FDA Releases First E-Cig Study! Will Regulations Be Pushed Back?

The FDA has just released the first wave of their Electronic Cigarette, Tobacco study, and the results do look promising for the vaping community.

A conference held by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco included presentations from numerous organizations. The most interesting presentation was from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institute of Health’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH). They shared their results for the first wave of their study on electronic cigarettes and tobacco.

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

PATH is a long-term study, mandated in 2011, to help the FDA gain better understanding of tobacco use. This study consists of about 46,000 U.S. tobacco and non-tobacco users, all above the age of 12. The first wave of this study started in 2013, and the results were presented at the conference last week.

“E-cigs were a big topic in the PATH study, along with many other presentations, as the regulatory and scientific communities try to get a better grasp of the implications from this innovation,” stated Vivien Azer, a tobacco analyst with the Cowen Group.

The data happened to help dispute the claims that electronic cigarettes were a gateway to other tobacco products. A majority of the electronic cigarette users in this study were already consumers of other tobacco products before they started using e-cigarettes.

You can read the results from the study by clicking here!

While the results from the first wave of the study look promising, the most interesting part of the FDA’s study is the fact that their final wave will not be completed until 2022. PATH researchers announced last week that their study will be extended for four years and will include seven waves.

“We view the extension of the study as a positive (given the agency will take time to evaluate findings from the study and could potentially push back any incremental regulations),” Azer said.

Any positive studies regarding electronic cigarettes by the FDA are a positive for this industry. We can’t forget that the FDA’s deeming regulations are still pending, BUT with this extensive study that the FDA and PATH is working on, it is the best news that we’ve heard from the FDA in a long time.

Please don’t forget that this is not at all guaranteed and we still need to stand up for our right to vape. There are some extremely prohibitive regulations pending in California right now, and there are large number of other pending measures that could lead to major regulations in this industry.

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What do you think about the FDA and PATH’s study? Do you think this is good for the vaping industry? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear from our fellow vapers!

13 thoughts on “FDA Releases First E-Cig Study! Will Regulations Be Pushed Back?

  1. Brian J Martonick says:

    I think it’s great that at least they are taking an impartial streams on the subject. For a long time, I thought that the F.D.A. would be so busy demonizing electronic cigarettes, that all we would ever hear from them is lies. I’m thrilled to find out that they really are interested in the truth, and public health is really the basis of their studies. With any luck, they will come to learn what most of us “vapers” already know. That vaping is at least 7000 times better for us than smoking.

    • steaminsputs says:

      Brian j. m. right-on I like to feel all vapors think that way ! theres power in the truth and that day will be coming. a great man said, he had a dream, me too, one day to see no smoke just vapor, Vape-On , be happy, steaminsputs…

  2. Connie says:

    Well I have been vaping for over two years. .And have not smoked a cigarette not one time..I thank it is great. .Just saying. .

  3. J. Ervin Bates says:

    Let us hope that this is the first of MANY full attempts to conduct Scientific Research, minus the propaganda we are used to seeing in the mainstream media. The author is correct, however, in that we MUST remain actively engaged in preserving our rights as vapers throughout this process.

  4. Casey says:

    I think that it is great if they do listen and don’t already have their opinions that can’t be changed! I’ve seen or heard about the government hiding the truth for financial gain before ( the gain being the tobacco industry )!
    I just hope they leave us alone and let us vape because without vaping I would have never been able to quit smoking cigs! So vape on and keep praying they don’t take it away!

  5. Shellie Gulasey says:

    I hope this is the first ,but not the last of fair and unbiased testing, and do not understand why it will take so long and the cost will be astronomical. Wondering if our FDA will be at the Summit in Poland where all will be gathering to talk tabacco and its harm and our vaping, . I used va-0ing to quit smoking because nothing else stuck. 1 year after I went for a CT , because now it mattered if I would live or…. Double lung cancer, but I never would \have looked if I had not quit smoking. Lets hope this is a open minded beginning.

  6. Harp says:

    Well! Surprise surprise surprise! And all this time here I was thinking that the only thing the FDA was about was lining their ever growing ranks with tax payers monies while putting forth utter tripe about what is bad for you and how ‘they’ know what’s best. However, if they really want the truth, perhaps (if I read that properly) they shouldn’t solicit opinions of smokers over the age of 12? Really?! 12?? I think their “study” would have proven better results had they actually made contact WITH vapours as they were enjoying their vaping products and asked them!!
    This really all boils down to big tobacco putting money into the coughers (pun intended) of California for every pack of cigarettes sold. By making E-Cigs and vapour related products catagorised as tobacco they make more money.
    This study really makes a dent in that theory, however, the end results are still not published.
    Stay tuned!

  7. Jody says:

    This is very good news for the vaping community! I hope they realize that vaping is much better for you than cigarettes. I also hope that
    they take this very seriously as people’s lives are on the line here. We won’t go back to smoking cigarettes if vaping is taken away from us. We will just learn how to make our own. There are many videos to help us learn how to make juice and make our own coils. As long as I can Vape, I don’t care if there is no nicotine in my juices. For me it’s the hand to mouth habit. That seems to be the hardest thing to break when quitting smoking.
    Anyway, great article, keeping fingers crossed!

  8. Adam Nowell says:

    Free World my ass.
    I want the right to make my own decisions.
    I love vaping. I am feeling so much better.
    I dont litter with cigarette butts.
    I breathe much better.
    I have color and moisture in my face now.
    I don’t smell anymore.
    My clothes smell fresh.
    I don’t have yellow fingers.
    I don’t have yellow teeth.
    I am reducing my chances of lung cancer massively.
    I’m no longer out of breath.

    Why try and stop me from this lifestyle?!?

    I will fight this with all my might.

  9. John Jasper says:

    My lung dr was extremely happy with me vaping. He said it’s the first time since he’s been treating me that my lungs and bronchial tubes were clear.

  10. J Doh says:

    I was a 3-5 pack a day non filter smoker for 34 years. I had no desire whatsoever to stop smoking, so much so that in the paperwork for my cremation I was to have a pack of cigarettes in my pocket before I went in the oven. On 31 Dec 2013 I bought a little ego pen, and 4 packs of cigarettes. For the Hell of it, I decided to see if I could go for just 24 hours without a cigarette. 2145hrsCST, 02 January 2014.

    I havent touched once since. The COPD I was diagnosed with two years before I quit, is no longer existent. I can’t say that this is attributed to vaping in and of itself, but I am pretty sure it has a LOT to do with no longer using tobacco. My blood pressure now runs 140/90 instead of 200/140 (no, I am not exaggerating, I wish I was). I would not have been about to get away from the tobacco without vaping. FACT.
    And I do NOT need the FDA’s, or, for that matter, anyone elses approval. I believe in results. And I am one.

  11. Paula says:

    I was a heavy smoker too. I smoked at least 2 packs a day for over 30 years. I have tried everything on the market to help me quit, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Recently I had to be hospitalized with pneumonia. While I was in the hospital a nurse suggested I try ecigs to see if they could help me quit. I took her suggestion and never looked back. I have not smoked a nasty cigarette since!

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