Dr. Drew Is Sick And Tired Of Anti Vaping Comments

Due to the new FDA regulations regarding vaping, vape shops and those who work in the vaping industry are not allowed to promote any of the potential benefits of vaping. Technically, there isn’t enough scientific evidence yet to back up some of the claims that vape shops have made in the past—specifically, that vaping could be better for you than smoking cigarettes—so the FDA isn’t allowing anyone to use those claims to boost the public opinion of vaping.

Dr Drew Pro Vaping

However, even with all of that being said, there are plenty of doctors and health experts out there who still recommend vaping to those who want to quit smoking. And because they aren’t regulated by the FDA, they are well within their rights to say whatever it is they want to say about vaping.

One of the people who has been very vocal about his support of vaping is Dr. Drew Pinsky. He appeared on The Adam Carolla Show earlier this month, and during his appearance alongside Adam Carolla, the two old friends chatted about a variety of health-related issues.

But Dr. Drew got noticeably fired up when a caller asked him a question about how difficult it has been for him to quit smoking, dipping, and using chewing tobacco. The caller had essentially tried everything to kick his habit, but nothing had worked.

And Dr. Drew got worked up about the dangers of tobacco while talking to him and told the caller that there is one thing he could do to quit successfully, even though not all doctors recommend it.

What Dr. Drew Said About Vaping

“Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of his, you should hear him out and think long and hard about what he says about e-cigarettes and their potential benefits.”

While speaking with the caller who wanted to talk about quitting smoking on The Adam Carolla Show, Dr. Drew started off by throwing out some of the smoking cessation options that people have today. He mentioned nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and even suggested the use of Chantix, a prescription drug that is designed to help people quit.

But he also said that vaping is something that should be considered—and he believes vaping to be a great option for many people.

“You could vape,” he said. “Vaping is not tobacco. There’s nothing wrong with the nicotine, which is what you’re addicted to. It’s the tobacco that causes all the [expletive] damage.

So you’ve got to get off the tobacco. You can sure stay on the nicotine. Find a nicotine replacement. Use a vape. Whatever, and then try to taper down from there…Anything but tobacco!”

“Anything but tobacco!” is something that many health professionals tell their patients when they are trying to quit smoking. Studies have shown that it’s the tobacco and all of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes that do the most damage to smokers, not the nicotine.

In fact, some studies have suggested that nicotine might actually be good for you and could benefit your mind and body in different ways. But the tobacco can hurt you in the long-term, which is why so many doctors will tell you to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Why Dr. Drew Thinks Some People Have a Negative Opinion of Vaping

vaping opinion

While Dr. Drew is apparently an advocate for vaping, there are many people out there, including doctors, who aren’t as quick to recommend it. Why? Well, while speaking with Corolla, Dr. Drew addressed this issue as well.

The two talked about the excellent documentary, A Billion Lives, that explores the effect that vaping could have on the world if it turns out to be a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Corolla made some jokes about the FDA, CDC, and anti-vaping groups not offering their stamp of approval when it comes to vaping, and this seemed to upset Dr. Drew.

He doesn’t understand why so many people out there are so against something that could end up saving millions of lives in the future, and he thinks it’s because people hear the word “nicotine” and automatically associate it with being bad.

“People have this weird, moralizing about nicotine, as though, ‘Well, you’ll still be addicted to nicotine [if you vape instead of smoking cigarettes]’,” he said, before pointing out why this is not the right approach to take when you think about vaping. “Nicotine addiction isn’t lethal. It’s the smoked tobacco that kills you.”

This has been one of the many arguments that pro-vaping advocates have made, and it’s one that you should consider if you have a negative opinion of vaping. You shouldn’t simply be scared off by the word “nicotine” when you think about what vaping entails.

How Dr. Drew Is Helping the Vaping Community With His Words

vaping community

Dr. Drew is far from the foremost authority on all things health. His celebrity status actually makes some people question his opinions. And we’re sure that there are going to be some people out there who scoff at what he had to say about vaping.

But it’s important to remember that Dr. Drew isn’t Dr. Dre. He’s an actual physician who has spent a large portion of his life studying health, medicine, and more. His opinions might not always be 100 percent correct, and he might go out on a limb every now and then.

But he’s also trained to offer up opinions that take a lot of facts into consideration. So you can’t just ignore what he said about vaping. You should at least consider it and think about what he had to say.

At this time, we can’t say that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. But we can say that there are lots of doctors out there—like Dr. Drew as well as doctors who don’t make a living by appearing on radio and TV shows—who are advocating for vaping as a replacement to smoking cigarettes.

Does that mean that we should just take them at their word and tell everyone who smokes to start vaping? No. But it does mean that we should continue to push forward with the necessary research to find out whether or not vaping should be used for smoking cessation.

Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of his, you should hear him out and think long and hard about what he says about e-cigarettes and their potential benefits.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Drew Is Sick And Tired Of Anti Vaping Comments

  1. Tara says:

    How about Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians reports? Both state that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, and RCP says doctors should encourage their smoking patients to switch to vaping. Just because the US refuses to do the science, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As a former 26 year smoker who has been vaping for over a year, I sure feel much better! 🙂

    • Ben says:

      And if anyone questions their credibility, they both also studied and reported on the dangers of tobacco, years before our FDA did the same.

  2. Felix Sanchez says:

    I am vaping for five years now and my health has improved so I agree with DR Drew. I think the FDA and the CDC need to do the science and they will see how much better vaping is to smoking. I was smoking for over 30 years and I can say with out a doubt that vaping saved my life.

  3. Jamie Scott says:

    Thank God there is a Doctor that is seen on TV and heard on Radio that is pro vaping! It kills me how many people are well just totally misinformed about vaping(we’ll them and Clinton voters) had to get someone’s goat somewhere! ? Just vaping outside our local mall people give horrible looks and I just smile and tell them to get informed and it’s not tobacco. Anyone know yet if the FDA has gotten their heads out of their ass’s yet or not?

  4. Donald Burton says:

    My vaping / quit cigarettes anniversary is November 27th, 2016, one year free from the stinky sticks, smokers cough, shortness of breath, declining health. I have enjoyed vaping so much, vaping dessert and fruit flavors, and the help it provides in keeping my weight down! It has been an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone that wants to live longer and quit a terrible habit. My doctor approves and is fascinated by the experience I have had! Thanks Dr. Drew for being one of the voices of common sense, and thank you Aspen Valley Vapes for sharing the story!

  5. John Calvey says:

    So sick of hearing about wether or not vaping is healthier than smoking (I believe it is )but does it really matter?at the end if the day I would rather vape than smoke!I don’t smell like a disgusting ashtray anymore,i can taste and smell sooo much better than when I was smoking I can breathe better by far I don’t need a doctor or the FDA to approve that!!I can tell you vaping is the reason I am no longer smoking cigarettes so it can help people who wanna quit and for me it’s definitely a better option…not for nothing I knew for a fact smoking kills people and I did it for twenty some years so if vaping is five percent better than smoking it’s worth it!!vape on

  6. Stephen h says:

    I smokes for about 25 years.then i took up vaping and all of us who made the switch all say the same.we feel 100 times better.that alone is worth it.lets be serious now its not the ? If its safer or not .ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

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