E-Juice Brands Vaping Beginners Need to Know

Are you new to vaping? If so, you’re probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment, especially when it comes to trying to decide which e-juice you should be using.

The great thing about vaping is that it gives you the opportunity to try out so many different e-juices. Whether you have a sweet tooth and want to give a dessert flavor a whirl or you like more traditional flavors like vanilla, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to e-juices. There are literally hundreds for you to choose from at any given moment.

That can present new vapers with a problem, though. Since there are so many choices out there, people often struggle to decide where to start. And if they settle on one e-juice and it ends up tasting bad, where do they go from there? Some might opt to quit vaping altogether if they don’t have a good first experience.

One of the most important things new vapers need to do is try e-juices from brands with trusted names. By doing this, they’re guaranteed to get their hands on quality e-juices that have undergone rigorous testing in order to create the best possible tastes. It’s why we recommend several specific brands to our customers here at Aspen Valley Vapes.

You are free to try whichever kinds of e-juice you want when you start vaping. That’s part of what makes vaping so much fun. But if you need some help deciding where to start, here are 5 e-juice companies vaping beginners should consider using…

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1. Mad Hatter

e-juice brands vaping

Recommended e-juices: I Love Cookies Too, I Love Donuts Too, I Love Taffy

Do you love the sights and smells that come along with walking into a bakery? If so, there’s a good chance that you will love all of the excellent e-juices that Mad Hatter has to offer.

Over the last couple years, Mad Hatter has made a big splash in the vaping industry thanks to its I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts e-juice options. They both taste as delicious as they sound, and they were such big hits that Mad Hatter created sequels to their original formulas.

Mad Hatter creates more than just bakery-flavored vapes, too. They also just launched a line of ADE e-juices that feature crisp, refreshing flavors that you will love. No matter what kind of taste you’re looking for, Mad Hatter has you covered.

2. Mod Fuel

Recommended e-juices: Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Strawberry, Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Grapefruit, Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Berry

Mod Fuel actually has a few different lines of e-juices—and all of them are worth trying out if you’re just getting familiar with vaping. They have a straightforward Mod Fuel line that includes flavors like Thorad, Titan, and Skylark. But they also have lines like ROX, Sodalicious, and the extremely popular Chubby Bubble Vapes as well.

Chubby Bubble Vapes products are designed to taste exactly like different bubble gum flavors, and they have quickly turned into staples for many vapers. If you find that you enjoy e-juices that taste very sweet like candy, you are definitely going to want to try one of the many Chubby Bubble Vapes products.

Mod Fuel has spent a lot of time carefully crafting their different e-juice flavors, and you will truly taste the quality with every drag you take. It will be exciting to see what else Mod Fuel is able to come up with in the future as they continue to think outside the box while creating new e-juices.

3. Cosmic Fog

Recommended e-juices: Cosmic Fog Sonrise, Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey, Cosmic Fog Chewberry

Most vaping companies will tell you that they’re committed to creating quality e-juices. But how many of them are willing to spend between seven and ten months on each flavor to give you the best taste imaginable?

The founders of Cosmic Fog take vaping very seriously, and they go above and beyond when it comes to testing out their products. They vape with them for months on end and make tiny tweaks here and there that make a big difference down the line.

All of the e-juices that Cosmic Fog has created are meant to serve as all day vapes, so they spare no expense when coming up with the right balance in their products. You will be blown away by how smooth and rich they taste as a result of this, and you will want to test out all that they have to offer once you have tried just one of their e-juices.

4. Joost Vapor

Recommended e-juices: Vape the Rainbow Joost Vapor, Pink Cow Joost Vapor, Fruitgasm Joost Vapor

Outside of selling e-juices manufactured by a large number of other brands, Joost Vapor also produces their own house e-juices that have become favorites among many vapers. Joost has made a commitment to creating products that are tested properly and designed to satisfy those vapers who value great-tasting e-juices.

You will also find a range of different flavors from Joost. Whether you want an e-juice that tastes like a strawberry milkshake or one that tastes like an explosion of fruit flavors, you will be able to find it through Joost. They have left no stone unturned while coming up with new and exciting flavor profiles.

5. Mod Milk

Recommended e-juices: Mod Milk Chocolate Milky Delight, Mod Milk Blu-Raz Milky Madness, Mod Milk Strawberry Milky Goodness

On the surface, the idea of vaping with e-juices that taste like milk might not sound all that appealing to you. You also might not necessarily think that things like blueberries and milk go together. But Mod Milk is here to prove you wrong.

The truth is that subtle hints of milk do taste great when you’re vaping, and they taste even better when you incorporate flavors like strawberry, key lime, and chocolate into the mix. So even if you’re apprehensive about trying the e-juices Mod Milk has to offer at first, don’t let your hesitancy get the best of you!

Mod Milk offers a delicious lineup of e-juices, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try them. We know that once you do, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. And it’ll also open you up to the idea of experimenting with other flavors that you might not expect to be as good as they are.

So what are you waiting for? Try one of these e-juice brands today and find out why so many people out there love vaping with them.

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