5 Reasons Why Making Your Own DIY E-Juice Might Not Be a Good Idea

Certain vaping laws and regulations around the country have forced vapers to take some pretty dramatic steps when it comes to obtaining e-cigarettes, e-juices, and more. For example, vapers in Indiana are scrambling to purchase vaping products right now in light of the new state regulations that were just put into place.

The new Indiana regulations call for all e-juices that are sold at vape shops in Indiana to be manufactured at facilities that meet incredibly strict guidelines. And so far, there is only one such facility in the entire state, meaning vapers don’t necessarily have the e-juice options that they’re used to.

These vapers are being forced to find alternative options. Some are driving into other surrounding states and purchasing their e-juices there. Others are trying to use the internet to their advantage. And there are even some people who have said, “Screw it,” and decided to try and make their own e-juices. These DIY-minded folks are manufacturing their own products and using them.

This could actually turn into a trend if other states adopt similar regulations to the ones put into place in Indiana. High taxes could also drive people to try the DIY method with e-juices.

Hopefully, states will recognize this and act accordingly, seeing as how they’ll be doing their residents a huge disservice by imposing strict regulations. But there’s a chance they won’t do that, and it could result in more and more people going the DIY route.

We’re here to tell you that, especially if you’re relatively new to the vaping community, making DIY e-juices is probably not the best idea. It might save you some money and it might offer the experimentation you’re looking for. But why make e-juices when you can use companies like Aspen Valley Vapes to satisfy your vaping needs?

Here are 5 reasons why making your own DIY e-juice might not be a good idea…

1. It can be dangerous.

This seems like a great place to start, doesn’t it?

Your safety is obviously important, and you are going to put your safety at risk when making your own e-juices. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for the first time or the 100th time—there are always going to be some safety concerns that come along with making e-juices. And you are going to assume a lot of risks when you attempt to do it.

For this reason, many experts will tell you that you should have at least six months to a year worth of experience with vaping before you even think about making your own e-juice. Truthfully, that probably won’t give you enough time to learn everything you need to know to do it. But it will give you enough time to appreciate e-juices and the materials that go into them. You must respect the process before you get started.

When mixing e-juices, you also need to be careful about the nicotine level that you use. If you decide to use a level that’s too high (note: you should never use pure nicotine!), you could potentially suffer adverse health effects simply by touching it or accidentally spilling it on your skin. So if you decide to mix e-juices despite our advice, keep that in mind and opt for a lower nicotine level at first.

2. It’s not as simple as mixing a few materials together.

When you think about making your own e-juice, what comes to mind? You’re probably imagining taking one beaker and mixing it with another beaker to magically make the e-juice that you’re going to start vaping with, aren’t you?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it does not work that way. The truth is that there are a lot of calculations—more calculations than most people want to do—that go into making e-juice. You have to account for the nicotine levels plus the liquid base and figure out exactly how much of each you need to make an e-juice that has the right nicotine level as well as the taste you’re going for.

You can use a calculator to do your calculations, but you’ll also need to have an idea of about how much mixing you’ll need to do to create a quality e-juice. It actually takes more time than you might think, and you’re going to need to make adjustments to your calculations if something tastes off once you’ve made your final product. Which leads us to our next point…

3. It probably won’t turn out how you expect it to at first.

Let’s say everything goes according to plan—or at least, everything goes close to plan—and you successfully make a small bottle of e-juice. You don’t get injured throughout the process, and you do all of the calculations you need to do to actually put together an e-juice.

Great! Except for one thing: When you use the e-juice, it tastes nothing like what you imagined. You were trying to go for a light strawberry or a creamy vanilla, but instead, you have a tasteless, bland e-juice that doesn’t hit any of the right notes.

Congratulations—consider this your welcome to the DIY world! While you would normally call up your vape shop and ask for a refund, in this case you are to blame for your low quality e-juice. And believe us, you’re not going to nail it every time and create an e-juice that you enjoy. More often than not, you’re going to make a wrong calculation or add too much of one ingredient and miss the mark with your e-juice, especially when you’re starting off.

You are going to need to try different things when you make your own e-juices before you find your rhythm and start producing e-juices you actually love.

4. It could lead to a lot of wasted products.

If you make a batch of e-juice and it doesn’t taste the way you want it to, chances are you’re not going to vape with it. Maybe you’re going to give it away, or maybe you’re going to throw it in the trash. But either way, you’re essentially going to be wasting products (and money!) when you create an e-juice you don’t like.

You’re also probably going to waste products throughout the production process. Accidents are going to happen, and you’re going to knock over a bottle or spill some of the liquid you use to make your e-juice. You’re also going to try to conduct experiments that won’t work, and you’re going to have to toss ingredients while doing it.

This is all part of the fun of mixing your own e-juices, but it’s also one of the biggest downsides of it. Before you decide that you want to make your own e-juices, you’ll need to come to terms with the fact that you’re going to waste more products than you’ll actually create when you’re starting off.

5. It might not end up saving you much money.

One of the goals of making your own e-juice is to save money, right? And when done properly, you can save quite a bit of money. You’ll spend just a fraction of the money you would spend buying e-juices when you make them.

