Do E-Liquids Expire? Your Guide To E-Liquid Safety

There are definitely a lot of interesting questions that are asked everyday in regards to vaping and everything else involved with vaping. One of the main components to vaping is E-Liquid, and a question that is asked very often is whether E-Liquids expire or not. The answer to this question is YES.

As of right now there are no studies showing if expired E-Liquid is harmful or not, but we still recommend to follow the expiration date listed on each bottle to be safe.

E-Liquid Safety Aspen Valley Vapes

It can get expensive continually purchasing E-Liquids, so we want to make sure you get the most out of each bottle you purchase! Below you will find more information in regards on how to know whether you E-Liquid has gone bad, and how to keep your E-Liquid good for as long as possible.

How Do I Know If My E-Liquid Is Expired?

Now there is no official expiration of E-Liquid established as of now, but you are safe to base the life of E-Liquid off of the PG, VG and Nicotine, which if stored correctly, you can expect to last for 1-2 years.

Many factors can change whether or not different E-Liquids will expire quicker than one another, such as the different flavorings used. We put a 1 year expiration on all of our liquids to be safe, but that is just our general recommendation.

There are many signs that will help you know if your E-Liquid has gone bad. Always keep an eye out for each of the following before vaping on ANY E-Liquid.

Is Your E-Liquid Changing Colors?

There are times where E-Liquid will change colors slightly, in this case this is not something unusual and you are most likely safe to vape it. BUT if you E-Liquid color changes significantly, then you should be weary that your E-Liquid has gone bad. We recommend that if a big change in color does happen, that you dispose of it and do not vape it.*

E-Liquids will change colors due to the common chemical reaction known as oxidation. Nicotine itself is a very reactive substance, and can cause your liquid to change color when it reacts to other ingredients, or if exposed to air, light, or heat. Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction which does not alter the taste or overall vaping experience, which is why your e-liquid is still okay to vape after a slight change.

E-Liquid Changing Colors Aspen Valley Vapes

Is Your E-Liquid No Longer As Thick As It Used To Be?

The thickness of each juice will vary based of the company it came from, and the whether there’s more VG or PG in the mixture. The more VG your E-Liquid has the thicker the juice will be, whereas more PG results in less thickness.

If you notice that your juice has sediment (matter that settles on a bottom of a liquid) on the bottom of your bottle after a short period of time, don’t worry this is common. All you need to do is shake the juice and everything should blend together again.

If you find that after shaking the bottle that the sediment does not blend all together again, then you will need to dispose of this juice, it is no longer vape-able. This E-Liquid was most likely exposed to air or heat, and is not recommended to vape, even if the expiration date shows that the product is within its limits.

You will notice that your juice will be a thinner type of liquid, verse the thick liquid you purchased. The juice will most likely be runny and pour straight out of your bottle rather than dripping slowly out, as it normally would.

Does Your Juice Smell Funny?

Funny Smelling E-liquid Aspen Valley Vapes

If for any reason you somehow keep a bottle of E-Liquid around for 1-2 years, one of the first things you should do is smell it. You most likely already know what the smell of this juice should smell like, but if you notice it has a different, funny smell, then it is recommended that you throw it away. Just like food, if you notice something drastically different than when originally purchased, it is always a safe call to dispose of it.

How Do I Properly Store My E-Liquid?

Properly storing your juice will lead to a longer shelf life. Liquid can get very expensive when you are continuously purchasing different flavors and brands, we all want to get the most out of all the juice we buy!

Here are some steps you can follow to store your E-Liquids:

Keep Away From High Temperatures And Light

Making your own liquids? Aim to use tinted glass bottles to avoid contamination and help preserve the shelf life. Even if you don’t make your own juice, try to look for companies that offer tinted glass bottles to help prevent the light and heat from getting to your juice.

Hopefully you have a refrigerator around, because the best spot to store your E-Liquid is in a dark, cold and dry place. If for any reason you don’t have a refrigerator to use, you can always put your juice in a box, and put that box inside a drawer. Make sure that if you don’t put your juice in a refrigerator that the storage place remains cool and dry.

Keep E-Liquid From Hot Temperatures Aspen Valley Vapes

Always Keep Your E-Liquids Sealed

High temperatures and light aren’t the only factors that affect the shelf life of your juice, you want to eliminate the amount of air that is constantly being exposed to your e-liquid.

Oxygen reacts with nicotine to produce cotinine, which is the oxidation process of losing two hydrogen atoms and gaining one oxygen atom. This results in a loss of nicotine in your E-Liquid.

You won’t be able to completely avoid oxygen getting into your bottle, but proper storing will help prevent this as much as possible.

Conclusion To E-Liquid Safety

It is very unlikely that vaping expired E-Liquid will do any serious harm, but due to the fact that there are no actual studies done on this subject, we recommend to always make the judgement call. It is always better to be safer than sorry.

We will always recommend 1 year on our juices, but once again there are different factors that come into place that can change the length of shelf life.

Juice can get expensive over time, but is getting sick really worth the $5-10 (most likely got some use out of it before expired).

Hopefully this article was helpful! Please let us know if you know of any other storage tips, or any other signs that E-Liquid could go bad. Let’s help fellow vapers stay safe and healthy!

