[Case Study] Will E-Liquid Flavor Bans Kill The Vape Industry?

Would vaping be as an effective of a stop smoking aid without flavor varieties, meaning if only tobacco and menthol flavors were available?

The CDC says there are over 9 million vapers in the United States alone. We surveyed over 1,800 vapers with four simple questions and here’s what we found:

  • Nearly 90% of respondents are former smokers, which means its time to dispel the myth that vapers are mostly just impressionable kids trying to look cool as opposed to a legitimate stop smoking device for mature adults.
  • 50% of those surveyed wouldn’t have quit smoking without flavor varieties. These findings support the idea that flavor varieties of e-liquids are an integral piece in the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to vapor products. 
  • 30% of respondents would go back to smoking if flavors were banned. Who profits if 30% of vapers go back to smoking cigarettes?
  • 92% of vapers vape flavors other than menthol or tobacco flavor. Flavored e-liquids are key. 

Whats the point? This data shows that vape flavors clearly help with people transitioning from smoking to vaping. 

Check out the photos below, and the infographic at the bottom of the page for a visual look at the results.

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Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how hard it is to quit and, how addictive cigarettes are. The majority of those who have tried to quit have had to try multiple times, often with minimal success, unfortunately.

There are quite a few options out there as far as quitting goes, you can chew gum, take pills, try hypnosis, go cold turkey and on and on. But how effective are these methods? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular ones:


Chantix, an antidepressant, is marketed as a stop smoking aid. According to their commercials, it’s quite effective however upon further review maybe not so much…. It works by mimicking the effects of nicotine in the brain on nicotine receptors in a comparable way to smoking. It also triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters specifically dopamine.

In one study Chantix showed an approx 25% success rate in helping people quit smoking, however, there seems to be a higher than normal rate of negative side effects  like suicidal behavior and clinical depression as well as potential cardiovascular problems, in fact, it is an FDA black box labeled product…naturally it remains FDA approved however.


I’m sure we all know a smoker who has tried a nicotine patch or nicotine gum at some point in their lives. Also known as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) it is probably the most popular of the quitting smoking methods.

It works by giving you a small amount of Nicotine to help curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms while attempting to quit smoking. It is probably the most well known and one of the most effective stop smoking methods out there. That being said, it doesn’t nearly compare to recent findings regarding switching from smoking to vaping.

It can be relatively helpful and relatively side-effect free but most people end up returning to smoking, it works best in conjunction with other methods although the long-term success of this method for quitting smoking is not particularly impressive.


Hypnosis is a type of treatment where you are willingly put into a trance like state similar to being asleep. You are then given suggestions, sort of like a subliminal message that will hopefully influence the person to change their choices like quitting smoking cigarettes.

Hypnosis works by influencing your subconscious mind, which is the part of the brain that makes you dream and controls automatic functions you don’t think about like breathing.

These types of therapies can be effective but since not commercially readily available are underused and don’t work for everybody. Just getting your average person to lose their skepticism about these types of methods is a battle in itself, which is mostly why they are not effective in helping people quit on a bigger scale.



Only the strongest of the mentally strong can pull this off, and that’s not a knock on the rest of us, but cigarettes are a monster to give up. Expect to have moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms depending on how heavy of a smoker you are. Most people cannot successfully utilize this method, but if you can, more power to you.



Based on these findings, 90% of vapers are former smokers. There are a reported 9 million vapers in US, that means that it is highly probable that vaping helped about roughly 8 million people quit smoking in the US alone. Why is it so effective? It is a much more pleasant, much better tasting, nicotine delivery system than anything else that exists in the world today.

Vape juice flavors are not encouraging vaping, they are discouraging smoking.

Additionally, there are far less chemicals and harmful carcinogens going into your lungs when you vape vs smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, e-cigs do not produce tar….far more flavor options equal a far more enjoyable experience to the vaper, so let’s see, less harm [according to Public Health England’s Findings], plus more joy equals VAPING.

A study by Public Health of England declared that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Nicotine itself, either in cigarettes or e-cigs, or other nicotine products, has not been shown to cause cancer, for example, one long-term study of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and snus users showed no provable link between nicotine and cancer.

Therefore we can theorize, if not fully understand, from this that it is not the nicotine, but rather it is the chemicals in cigarettes that make them harmful.

In fact, the most dangerous component of cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, is not found in e-cig vapor at all. There hasn’t been any research to date showing any provable cardiovascular danger from vaping.