But it could come at a cost. It will take you time to make e-juices, so you should factor that into the equation. It will also take you time to purchase the products you’ll need to make them, and you’ll need to spend time perfecting your recipes as well.

So while you could end up saving some money in the long run, you’re going to have to put out quite a bit of money before that time comes. Is it really worth it? That’s for you to determine. Just make sure you figure it out before you get too deep into the game.

153 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Making Your Own DIY E-Juice Might Not Be a Good Idea

  1. Cyrus says:

    While trying to deter people from making their own e-juice. And then right underneath it adds for your ejuice. Making your own e-juice is way cheaper then buying premium e-juice. And the start-up fees cheap

    • James BenOliel says:

      I have been DIY’ing for the past year and it’s great-my only regret is all the money I wasted buying overpriced ejuice from vapeshops and websites like this one. I can’t add anything more than has already been said , only that I wholeheartedly agree that this propaganda is a load of horseshit and anyone looking to start DIY-stop waiting and go to ELR recipes online to get yourself properly informed and started making your own ejuice.

    • Steve says:

      LMAO… Boy, Aspen must be scrambling to post such gross misinformation as this.
      1- It can be dangerous if you have the I.Q. of a shoe size.
      2- ‘It’s not as simple as mixing a few materials together.’ – Yes, it is.
      3- ‘It probably won’t turn out how you expect it to at first.’ – Damn. I’ve lost 23 cents worth of product. Fixed it!
      4- ‘It could lead to a lot of wasted products.’ Refer to shoe size again.
      5- ‘It might not end up saving you much money.’ – Yes, it will.

      Look, the bottom line is Aspen is hurting and trying to go after DIY was a stupid mistake. I have been making my own e-juice for over a year and spent about eighty bucks, and that includes the initial set-up. I vape regularly, so I would have spent (cough… at Aspen, of course) about a thousand dollars or more. My juices taste ten times better than any shit they put out, so don’t give me this line of bullshit about how hard it is. I can whip up six different flavors with three or four flavor extracts in about fifteen minutes. I flunked math, so don’t try to scare people about ‘calculations’ either. There are plenty of online calculators that do all the math for you. I’m glad you posted this, Aspen… now I know never to recommend you to someone who isn’t DIY’ing yet. 😉

  2. No one important says:

    Your getting slammed on social media about this post.. diyers are not liking what your saying.. it’s not true and it’s obviously hurting your business so stop fucking spreading bullshit around it’s only going to hurt your business

  3. Bob says:

    What a crock of crap. You should be ashamed of this article. All in the name to sell more juice from your own store. It’s people like you spreading false info that makes the vaping community look bad.


  4. Jennifer Jarvis says:

    I’m sorry but I disagree with this entire post. I remember when you guys opened your shop, it wasn’t long after I started my own juice line and website…because we shared a very similar name. Funny thing was that even while I was selling juice, I was still an active member of the DIY community…because lets face it 80% of juice lines started with someone DIYing.

    I started DIYing in 2010, back when there was little information on DIY, and ECF was the biggest resource we had. I had only been vaping for a few months when I started out mixing my own juice. One of my first recipes ended up being a part of my juice line because it was delicious.

    Yes, folks who want to get into DIY need to educate themselves on safety and the processes of mixing, but that’s why I wrote a free beginner e-book and run a website and now make you tube videos. That’s why people like myself and Wayne Walker and Jack Gilroy and so many of the other members of the DIY community do what we do for the community, to educate vapers who are new to mixing so they do it safely, and can start out making some awesome recipes that are available online. We share recipes FOR FREE with the community. Most of us are professional mixers who were still creating recipes for commercial businesses.

    Do I still throw juice away when things don’t come out like I hoped? Sure. But when the materials I used to make that 30ml of juice only costs me less than $1 it’s still well worth it in the long run when I’m vaping 200mls a week of awesome juice that is designed for my tastes, without using sweetener, and it saves my coils too because I don’t suffer with massive gunk build up. I also know exactly what I’m putting in my juice, one of the biggest reasons I started DIYing in the first place. I know I’m using the top quality PG,VG, Nicotine, and flavorings for my all day vapes. I know if I’m choosing to vape something that contains diacetyl or not. I know I’m not using Flavor West flavorings like Yellow Cake that contains actual sugar!

    Discouraging people from DIY isn’t going to save your business in the long run. If you think DIY is such a threat to your bottom line, you don’t understand how the vaping community works. There are people who will never DIY…that’s your customer base. Everyone who is inclined to DIY are not likely to be people who want to buy your e-liquid. That’s how it’s always been.

    There is plenty of education out there for people to learn how to mix correctly and safely. So you are wrong about most of your reasons, with the exception of the vapers who don’t educate themselves on how to mix properly. If you’re going to mix learn how to do it right. It doesn’t take that long to learn and to mix tried and true delicious recipes that are available online.

    I don’t know if you’ll even publish this comment, but you as a company in the light of all the regulations maybe should consider not demonizing DIY and join is. Create flavor shots of your juice line and sell PG/VG/nic started kits and like to places that provide education or provide your own education on how to mix properly.

