Earth Day: Cigarettes Impact On The Earth

A lot of people that smoke cigarettes don’t realize just how much damage smoking does to the environment. Not only are cigarettes terrible for your health, they are literally destroying the planet. Cigarette butts are the number one most littered item in the entire world, only about 10% of cigarette butts are properly disposed of. In 2005, 141 million (yes, million with an M) pounds of cigarettes were littered just in the United States.

Not only are cigarettes littered on a regular basis, it takes one entire tree to produce just 300 cigarettes. When the facts are put out in front of you, it definitely makes you think about the carbon footprint you’re leaving on the planet.

If just one person makes the switch to e-cigarettes they will prevent, on average, 5,746 cigarette butts from being littered and 21 trees from being turned to cigarette paper per year. #maketheswitch.

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