E-Cigarette Commercials on TV? 


A new law in Canada could allow companies to market devices and e-liquid on TV.


The country’s new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act prohibits companies from using colorful packaging, effectively forcing companies to used neutral colors.

This change will bring new possibilities for marketing material as the restrictions for E-Cigarette advertising are not as strong as Tobacco products.

David Hammond, chairman on the Canadian Institute of Health Research, suggests Canadians will see increased popularity in multi national companies and their respective ads move into the airwaves.

He then went on to state that “E-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking. They’re not harmless, but they’re less harmful than smoking.” David Hammond Predicts E-Cigaretts May Be On TV Soon

Hammond then predicted that “For the first time in decades, you could see TV or front page newspaper ads for recreational nicotine products.”

While also saying that the advertising restrictions of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act could prove to be very controversial.

Rob Cunningham Concerned With Youth Exposure from E-Cig Ads on TV

Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Advisor at the Canadian Cancer Society, was one of those concerned with exposure to youth from the potential ads.

Cunningham said “Depending how advertising and promotion evolves in the marketplace, there is the potential for youth to be exposed to substantial ads.”

In its current form the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act does not limit the platforms of such potential advertising material. The Canadian Cancer Society is backing an effort to reform the advertising section of the act aiming for more regulations concerning possible marketing platforms.

Cunningham regarded the purpose of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act is to “ Outlaw promotion and labeling of flavors appealing to youth – such as unicorn puke.

One thought on “E-Cigarette Commercials on TV? 

  1. Dameon Mullins says:

    I think, as long as it’s done properly, the advertisement of vapor products is a good thing.

    We need to educate people, especially smokers, on what this is really all about and how it can improve their lives or the lives of their loved ones. There is too much misinformation surrounding vaping, and people (through no fault of their own) are ignorant of what it entails.

    This is also the level we need for advocacy. We need to be able to reach the masses with the truth about vaping.

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