Here Are the 10 States That Love Talking About Vaping the Most

The vaping industry is growing very quickly at the moment, and as a result, there are people from all over the country and all over the world who are routinely talking about vaping on the internet.

There are entire online forums dedicated to vaping, and because so many people use social media these days to share their opinions on anything and everything, sites like Twitter are also filled with people discussing vaping and dishing out their thoughts on it.

That has made it really easy for different organizations to use social media in order to analyze the vaping community.

Earlier this year, a group of researchers at San Diego State University took a look at social media data to figure out the different reasons people say they vape.

And now, the vape site VaporFi has taken a look at 55,000 vape-related tweets sent out between January 2015 and March 2017 in an effort to try and find any trends that might exist among vapers.

They ended up discovering some pretty interesting things about the vaping community. For starters, they were able to make some distinctions as far as which states seem to enjoy tweeting about vaping the most.

They were also able to find out which states tweet about vaping the least. They then took things a step further by discussing what most vapers talked about when they brought up vaping on social media.

Obviously, not every vaper or vaping supporter in the country is on social media. So it would be impossible to say that this study is definitive by any stretch of the imagination.

It did however, provide an interesting look into who is tweeting about vaping, where they’re tweeting from, and what they’re talking about with regards to vaping. Let’s see what the research showed…





Which States Tweet About Vaping the Most?

At this point, just about every state has quite a few people tweeting about vaping in some form or fashion. As vaping continues to soar in popularity, there are going to be more and more people tweeting about it.

But for the most part, those who live on the West Coast of the country tend to tweet about vaping more than others.

VaporFi relied on a scale that indicated how much unique users sent out vaping-related tweets per 100,000 people in the total population.

Using this scale, they found that Nevada had the most people tweeting about vaping between 2015 and 2017.

Washington, D.C. came in a close second to Nevada, but after that, California, Hawaii, and Washington all placed in the top five and showed the strength of the West Coast.

The list was rounded out by New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Oregon, and Florida.

The study also looked at which individual cities tweeted about vaping the most, and Winchester, Nevada was far and away the top city.

California placed 12 of the top 25 cities and proved that the state seems to have a stranglehold on the vaping industry, even if it didn’t land at the top of the states list.

Which States Tweet About Vaping the Least?

As we mentioned earlier, every state is spending a significant time tweeting about vaping these days. In the coming years, there are going to be even more people tweeting about it as more people learn about vaping and start vaping themselves.

But at this time, there are still a few states that haven’t fully embraced the vaping movement.

Mississippi landed all the way at the bottom of the VaporFi list along with Montana. Arkansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Alabama, South Dakota, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Missouri were also in the bottom 10 on the list.

Again, that’s not to say that no one is talking about vaping in those states.

But many of the states, which appear to be in the southern part of the country, haven’t gotten around to fully accepting vaping yet, so it would make sense that they’re still a little bit behind when it comes to talking about vaping on social media.

If you live in one of the states mentioned here, you might want to start discussing vaping online more often. It will help give your state a boost and put vaping squarely in the conversation in your state.

What Are Most People Tweeting About When It Comes to Vaping?

VaporFi didn’t necessarily go through every single tweet that was sent out in order to see what people were talking about in their online ramblings.

They did however, make a few generalizations as far as what people talked about when they discussed vaping on social media.

Many of the tweets that were sent out involved people either making arguments for or against vaping or celebrating the anniversaries of their cigarette and tobacco quit dates as they relate to vaping.

The study also showed that about half of the tweets about vaping that were sent out were accompanied by Instagram photos, which would lead us to believe people were showing off vaping products in their posts.

Social media activity related to vaping also seems to have risen over the last year as vaping has become a hotter topic in the world.

Both pro-vaping advocates and anti-vaping crusaders are speaking up and sharing their thoughts on vaping, which has led to a spike in vaping-related social media.

And, with the FDA’s deeming regulations still on the table, all of the talk surrounding vaping is only going to get amplified.

How Can All of This Information Be Used in the Future?

Now that we have all of this information about who is tweeting about vaping, where they’re doing it from, and what they’re saying, what can we do with it?

Well, for now, it’s more so just for entertainment purposes. It’s fun to see which states love vaping—and which probably don’t.

But based on all of this info, it might be interesting for other researchers to take a look at how the general attitude towards vaping in each state has affected the conversation surrounding it.

Additionally, it might be interesting to see if there’s a correlation between how often people in certain states tweet about vaping and the vaping regulations that exist in that state.

Whatever the case, it’s clear social media is playing a part in the rise of vaping, and it will be essential for the vaping community to continue to keep tabs on social media to see how people are using it to share their opinions on vaping.

Tracking that change could help facilitate a better understanding of how the country as a whole perceives vaping, and it could lead to better conversations about vaping all across the country.

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