  5. Rob says:

    Very biased opinion from a vendor this whole thing is no different then the bullshit propaganda dumbshit fake scientists try to push on the “risks of vaping” you should be ashamed of yourselves. I will never purchase from you and i will be sharing my thoughts with whoever will listen

  6. Jason halliday says:

    These 5 reasons for not making your own liquid really made me laugh! I have been mucing my own juices for over 6 months now and nothing could be easier! I know you are trying to make money but please stop the lies! Honesty works! The juices I make are way so much better than so called “premium juice”

  7. Andrew says:

    This article is so moronic.


    The premise of “you’re too stupid to make your own so buy from us” is asinine and outright pretentious. You should feel bad for even thinking that you could publish this and have a good outcome. Maybe if you spent less time putting out mindless propaganda you would have time to refill your own stock of house juice to sell to show “how superior” you are to all us peasants.

  8. Rick W says:

    Sorry…but this is a bias write up.
    There are many social media groups and guides along with thousands and thousands of known tested recipes and recipe sites that most recipes out there are better than store bought. Not to mention safer.
    To discourage a person from making there own e-liquid is wrong and the opposite should be encouraged. But then again…you are an e-liquid seller…I shouldn’t expect anything less from this article.

  9. John Roberts says:

    With the amount of ejuice calculators, Youtube videos, recipes and concentrates available it’s very easy to make high quality, tasty ejuice for a fraction of the cost of overpriced “premium” juice.
    Yes, there’s a bit of experimentation and a little wastage too at first, but that’s no different to paying for a juice that you don’t like.
    How about you stop scaremongering and lower your prices instead?

  10. Antfuzz says:

    This article is deplorable and filled with misinformation. Are you working for big tobacco? Are you working for the big E juice companies? Do you think you’re going to try and save your business by propagating misinformation? Making your own juice is really quite simple especially if you use one shots. Do you know about one shots? They are becoming very popular you should look into it, you might be able save your business. You should stick to advocacy. I will no longer be reading anything your company puts out.

  11. jacatro says:

    LOL- Good one…
    People are starting to realize that paying over 20 bucks for a shotglass of overly sweetened eliquid is not a good financial move…ah well…fun while it lasted, right?

  12. William Thornley says:

    Wow, I’m sure you wish you’d given this a second thought before you went after diy. People get pissed a lot easier these days it seems! Smh

  13. JS says:

    Have the regs hurt your business that badly that you have to spout scare tactics into the vaping community that 1. Are far from true and 2. Completely biased? You guys should just close up shop and quit for being this low.

  14. SteamRoom says:

    This article is hogwash. Overtly and inaccurately trashing DIY eliquid while promoting your own eliquid. Nothing about that seems curious at all! If you are a DIYer in any sense of the word pay no attention to this misguided shady company. Note to self: Never sort Aspen Vapes.

  15. Allisha says:

    Heh this is funny… FYI I started diy mixing a month after I started vaping. Doing the proper research before making any purchases and basing my initial flavor purchases off of popular recipes was how I started. I’ve been mixing for about 9 months now and have already become a fairly well known mixer due to my FIRST public recipe being so popular. Your right mixing can take time, but only to perfect a profile you wish to achieve. It can also take less than a minute to mix a 30ml bottle if your going for something simple or using someone else’s recipe. Yeah it can be dangerous to mix if you are either not protecting yourself with gloves or mixing with essential oils or flavor extracts you buy at the grocery store, but usually someone trying to get into diy is going to take the time to do a Google search on how to mix. They will find one of the many excellent sites devoted to diy and research or read reviews before buying something. It’s what people usually do before making the decision to switch to vaping in the first place, not just diy.

  16. Pissed off Vaper says:

    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. You guys sound like the fda! Spouting misinformation to suit you and profit. Especially sad when people who vape are fighting for their rights to continue to vape. Way to add fuel to the fda fire. I see this causing you guys to lose even more business and quite a few to unsubscribe from your YouTube! You guys are truly sad!

  17. Eddie says:

    You guys have your heads so far up your asses that it’s not even funny. This entire article is full of lies. You sit on a throne of lies. And shit

  18. DIYer says:

    Great marketing campaign, idiots. Add me to the list of never buying from your company. Maybe if you guys in the industry didn’t rip us off, we wouldn’t have to resort to making our own.

  19. Walter says:

    1. It can be dangerous.

    So can ordering online from a vendor when you have no idea how or where their liquids are produced. Nicotine safety is straightforward and easy to follow, this is no reason to steer people away from DIY.

    2. It’s not as simple as mixing a few materials together.

    Yes it is. I know some DIYers who aren’t into the whole experimenting thing, so they found a few recipes for their ADV and mix them exclusively. The calculators and resources available online make it extremely simple. If you can follow a cooking recipe, you can make DIY e-juice.

    3. It probably won’t turn out how you expect it to at first.

    That’s the beauty of DIY, you can keep making tweaks until you get what you want or sometimes make happy little accidents that blow away your expectations.

    4. It could lead to a lot of wasted products.

    Again, so could buying liquids online, particularly from vendors who go out of their way to lie to the community and use ignorant scare tactics. At least you can learn from your “mistakes” with DIY and make a better batch next time so it’s not a complete waste.

    5. It might not end up saving you much money.

    Bullshit. I have about 300 flavorings on hand and I’ve spent way less on DIY than if I were to purchase the same amount of liquid I vape from your website.