You could make the argument that no one should be using nicotine, you could also make the argument that nicotine can help treat several serious diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s as some research shows. Regardless, nicotine is basically the only negative thing, if you can even consider it a negative, about vaping.

It’s true that there isn’t a lot of long term research out there on vaping, since vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, but by using common sense and the existing short term research we can clearly see that there is a huge difference in terms of health impact between smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping.


Here is a more in-depth description of our case study results and how they impacts vapers/former smokers. How do vape juice flavors influence whether or not people quit, lets take a closer look.


What does this result actually mean besides the obvious inferences?

So most of the anti-vaping propaganda out there is focused on two things, one that vaping is harmful to your lungs/body etc and two that it is influencing young people to do it to seem cool and therefore getting them addicted to nicotine at a young age as part of some far-reaching conspiracy to get people addicted to nicotine.

This result annihilates those two theories.

Most people who vape & previously smoked, couldn’t quit smoking using various other methods. These people found vaping, were able to quit and/or reduce smoking, therefore curbing their nicotine addiction in a much more manageable way while being able to partake in the enjoyable sensation of consuming (in this case vaping) a pleasant tasting substance for pleasure, with or without nicotine.


If we dig deeper what does this really mean? This means for that half of vapers that are former smokers roughly 4.5 million people, having flavor varieties are what put them over the top. We can infer that vaping flavors is a much more pleasant experience for millions of people than smoking a traditional tobacco or menthol cigarette is.


This means that for roughly 2-3 million people flavors are pretty much the only reason they are not smoking traditional cigarettes. Targeting vape juice flavors, trying to ban them and so on would cause significant harm to millions of people. It makes no logical sense to ban vape juice flavors.


This basically means that everyone who vapes, vapes flavored e juices at least some of the time. Flavors are the heart and soul of this industry.

12 thoughts on “[Case Study] Will E-Liquid Flavor Bans Kill The Vape Industry?

  1. Tim says:

    While I’m with you philosophically, I’m certain that CO is not the most dangerous component of cigarette smoke… it’s certainly bad for you, and smokers have considerably higher levels in their bloodstream once they’ve smoked their first cigarette of the day, but no-one has ever died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to being a smoker. It increases the risk of some secondary effects (heart attack, stroke) but I think the major causal factor in both of those events (with smokers) is damage to the circulatory system… maybe you know something I don’t, but that statement doesn’t ring true.


    I tried many ways to quit smoking,nrt(nicotine replacement therapy) and failed. Vaping was the only way I found to quit, if it weren’t for flavored e-liquids I would probably still be smoking guaranteed vaping has saved my life and many people that I know have said the same. Thank you vape industry. Of course big tobacco is on their Crusade to villainize vaping face the facts big tobacco you have killed many people and it’s time for it to end!!!!!

  3. rhoda fox says:

    This random survey proves what all of us vapors already know and its great to it backed up by these results. Thank you. I am 67 years old and I want to tell everyone it’s not too late to stop and learn to vape.

  4. Stephen swenson says:

    Yea I’ll keep making my own liquid and selling it to my close friends just like I already do today!! Is this not America I wish they would just let some things be the way they are some wanna kill them selves with tabbacco some wanna vape just leave us be

  5. Jamie Scott says:

    Ok here we go again!! Give me a sec stealing on for this rollercoaster ride cause there is major influence on both sides of the argument! And we don’t need to freaking bite back and forth which is the most harmful chemical in cigs lets just say THEU SUCK AND KILL! Is that good for everyone? If it wasn’t for pipes or cigs i would still have my grandfather or at least would have had him for A lot long instead of watching him drownd from emphasima! If u haven’t seen someone trying to breath like they are breathing through a straw i don’t recommend it, not to fun to see ur grandfather(the man u think walks on water) drownding and still reaching for his pipe(no tobacco isn’t bad for u)! So every stupid half wit let me push my will on yall cause I know better(just more greedy) Fucking asshole(tried not to cuss) that wants to kill the vaping industry why don’t u do us all a big ol favor and take a flying leap back under ur rock!!!!!!!! Sorry guys get real defensive when people flap their gums and have no idea what they are talking about besides what main stream media(Hahahahaha)tells them! Vape on y’all!

  6. hieu doan says:

    Man… the main stream media…. propaganda. Always using kids as an excuse to regulate. Why don’t we start talking about flavored energy drinks, flavored food or gummy vitamins? Let’s just go back to prohibition and see how that worked out. I thought this was America!

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