How Often Should I Switch E-Juice Flavors to Avoid Vaper’s Tongue?

Ask any vaper what their least favorite part about vaping is and there’s a good chance that they’ll respond, “Vaper’s tongue,” without any hesitation. Vaper’s tongue, also known as olfactory fatigue, is one of the most annoying things about vaping, and it’s almost impossible to avoid it altogether. If you spend enough time vaping, you will experience vaper’s tongue at some point.

how often switch e juice flavors avoid vapers tongue

For those who aren’t familiar with it, vaper’s tongue is a condition that prevents you from being able to taste or smell a specific kind of e-juice. Typically, vaper’s tongue will set in after you’ve used one particular e-juice extensively. Your taste buds will get so used to that e-juice that they will no longer pick up the rich flavors that it’s giving off. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sweetest e-juice on the planet—you won’t be able to taste it!

Fortunately, there is a long list of ways to get rid of vaper’s tongue fairly quickly. By doing something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee or switching up your e-juice, you can begin vaping normally and taste the flavor of your e-juice again.

But many beginners often wonder, “How often should I switch e-juice flavors to avoid vaper’s tongue?” And while that isn’t a super easy question to answer, it is a topic worth exploring a little bit more. It could help you avoid vaper’s tongue and allow you to enjoy your vaping experience more moving forward.

Check out some more information on how often you should aim to switch your e-juice flavors to avoid suffering from the dreaded vaper’s tongue…


It Usually Only Takes a Few Days for Vaper’s Tongue to Set In

how often switch e juice flavors avoid vaper's tongue

Imagine if you came home from work for a few days in a row and ate pizza. The first day, the pizza might taste great. The second, it might still taste great. The third day, you might start to think about whether or not it’s time to change the menu. And by day four or five, you would probably start to dread the thought of eating another piece of pizza.

It doesn’t take long for most people to get tired of eating, drinking, or, in this case, vaping with one single option. Even the tastiest e-juices in the world are going to get old eventually. And in most cases, you will only need to vape with an e-juice for a few days to start to experience vaper’s tongue as a result of it.

It will happen quickly, too. One minute, you’ll be sitting with your new favorite e-juice vaping away. And the next? You’re wondering what happened to the taste. It’s why most experienced vapers switch their e-juices up regularly. They don’t want to be sitting with the same e-juice on day five or six and suddenly realize that vaper’s tongue has set in and ruined vaping for them temporarily.

It Affects Every Vaper Differently

There’s unfortunately no hard and fast rule for exactly how long it takes for vaper’s tongue to take hold of people. Most experienced vapers eventually get a general idea for how long they can vape with one e-juice before vaper’s tongue will become a problem.

But the truth is that there’s really no way of knowing exactly how often you will need to switch your e-juice to avoid vaper’s tongue. That’s because everyone’s taste buds react a little bit differently to e-juices. Just like some people like sweets and other people like salty foods, different vapers will favor different flavors over others—and their taste buds may react in different ways to them.

For this reason, it’s important to keep tabs on which kind of e-juices seem to present the most problems for you. It’s also important for you to monitor the presence of vaper’s tongue and take notes on when it sets in and what causes it.

There are some vapers who can use an e-juice for more than a week and suffer no consequences, while others will develop vaper’s tongue in just a day or two. It all depends on your taste buds and how they react to sensations. So keep an eye on how quickly you seem to develop vaper’s tongue, as it will help you avoid it before it starts.

It Can Depend on Other Aspects of Your Life

Do you spend every morning inside of a coffee shop? If so, you might find that you don’t develop vaper’s tongue as easily as others. Smelling coffee can actually reset your senses and allow you to taste and smell your e-juices again.

Or are you the kind of person who goes OD on the mouthwash when you get out of bed in the morning? Again, you might not be as susceptible to vaper’s tongue as the next vaper. That’s because mouthwash has shown to be an effective tool when it comes to preventing vaper’s tongue.

If you do these kinds of things, you might not need to worry about switching your e-juice up as often as someone who doesn’t do them. You should still be careful and switch up your e-juice every so often. If for no other reason, it will allow you to experience different kinds of e-juices.

But you won’t probably won’t need to switch up your e-juice every other day or even every few days if you are a regular coffee drinker or a mouthwash fiend.

It Can Be Beaten!

We all know what’s it like to fall in love with something—anything!—and want to use it all the time. Whether it’s a new video game or a new dirt bike, it can be hard to put something down and stop using it when it’s so much fun.

But eventually, that thing, whatever it is, will get old if you don’t give it a rest. The same can be said for vaping. It’s very easy to fall in love with one e-juice. But when there are quality e-juices from companies like Mad Hatter, Cosmic Fog, and Chubby Bubble Vapes out there, why limit yourself?

By rotating your e-juices and using a different one every day or every other day, you can keep vaper’s tongue at bay and reduce your chances of being forced to deal with it. So the bottom line is that, while there’s no definitive timetable for vaper’s tongue, you should switch your e-juices up as often as possible to prevent it.


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  1. Max says:

    Same exact problem on 12mg and yes Stopping the Smoking does cause coughing and some flem! etc…Personally, I don’t believe that’s your issue either..
    I too, Dropped down to 6mg and No more problem, no difficulty with inhaling anymore, no choking no coughing day or night, no burning and still no urge for a Real Cigs..
    Give it a try, 12mg is just to strong for some people..Good Luck

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