  20. Jay dubya says:

    Well this sad attempt to bolster sales sure has backfired huh. Shops in my town in Indiana, noticed a big drop in juice sales because of DIY, so what did they do? Definitely not try to knock the DIY community, but actually embraced it by selling DIY products as well as offering their own recipes in a DIY kit for anyone who wanted to give it a shot. These shops are still flourishing, despite the deeming regs, apparently unlike Aspen Valley Vapes. Let’s be real honest here, none of your mixers are chemists, and most only know what you’ve told them about mixing, unlike the amount of info the average diyer absorbs before even starting to mix.

  21. CLF says:

    I had decided that DIY was not for me, then I read this. I owe you guys a debt of gratitude for publishing this.

    Now, where’d I put that scale…?

  22. Jake says:

    Wow… Just wow. I diy AND purchase liquids. I was intimidated by DIY for a long time, but found it much easier than I ever expected once I started. Yes, there is a learning curve. But anyone with the internet access it took to get to this ridiculous and self serving “article” can certainly find all of the information they need to safely make delicious liquids at a fraction of the cost. Fear mongering within ones one industry, one that is already under constant attack, is pretty shameful.

  23. Fear says:

    This has to be the absolute worse reasons for not making your own juice that I have ever heard. It can be summed up as;

    We think you are too stupid to learn to mix your own juice. Buy ours, it is way less hassle and makes us more money. Face it the real reason you do not want people mixing their own juice is because you do not want to lose any more of those 1000% profit margins.

    If you folks on the fence about making your own juice read this just google DIY Ejuice, DIYorDIE, DIYejuicemixolgy or any other TOP notch DIY group out there and start saving your selves a TON of money. The days of having to stumble around in the dark for a good recipe are over. There are thousands of good recipes, most better than the stuff these clowns sell.

  24. M.J. says:

    “STOP! Turn off the KitchenAid and back away from the recipe book ma’am. Baking that cake in a 350-degree oven can be dangerous!” Seriously? It’s simple math and following a recipe. Insulting the intelligence of fellow vapers is only resulting in ridicule …. deservedly so.

  25. Emilio says:

    Please stop spreading lies and BS for your own personal gain. Im happy you are getting called out because DIY is great. Even if at first you only make other peoples recipes there are tons of them out there.

  26. OldGuyVaper says:

    LOL — What a Joke… This kind of information is JUST AS BAD as the crap we’ve had to put up with coming out of Big Tobacco/Pharma, and the stupid FDA.

  27. j says:

    Never buying juice from these guys because of this post. I DIY , and buy juice from company’s. There just scared !! there probably losing sales , so they post this BS! then advertise there juice hahaha go get fucked !

  28. Mage says:

    Lets take an example, shall we? Cosmic Fog, Milk and Honey, which you sell a 30ml Glass bottle in 3mg Nic for $13.99.
    I can make a 30ml bottle of this for $1.09 (.47 for the juice ingredients including nicotine and .62 for the black glass 30ml bottle). If I reuse the bottle, I save even more. “Might Save Money”? Bahahahahahaha

  29. Q says:

    This article is truly pathetic. This is equivalent to big tobacco propaganda against vaping. You feel threatened by DIY because it hurts your bottom line and do you try to employ scare tactics to deter people. Pathetic. DIY is relatively safe if some basic safety measures such as wearing gloves are taken. There is no issue using pure nicotine if you are careful. Yes there may be some juices you make that you don’t like but there are huge archives of recipes to try and most are very good. I make my juice for $0.02/mL while you guys charge $1/mL… I still but premium sometimes but I certainty will never from you clowns.

  30. James Brady says:

    The comments have more facts than your “article”. do you feel as if you’ve made a mistake in posting this yet? Why oh why would you leave something you had to know was so full of shit open for comments to the public to view? good job!

  31. DIYer says:

    When I looked at all the money I wasted on juice I ended up not liking and the fact that I was a bit concerned over what exactly vendors were putting in the juice I ordered I decided to look into DIY.

    Where oh where in this day and age could I possibly find out how to safely and properly DIY my ejuice ? Would I have to go to the library and find a chemistry book ? Enroll in some post-graduate Math and Science programs ? Set up a reinforced room in my home so I didn’t blow up the house or poison my family?

    No, it was 2016 when I started to DIY so all I had to do was Google DIY ejuice and do my due diligence on sites like ECF and the amazing DIY E-Juice sub-Reddit.

    This isn’t rocket science and you’re not splitting atoms here. I would highly suggest insulting the intelligence of your current and potential customers going forward.

  32. Tom says:

    I just made my very first DIY juice, it is a clone of Castle Long Reserve ($35 to $40/30ml). Well, guess what? Tested side by side with the real stuff, and my mix tastes just like the real thing. The cost for 30ml + pet bottle was $1.91! There was no mess, no waste and NO PROBLEM!

    • bigdancehawk says:

      I’ve been trying to clone Castle Long for 6 weeks without success. Have you posted your recipe somewhere?

  33. Name says:

    Lol. Dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Diy is simple. Tastes better and saves a ton of money. Screw you aspen valley vapes. Losers.