*If you purchase from a company that doesn’t steep their e-liquid prior to shipment, than it is possible for there to be a pretty drastic color change over the course of a few months.

16 thoughts on “Do E-Liquids Expire? Your Guide To E-Liquid Safety

  1. Acidiumsix says:

    was given some e liquid that was going to be thrown out by a local supplier because of the expiration date. He said it was not advisable to use it strait from the bottle and that if i use it at all its my own risk/responsibility and that its probably only good to add to other liquids for flavor. But..these were flavors i had never tried so i went for it strait from the was 12mg one was 3mg and one was zero..they were all barely my surprise the zero mg (a clear blueberry kush flavor) was the one that made me immediately throwing up.. nauseated and just plain ill feeling. The 12mg bottle was a bit nasty tasting and a little harsh (but i was using prebuilt sub ohm coils and 12mg is a bit high for sub ohm) the other was an odd concoction but no ill effects…So..the lesson here.. it can go bad and if it does its not the nicotine that will getcha.. its either the flavoring or pg/vg turning bad.. i dont have the stomach to research which of the 3 did the deed but i can say..its not worth the two hours of misery so be carefull..

  2. Kyle Bitting says:

    I had purchased my very first disposable vape 5 years ago and I was hitting 21mg juice then 2 yeas ago when I got my first mod the nic level was waaaay to high so I bumped down to 10 now I was using the eleaf istick 50 watt mod with the arctic horizon tech sub tank so I (I’m pretty sure that’s what the tank was called) started going down on the nic level I had then went and bought a 60 watt joytech with the 13 heavens and 9 hells rda this was about a year ago or 6 months now 2 months ago I was on medical leave from work I was completely broke till last Friday I order from vape wild and it takes about 2 days for juice to get to my house so I was completely out of juice I thought I’d have some steeping in the old boxes they used to send and I found the >>>5<<< year old tasty puff 21 mg juice and of course without think put some on the cotton and vaped it 60 watts duel coils wrapped 8 times….hits hard then tonight I got sick and along with that coughed up blood as well moral of this whole paragraph don't vape expired juice you'll regret it

  3. Melodie C. says:

    I agree with Jonathan, you just cannot vape that high of a nicotine in a sub- ohm tank. Only try a 6 or 3 mg. No higher or you will feel very ill, even with unexpired juice! Iobly used a high nic level with a tiny vape pen, then dropped to a way lower level wirh a bigger vape!

  4. angelzwingz says:

    I have some e liquid to go through and dread it however my motto now is, after vaping, starting at 18 mg and now between 3-0mg and no cigs for going on 2 years in June, “When in doubt, toss it out because Life is too short to vape crappy juice/e-liquid”. Stay safe and keep it cloudy! ♥

  5. Martymig says:

    I bought a bottle of juice that was bad. I could smell a rotten odor. It was a supposed to taste like cotton candy but had no flavor at all.

  6. Andrew says:

    I’ve vaped out of date e-juice a number of times and I’ve been fine. One of the comments above, which is obvious is that you should never vape on a high watt with a high dose of nicotine that’s standard vapers regulation lol that’s why you were sick, to much nicotine In Your system. Coincidence that two people have been sick due to out of date juice.. I know many people who have vaped out of date juice. As long as it tastes ok and smells okay and the consistency is still the same then it’s fine. The only time I wouldn’t vape it would be if the colour of the juice had changed dramatically. Other than that it’s fine 👍

  7. Steve says:

    Just been given a 120 ml bottle of expired juice by my brother which he didn’t like (said it was too sweet for him) & which was given to him because the original purchaser didn’t like it either! (3 mg Nic. ‘Glazed Donuts’ by ‘Loaded’). Don’t know how long he’s had it, but it expired 9 months ago!

    I’m a ‘noob’ vaper (only around 6 weeks in) and never tried this juice before, but it looked & smelt OK and it seemed a shame to just bin around 100 ml of fairly expensive juice, so I’ve tried some of it & it also tastes good to me (i have a sweet tooth!). I’ve vaped around 4 ml of it today & no ill-effects so far. I’ll see what I feel like tomorrow!

    • Steve says:

      Follow-up to above post – Pleased to confirm all good this morning, so I’m gonna keep vaping the expired ‘Donut’ juice! ‘Suppose as I’ve read elsewhere, for those who don’t believe in wasting money throwing away stuff that’s still perfectly good to use, like with foodstuffs, rather than simply bin it once it reaches the expiry date (in the UK we also have ‘best before’ & ‘use by’ dates!) its really a case of using common sense & your senses (smell, sight & taste) to make a call as to whether something has gone bad!

  8. Phil says:

    The idea of getting steeped E-juice from a supplier is ridiculous. That simply means that the juice has been sitting on their shelves for God only knows how long. A good supplier of E-juice will make the juice when you order it such as places where you can add extra certain flavors, etc. is the only way to go as then you KNOW it’s fresh and can then leave steeping it up to you if you choose to do so.

  9. Shari says:

    Thank you all for your info. I have been vaping for about 7 months now and I like trying out different flavors. I often buy 3 or 4 bottles at a time online when they have sales. Needless to say, I have alot of different flavors of e-liquid and I was wondering how long they would last. All the information on this page has been very helpful so Thanks again everyone.

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