Is it legal to smoke Electronic Cigarettes in Bars, Restaurants, or in Stores?

Most local and state smokefree laws were enacted before the existence of ecigs. Many laws do not explicitly mention electronic cigarettes, but should not be taken as if they are permitted for use. With today’s laws electronic cigarettes are looked at just like cigarettes. Stores that our smokefree venues will not allow the use of E-cigs.

Electronic Cigarette Friendly

However there are places that are out there that do allow the use of these devices. Stores that DO allow electronic cigarettes are as follows:

Cigar Bars

They already accept smoking of cigars and cigarettes. These shops will let you vape in peace!

Hookah Bars

You may be hurting their business when their customers see you with your electronic cigarette, but you can vape here as well!

Vape Shops

You should always be assured that your local vape shop allows you to use your e-cigarrete… Or atleast we hope!

A “SELECT” number of bars (where you drink)

We recommend you ask before you tic off the bouncer, it’s never fun being carried out by one of them monsters! There are bars out there that will allow you to use your electronic cigarette while at the bar, but as we recommended before,  always ask first!

“CERTAIN” Casinos

Casinos that allow cigarettes to be smoked in will allow the use of electronic cigarettes. One bright side here for the casinos…. At least the place will be smelling a little nicer!

You Work Place

There are companies out there that actually allow the use of electronic cigarettes in the work place. Some employers love the use of electronic cigarettes in their offices, it allows their employees to vape inside and continue to work, since there is no need for smoke breaks outside! This is once again something you should always ask before doing!

Hotels / Motels

There are hotels and motels on this lovely planet that will allow us to vape! Usually in the rooms that are marked as “Smoking Room.” Hopefully by now you have learned from this article…. That you should ask the receptionist first before vaping!

Some of the above locations can vary depending on the state.

SmokeFree Venues

There are a lot of shops that do not allow the use of electronic cigs… As stated before these are going to be your smokefree venues! These venues normally consist of school districts, state buildings, corporate workplaces, and government transportation.

The more electronic cigarettes become popular the more we will hear newer laws. Hopefully as the months and years go on these laws will be less strict on the use of electronic cigarettes. All we can do is hope, but until then vape safely, responsibly, and freely!

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