  34. Jon boy says:

    Seriously? You can guarantee I’ll never buy any more juice from you guys again, I diy but I do tend to buy some “premium” juice now and then.. And then you go and try to cut off people from doing diy?

    Coming from a diy point, this is laughable. This part in particular – – – – >Accidents are going to happen, and you’re going to knock over a bottle or spill some of the liquid you use to make your e-juice.

    So do your expensive bottles come with an anti knock over feature? You’ve lost another customer.

  35. dub dub says:

    Damn thanks you just saved me a lot of timez.. was going to try to diy but seems to hard to mix with flavor concentrations.. i must like need a degree in chemistrybefore i even try..

    fucken dubs.. its as easy as find a recipe, follow recipe, all calculations are right in front of you just weight it correctly and squeeze..

  36. Gary says:

    Cheap shot. Just when all of the vaping community needs to pull together you do your best to try and split us apart. The article is a joke, and I made better more vapable juices starting out than I ever bought. You don’t take into consideration that ordering then getting and absolutely hating the cheap crappy juice passed off as premium juice. Never tastes the way you expect it to, is a huge disappointment, a waste of money because now you have to buy even more expensive juice in search of that elusive flavor you wanted when you could have mixed 20 flavors for the same price. BUZZ OFF

  37. Jose says:

    Lost a lot of money lately? DIY was happening way before the regulations and the movement is still growing. Your article is a lot of BS but you must know that by now.
    I don’t think any kind of apology is going to get you out of that hole you’ve just dug for yourself.

  38. DIYer says:

    Dumbest shit ever…

    Five reasons to not buy from Aspen Valley

    1. Their a bunch of liars.
    2. They use false scare tactics to try to get sales.
    3. Their liars.
    4. Their not even good liars.
    5. All of the above

  39. LordVapor says:

    Hogwash, the whole lot of this article.
    False Statement #1: I live in Indiana. There are quite a few suppliers selling eJuice here.
    #2: You can learn to make your own e-juice in a couple hours. It’s one of the easiest thing I have ever done that I thought would be hard to learn.
    #3: Yes, it is as simple as mixing a few things together. In fact, I am going to go mix a few things together and vape them. Be right back…………….. (5 minutes later) Whew! that didn’t take long. Wow this is great juice!
    #4: There is far less waste than you are suggesting. I have been mixing for a year and a half. I have only wasted 150ml of juice when I started. That maybe cost me $3.00?
    #5: After reading to number 4 of your article I gave up. I am just going to say the rest is false as well. There is only so much bullshit I can take.

    But hey! Congrats on the new career. Because whoever you are that wrote this I assume you are a disgruntled employee and will soon be looking for a new job. Because I would bet my $2000+ in mixing supplies you just ruined Aspen Valley Vapes’ reputation in the vaping industry. Because I know from this day on – any time I hear that name I am gonna laugh my ass off all over again.

  40. Shame on you Aspen Valley Vapes says:

    Im guessing the moron who wrote this is going to be fired.

    This blog has already made its way round on several of the big forums.

    If you were trying to loose this company money with this BS blog, good job!

    You nailed it.

  41. Enaud says:

    Making your own eliquid can be as easy as mixing a cocktail, it isn’t rocket science, and it is safe if some very simple precautions are taken, and some basic homework is done by the mixologist. There are mix calculators available , and plenty of info and willing folks to help on the forums . Scare mongering to try and keep customers buying your juice will probably backfire in the end, and cost you more in sales than the eventual attrition that occurs when folks progress and figure this stuff out anyways.

    Besides, when you and all of he other juice whores have to close up shop when the FDA slams your doors shut, wouldn’t you want your customers that you “care about” to be self sufficient with DIY juice to keep them off the smokes? Oh yeah, profits…

  42. Chris says:

    Damn! I had heard so many good things about your company that I was thinking of making a purchase. I was looking for a company to use when my own mixes were steeping. Not now! One question though, how many of your own recipes were taken from the DIY community?

  43. Satan says:

    I genuinely don’t get it. Were you trying to get a lot of negative publicity so you can go out of business faster? I presume that somewhere back at the beginning the concept was to get more people to buy your e-liquid… Whomever came up with this article as the solution is a complete fucking idiot. Job flipping burgers at Mickey D’s is in your future marketing guy.

  44. Biker says:

    **Looks at calendar** Did you guys forget to flip past April? Because if this isn’t a late April Fools joke, this pitiful attempt to generate more sales for your company has backfired, and rightfully so.

  45. DIY or bust says:

    Thanks for this bullshit article! That’s one less vendor populating my inbox every day pushing their high priced “gourmet” juices when I unsubscribe right now.

  46. mcclintock says:

    You guys really seem to be overreacting. Every point made is valid, it just overstates its case. Almost as much as the reaction.
    Going through it:
    1. “dangerous” is way overstating although a point could be made it could be a matter of environment and common sense. Totally agree that DIY shouldn’t be pushed on newbies (unless that kind of thing appeals to them).
    2, 3. Way overstated but there are some that just don’t do math.
    4. Actually this is the weakest, buying juice can be even more wasteful (unless you reuse the containers for DIY!).
    5. True, though still overstated.

    A good reason to still buy some juice even if you mix is: is there some kind of “rule” you’re following you can’t occasionally buy some? That said I’m still drifting away from even that.

