Why Isn’t My Electronic Cigarette Producing Vapor?

There are few things more frustrating than trying to take a pull off of your e-cig only to have it produce little to no vapor. When this happens, there are a few quick fixes that get your device producing more vapor!

Check the Coils

The number one culprit of lack of vapor production is a coil that has burnt out, when you notice your vapor production going down, definitely take a look at your coil and see if it is time for a new one. Sometimes you won’t even get a burnt taste with a bad coil, but there is still a chance your coil has run its course and its time to replace them. It is always smart to have a 5 pack of coils handy, because nothing is worse than being stuck without a usable device! You know what they say, always have a backup for your backup when it comes to electronic cigarettes!


Check The VV/VW

Sometimes, when your vape is in your pocket, it is possible that you accidentally switched the variable voltage to a lower setting if you’re using a device like the Vision Spinner 2 or the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0. You can easily readjust the voltage on both of these devices and start cranking out some vapor in no time!


Check The Electronic Cigarettes Battery Life

Battery life can have a drastic impact on the amount of vapor that an ecig is producing. If you have a device that uses a pass through charging mechanisim, such as the iTaste MVP 2.0, than you can charge and vape at the same time! A lot of newer ego style batteries are including pass-through, such as the Innokin iTaste CLK, which is a great starter kit for someone looking to get into vaping!


Check The 510 Connection

Sometimes the firing pin in the atomizer and the battery aren’t making solid contact, so this makes it extremely hard for the device to produce a large amount of vapor. Some quick fixes are either scewing your coil fully in, but don’t tighten it super tight, or using a screwdriver to “pull up” the firing pad that is inside of the 510 connection on the battery.


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Andy Flynn

2 thoughts on “Why Isn’t My Electronic Cigarette Producing Vapor?

  1. mikes melon says:

    It is interesting the devices you mentioned bc I have the MVP V2.0 and the CLK 1280 and they both still work bc Innokin makes things to last but the devices are not subohm.

  2. Jolan says:

    For a long time i have had a ‘hit’ but no vapour. I was not bothered. However recently my clearo seems to have stopped working. I tried everything. New coils, tried several. Connections good. Battery good, confirmed with another different model clearo. Then i wondered about air intake to the clearo, just tiny little holes on the base of the clearo. Poked a needle through the holes, amazing amount of gunk. Hey presto clearo back to new, big hits, plenty of vapour.

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