to the discretion of the officer. If they dictate that you’re distracting yourself or others, you can, and most likely will be prosecuted as such.

“There are no laws prohibiting vaping, however, you need to be in full and proper control of your vehicle at all times.

-Sgt Knapp – Sussex Road Policing Unit


What are your thoughts on vaping while driving? Have any tips? Have you ever been pulled over for vaping while driving? Let us know in the comment section! 

4 thoughts on “Is Vaping While Driving Now Illegal?

  1. ascott2779 says:

    I don’t think it should be illegal. However I do believe that you should have your car window open while vaping no matter what device you use, even if you are only the passenger. I say that about being a passenger due to the fact that if you blow a huge cloud without your window open, the driver can be blinded by the vapor especially at night with oncoming headlights. It all comes down to common sense and self awareness as well as courtesy to others.

  2. 4myshasta says:

    My issue with vaping in a car is the damage the vape leaves behind on my car windows!! I have yet to come up with an auto plan to wash them beFORE the sun hits them or the lights at night. I was shocked at the mess vaping did to my windows compared to smoking cigarettes. I have to clean them at least once a week compared to once a year.

  3. Jamie Scott says:

    Welp we all know big tobacco and big pharm will do what they have to to get us back on coffin nails! And if that means throwing the cops some money to harass vapers just a little bit more so maybe it will be a little more easy to drive while having one of those yummy coffin nails instead of having to worry about getting a ticket from a officer who doesn’t like vaping or is short on their tickets that month and sees a vaper in traffic I think that would be a easy ticket, and who would the courts believe this officer of the “law” or most likely a young guy who got smart and changed to vaping before cancer or some sort kicked in. So before we start saying oh yes vaping in traffic should be regulated lets think about why these laws were made up and by whom sense vaping is so much more in ur face in England seems kinda weird they would come up with this law out of no where doesn’t it? So lets think while we are vaping but like article said maybe if we don’t blow plums of smoke out window maybe grandma won’t have a heart attack.

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