  47. VapinNurse says:

    Oh Aspen Valley Vapes, u guys really messed up with this one. I had never heard of u guys until this article and now this company began stirring up hate on the forums. No one is happy and I just wonder how badly this is hurting your business. Lol, #fail

  48. Wuacamole says:

    I’m glad they posted this. Now I know for sure I won’t be making any purchases from Aspen Valley Vapes. They probably won’t even be in business this time next year.

  49. Gustavo Aragao says:

    Lol, I was reading the entire article waiting for one: we’re just kidding! and some deal for DIY line but no. Go fuck yourselves with a turtle shell up your asses.

  50. Chris says:

    What a load of shit. If you are planning going into DIY, ignore this biased & stupid article.

    It’s truly simple and if you have any intelligence at all, it’s safe and a very enjoyable hobby saving you hundreds of $ over a year. When you realise you can make better than ‘premium’ shop juice at the cost of about $1 for 30ml, you will kick yourself for not DIYing sooner.

    Check ECF for great recipes and helpful advice.

  51. Geo says:

    A major player in the vape community discouraging creativity, research, and development? ?? Ya’ll are as suspect as a three tittied hooker. I’m shocked an editor let ya’ll play this Russian Roulette with the literal gun so loaded.

  52. PhantomOp Vapes says:

    Serious? And your a member of Vaping Underground? Remind me to put you on my ignore list for life.
    This kind of shit is counter productive to the entire vaping community. Way to “attempt” to promote your own e-juice.
    Oh, and I’ll never purchase anything from your company — just because of shit like this post.

  53. David says:

    What I don’t understand is, after reading the above list of responses, you choose to leave this web page online. Either you are completely brain dead or you are just trying to throw your business away and find someone to blame for it. Whatever the reason, you morons SHOULD lose it.

  54. AndriaD says:

    All I can say to this post is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG.

    What you REALLY MEAN is that people making their own ejuice is not good for YOUR bottom line. You’re as bad as:
    1) the lying FDA, who claim that e-cigarettes are really the same as cigarettes — all because they’re completely venal, greedy, and corrupt;
    2) big pharma, who say their snake oil is the only effective way to quit smoking, when in fact their crap is totally useless;
    3) all the greedy and corrupt “charitable” orgs who keep saying that vaping is as dangerous as smoking.

    Congrats, you just joined all the lying asshats who are trying to keep vaping down so they can keep selling cigarettes and useless patches and gum, and then medicine for cancer, COPD… and finally, coffins. Way to go!

  55. gopher_byrd says:

    So, how’s business going for you now? I’m guessing not so well since you are calling a large part of the vape community idiots. I’ve been mixing my own for almost 2 years now. According to your blog post, I don’t know what I’m doing. Well, guess what, I do know what I’m doing. I’m not paying $20 or more for 30 ml of over sweetened, over flavored so called premium e-liquid. I control my nic content and PG/VG ratios. Most of the recipes I use are under 10% total flavoring and I rarely use sweetener. Can you or your vendors say that? The vanilla custard I’m vaping on now cost me about $1 for a 50 ml. God I must be an idiot! I’m guessing you will be having a going out of business sale soon.

  56. bob says:

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re dishonest and deceitful. I’ll tell everyone I know that your store was caught doing something very, very bad…like using child labor, illegal immigrants, you’re homophobic, racist, something…you get the idea, don’t you. You lie and deceive, I’ll do the same to you.


  57. Stoic says:

    Pathetic pile of hyped crap and FUD you’re spewing here.
    You’ve now just made my list never do business with and discourage others from using also

  58. Ruber says:

    Funniest shit I have seen in a long time! I will never buy from that shit shop. Word is spreading fast !!! lol

  59. Big Al says:

    DIY is inexpensive – both in terms of start up costs and even potential wastage. Making your own juice costs only cents per ml. Even if you threw away half of your DIY juice due to not liking it (which is an extreme example), you’d still save money vs. buying your juice from Aspen Valley Vapes.

    Don’t listen to this swill. There are many resources online to help you with your DIY juices, including recipes of all your favourite store bought flavours. It’s easy and very inexpensive to make excellent juice thats as good, or better, than Aspen Valley’s juice. This is just B.S. marketing content for an unscrupulous company.

    AVOID ASPEN VALLEY E-JUICE – Buy juice from a more reputable company or make your own for pennies per ml.

    Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/ for all the info you need for starting DIY.

  60. Mike Hoff says:

    DIY juice is cheap to make and isn’t hard at all. This article is fake news. You can easily make juice thats the same thing as store bought premium juice. So many people have already figured out all the recipes you could imagine – these recipes been tried and tested and taste better than most premium juice people buy from vendors.

    Name a store bought juice you like and there will be a recipe out there that clones that juice perfectly. Save your money and make your own juice – you won’t regret it.

    Aspen Valley shouldn’t be spreading this kind of garbage. Instead, they should be supporting the vape community. SAD!

  61. Josh says:

    I am a DIYer myself and have been for about a year now. I know your company and even subscribed to your YouTube channel (which I will be unsubscribing now). I, for one, do not appreciate this ad in the least and it truly saddens me that a once respected vape company would stoop this low in the times we are in fighting for our right to vape and not smoke cigarettes.

