Dangerous Anti-Smoking Product… And It’s Not An Electronic Cigarette!

There is always talk that electronic cigarettes are bad for you, and that you shouldn’t use them! Everyone always wants to try to say there are better options out there… Well we hope people don’t say that the Chantix is good for you because after hearing of a recent event we would have to disagree!

Chantix Drives Man To Kill!

A soldier killed a native of Fresno, California back in May of 2008. The first decision was to sentence the soldier, George D.B. MacDonald, to life without parole. In an unanimous decision, the five members of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces felt the original trial judge should have mentioned “involuntary intoxication” could have been a defense in Mr. MacDonald’s case. MacDonald says that Chantix caused him to kill. The spotlight is now on the Food and Drug Admnisistration, Chantix, and Pfizer. Pfizer is the drug’s manufacturer.

Experts have provided evidence that Chantix had affected the soldiers ability to know the nature or wrongfulness of his acts. Chief Judge James Baker, stated “There was also ‘some evidence’ from Pfizer and the FDA, including the rapidly escalating warnings that culminated in a black box warning, that Chantix could have dramatic adverse effects on some patients.”

Here’s a neat fact about Chantix… In a clinical study, 44% of people that used Chantix and received counseling over a 12 week period were successful when it came to quitting smoking.  Only 18% of those given a placebo and counseling quit.

Chantix has received numerous complaints since its start in 2006. On July 1, 2009 the FDA added its highest-level warning on the Chantix label, letting users know to watch for signs of hostility or agitation! They have had to pay at least $299 million to settle thousands of lawsuits.

MacDonald was given Chantix on April 2008, a month before he killed the native. He stabbed the native more than 50 times.

So Why All The Focus On Electronic Cigarettes?

It’s sad that we have to deal with continuous bashing on electronic cigarettes. You don’t ever hear about users that use e-cigs killing others out there. Electronic Cigarettes are not driving users to kill! Yet everyone wants to continue to send negativity towards the vaping lifestyle. One day the full blasting that is focused on our market today will fade away, and we will be able to run as smoothly as any other company on the market today! Until then we will continue to battle and vape on!

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Andy Flynn

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