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Now that he has been elected President of the United States of America, will Donald Trump be able to help the vaping community by convincing the FDA to scale back on their regulations? That remains to be seen, but it’s a question we’re all trying to answer right now.

trumps vaping website

When he was out on the campaign trail, Trump didn’t talk about vaping at all, which is something some analysts predicted could have helped his cause. But Trump did speak at length about deregulating a bunch of different industries, including the energy sector.

And the belief is that he’s a man who is going to work diligently to help the blue-collar workers of this country, including those who are trying to make an honest living by running the thousands of vape shops that have opened up across the country in recent years.

So the thought is that Trump might stick his neck out for these people by shutting down the FDA’s attempt at crushing vape shop owners with a massive stack of new regulations.

There’s also a chance that Trump won’t do this. As some people in the vaping community have pointed out in the weeks leading up to and following the election, Trump’s vice president Mike Pence seems to be pro-Big Pharma in some regards.

So it would behoove him to work for Big Pharma by making life difficult on those in the vaping industry. Of course, he doesn’t have the power to do this on his own, but if he’s against vaping in any way, it could hurt the vaping community in the long run.

At best, they might just have to deal with the FDA regulations as they are currently constructed, and at worst, those regulations could be made even stricter moving forward. It really all depends on how the Trump administration chooses to approach the issue of vaping, if they choose to approach it at all.

Fortunately, if you are a vaper, you can have a say in all of this by letting Trump, Pence, and all those who have been elected to power this election season know what you want to see happen with regards to vaping.

And it’s easy to do it! All you need to do is express your concerns and get others like you to express theirs, too. It could end up making a big difference.

How to Let Trump Know Your Concerns About Vaping

Let trump know about e cigs

After winning the election, Donald Trump set up a website that is designed to allow Americans to tell him what they want to see done in order to “Make America Great.” That website is very sparse and doesn’t include much on it, but it does give you the opportunity to send your concerns directly to the Trump team.

In order to do it, all you need to do is provide your name and your email and answer the question, “How do you want to Make America Great?” It only take a few minutes to fill it out, but it will be nice to know that your voice is being heard by those who matter most now.

When you fill out the form, you should be as specific as possible. Are you against the FDA’s vaping regulations because they are going to force you to shut down your vape shop? Say that! Do you hate that the FDA is lumping smoking and vaping together now because it has made it difficult for you to vape in public? Say that!

Did vaping help you quit smoking, and do you see the harm that could potentially be done if the government continues to create a stigma surrounding it? Say that! Your words could end up resulting in real change.

What You Can Expect in Return

submit e cigarette form

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get a direct response from Trump himself when you submit the form and send in your concerns about vaping. There are thousands and thousands of people filling out the form at this time, and that number is only going to grow as we move forward.

But there is strength in numbers, and if you get a large group of people to submit concerns about vaping, it will make it difficult for the Trump administration to ignore you completely.

You may not get a direct response from anyone, but they will at the very least consider opening up the discussion surrounding vaping if it receives enough support.

That should be the goal here—to push conversations about vaping to the forefront and to force politicians to acknowledge the concerns that vapers have. From vape shop owners who rely on vaping as a source of income to loyal vape enthusiasts who have used vaping to quit using tobacco products, there are millions of people who love vaping across the country.

Can you imagine what would happen if they all sent a single message to the President-elect? He would sit up and pay attention, because this group of people could wield great power in the next presidential election!

Why You Should Speak Up Immediately

speak up vapers

If you have been thinking about speaking up for the rights of vape shop owners and vapers, there is no time like the present to do it. Vaping is such a hot topic right now, but it needs to become something that all politicians are thinking about day in and day out.

With the right push, the number of vaping studies that are being done at the moment could be increased dramatically, and we could find out once and for all whether or not vaping is better for people than smoking is.

That information could literally change the direction of both the country and the world, and it would undoubtedly “Make America Great” again.

We are not naive, and we don’t think that simply filling out a form is going to result in some huge change overnight. But it certainly couldn’t hurt to let the President-elect know how you feel about vaping early and often in the months leading up to his inauguration.

Go here to tell Trump your story and to try and make vaping more of a priority than it is right now. Who knows? It could lead to vaping being one of the topics that Trump addresses on a regular basis the next time he’s out campaigning.


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    Wrong links provided… links will ultimately take you to a job application page for a position within the President Trump Administration.

    • Caressa says:

      Where do i go to send what i want to say? That was to get a job? Does anyone have the link? I want to share my story and help the vape community.

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