    Try putting your efforts into the fda fight instead of being a detriment to the endeavor. I hope you take this type heart, you need to.

  62. bob says:

    From #3 on their 5 Reasons Why page: “While you would normally call up your vape shop and ask for a refund, in this case you are to blame for your low quality e-juice.”

    From their Terms and Conditions page: “No Warranty on E Juice Liquids.
    Taste is subjective – no returns on e juice liquid.”


  63. ASS-PEN says:

    As soon as I loaded this article BOOM “save 25% off our liquid”

    Lol this is pretty scummy. They must be feeling the diy scene right in Thier wallet area and can’t stand it.

    Someone clone all Thier recipes and post them here so noone has to buy Thier overpriced garbage anymore!

    Plus Thier logo looks like an old mans ass farting out vapor.

  64. Conan says:

    You have just essentially killed off your business if you leave this up.

    It is complete rubbish as you know- mixing your own juice IS simple, and you DO just mix the ingredients to ‘magically’ make your own juice. It is simple, and you are making it sound like you need a degree, or that everyone else is too dumb to be able to do any math.

    Due to this, I feel you should stop selling batteries- to use these safely, you need to calculate using maths. As your customers are not intelligent enough to do this, surely for their own safety you should stop selling them.

  65. Conan says:

    Also, who are these ‘Experts’ you speak of that recommend 6 months to a year before even attempting to make your own juice?
    I started to DIY within my first few weeks of vaping to save money, at first with very basic mixes. When I found they tasted just as good as store bought juice, I continued to make my own.

    You are as bad as the Doctors that lie about the effects of vaping, and all organisations that want to clamp down on vaping. If you genuine didn’t write this article as you have said on a forum, I would find the member of staff that did- and get rid of them for ruining your business. I would also take the page down, unless you are enjoying the negative attention?

  66. Jimmy Rizzo says:

    You have some valid points. But you’re not telling the positives to DIY which outweigh the bad by a large margin.

  67. Sanna says:

    OMG! How stupid you are! You are ruining your own business, nothing else. I never, ever will buy anything from you! SHAME ON YOU! HOW DARE YOU INSULT YOUR CUSTOMERS! PEOPLE ARE MORE CLEVER, THAN YOU WILL EVER IMAGINE! (And be).

  68. Josh says:

    Look, I’ve watch some vids of Aspen Valley on YouTube about things that I was curious about. Even found some decent information. This post is disgraceful to The Vaping community because with all of the Flack that we are getting from the US government and the stigma that vaping is dangerous, this article is not only untrue but in bad taste. It astounds me how little regard Aspen Valley has given to the impact that an article like this could have in the fight that we are waging as is. It’s such a shame that they had to resort to this just to try and sell some eJuice.

  69. VASHTA NER4DA says:

    I think it’s about time I actually unsubscribe from your email list. Most of the articles I take the time to read are laughable. This one I came across emptying my spam folder and it’s an obvious attempt at keeping customers buying overpriced e-Liquid. You really should be ashamed. Here’s an idea build a stock of Diy products instead of trying to deter people away from something you obviously know nothing about. I’d have to say I wouldn’t buy from you anyway. What’s next don’t build your own coils so I can sell you those too? Sorry but business’s like yours are what’s wrong with the industry.

  70. JWool says:

    Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. How dumb can you be? I mean if people didn’t diy we would still be stuck buying gas station juice.
    I have never bought from you all and never will after this. Steering people away from starting diy is not the way to help out the baking community. How about doing some arrivals that would actually help than discourage capers.

  71. juicer for grapes says:

    Choosing a juicer doesn’t have to be hard, but in order to choose the right juicer, there are some things that you will have to consider first before buying one. Having the right juicer for a specific kind of food can help you get the maximum yield from your fruits or vegetables.

  72. Rick says:

    You said make DIY liquid isn’t a good idea, the point is if people not started from DIY, there’s no premium/commercial liquid nowadays. You’re not born instantly become worldwide soccer player, you not start it from the bottom.

    There’s something wrong with your mindset. Either it because you sell liquid and want people to stop DIY and buy your liquid, or it just a stupid thinking. Sorry about my words, but your article is funny 🙂

  73. Josh says:

    Holy hell, you screwed up that didn’t you? I’m surprised you haven’t deleted this article yet. Shameless. Don’t listen to these chumps, and furthermore if you do buy artisan vapes too – don’t from this mob. They clearly only care about profits.

  74. John says:

    So I have made top 5 reasons why buying anything from Aspen Valley Vapes is bad for you.
    3) GREEDY

  75. mick parker says:

    That seems to have gone well then.
    If only I had known about this before I started DIYing my juice. I could have unnecessarily spent shed loads of cash instead of pennies. What an idiot I`ve been.

  76. Jerome says:

    I was seriously just about to place a $200 order with Aspen until I read this article. Now I will never spend a penny with Aspen. Glad I saw this pathetic article before I gave these greedy idiots my money.

  77. C. Earl Spencer says:

    Oh WOW! Well thank you! I had no idea how stupid I am, This is the dumbest shit I have read in a while, FUCK YOU for trying to steel money with your shit in a bottle. You guys are the problem! You are only in it for the cash, you guys don’t give a shit about any of the people that vape by your cheap shot bullshit. DIY is super easy, Oh ya, Thank you again for giving me the motivation to 1 to 1 clone my ADV now as I was just about to buy about 400 ml’s of my ADV from your Fucked up company. NEVER AGAIN

  78. Fuck Aspen Valley says:

    I see you on youtube trying to hype ur shit company. you dont want ppl to DIY so you can advertise these shit ass companys so you can make more money you fucking twatt

  79. Jon says:

    This is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve heard in a while. Like your gonna talk people out of diy and then buy some of your shit juice. Whoever thought this up should be fired. Most of the “premium” ejuice recipes were stolen off of elr. I got into diy because I couldn’t stomach store bought juice anymore. The 95% savings is an added bonus. So to recap, your idiots.

  80. Elise says:

    I’ve been vaping for over 6 years and have been making my own liquid for 4 years. My friend (who has been vaping for for 3 years) spends over £30 a week on e liquid alone and if he doesn’t like the flavour then its tough luck. I on the other hand spend £12 every 2 weeks on supplies (which actually last for nearly 4 weeks)

    Anyone with any sense would take your article with a grain of virtual reality salt

    Want to know the truth about diy vaping, supplies, actual knowledge and some honest answers and information about making your own e liquid
    Go to diyordie. They have the true answers your looking for not a company that stands to make money from you ditching the diy ideas in favour of money off slogans on their e liquids that appear when you first come on this page
    This site is like CNN fake news

  81. Dave says:

    How long can we make this negative comment spam scroll down? I accidentally stumbled upon this article and can’t believe how ridiculous it is. Of course you should do your research before attempting DIY. You need to be careful when handling nicotine. You need to be sure not to use too much, don’t get pure nic on your skin, etc.

    That said, there is almost NO danger whatsoever in DIY. Make sure you get your ingredients from a reputable vendor and you’re going to be 100% fine. The price of your juice is going to be 1000% cheaper than buying it. Not to say you shouldn’t buy it, but plenty of drippers are going through 30ml a day, easy. There is zero chance you’re not going to save money when DIY.

    And as far as the wasted materials comment, the chances are you ARE going to vape your failures. Unless you are a moron and just threw in a bunch of random flavors, your mixes aren’t going to be absolutely terrible. Even the vast majority of failures are still worth vaping, even if you decide they’re not worth sharing with your friends. If you decide it was not even worth vaping and you toss it out, you’re now out a whole 20-70 cents.

    After this one article, I would never, ever even consider buying or supporting aspen vapes.

  82. SpacedVapes says:

    Fucking morons. DIY is simple . Commercial Juice is loaded with gross shit like mass Sweetener. This in a whole is a lie. DIY ejuice is simple and fun. If anybody need help i will help anybody for free. As for saving money you will save ALOT ALOT. I will never buy from this company . You and your gross ass juice. Boycott this company!

  83. lazybones says:

    This is a terrible artice, sure theres more to it than meets the eue bit there is also a huge online community willing to help get you started safely and with good results.

  84. Someone smarter than you says:

    Still haven’t wised up and deleted this false awful opinion of an article? You really are dense.

  85. James BenOliel says:

    I can’t add much to what has already been said- only if you are thinking of starting DIY’ing yourself -WAIT NO LONGER !!!
    Go to e-Liquid recipes .com, check out their resources page and forum for beginners, and never look back-I would suggest to buy a scale and weigh your mixes, very easy and I bought a great little electronic scale from the pawnshop for $20. Everything Aspen valley say here is just petty scare tactics, don’t believe a word of it, and shame on you Aspen valley for stooping so low-anyway looks like it blew up in your face.

  86. Edward Rivera says:

    This article is full of misinformation making your own e liquid is not that complicated,aspen should be ashamed of themselves for posting this article.

  87. will says:

    One can purchase 1000ml bottles unflavored pre-mixed PG/VG and nico (if you just don’t want to mix the stuff yourself) for less than $25 (the price of a 30-60ml bottle of flavored juice at a shop). Just buy your flavorings and mix! Think of the savings ….1000mls (minus flavoring) vs 30-60mls! It is a no-brainer. That is thirty-three 30ml bottles or seventeen 60ml bottles of eliquid. You do the math.

  88. Millions81 says:

    I will never buy from this site. Ever.
    Trying to use scare tactics because your business is hurting….where have I seen that before *cough, Truth, popcorn lung, etc cough*.
    Besides, VSS & DV have the best juice\hardware respectively. Hell, I sell smok Novo sticks for what you do & it’s just a small side biz ffs!

  89. vimeworld says:

    I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks , I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

  90. DMC5 says:

    I needed to thank you for this excellent read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I have you book marked to look at new things you post…

  91. Weldon Gama says:

    Can I just say what a relief to uncover someone that truly knows what they are talking about online. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you’re not more popular since you certainly possess the gift.

  92. Matt says:

    I found this quite amusing comment of can’t just throw everything into a beaker and done.
    … Pretty much what you do just got to get level of nic and pg VG & flavour right which you can go onto eliquid calculator sites does it for you.
    Couldn’t be easier and cheaper.

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