How Many Drags Should You Take When You Begin Vaping?

Most people don’t spend a whole lot of time counting the number of drags they take when they smoke a cigarette.

If they are sitting by themselves, they might take more drags than usual since they won’t be spending any time talking with anyone else. But if they’re with a large group, they might only take a few drags as their cigarette burns down. Some people also like to use an ashtray to hold their cigarette in between drags, which lowers the number of times they pick it up and take a drag. It really all depends on individual preference.

Over time, smokers tend to fall into a routine, and while they might not know the exact number of drags they take, they take just enough to give them their nicotine fix and to make them feel like they got their money’s worth with each cigarette.

E-cigarettes obviously operate much differently. When you start vaping, you don’t have to light up your e-cigarette, so you don’t have to worry about it burning out before you’ve had a chance to take your required number of drags.

But with vaping, you can also take just one or two drags, as needed, if you want. So those who are new to the vaping community are often confused about how many drags they should take in a single sitting. They wonder if they are taking too many drags or too few drags in some cases.

The truth is that the number of drags you take while vaping will often differ depending on a number of different circumstances. At the end of the day, it really all comes down to personal preference, but there are several things that will play a role in the number of drags you take.

Keep these in mind when you start vaping and you will fall into a groove quickly with regards to how much you vape at once.

Your E-Juice’s Nicotine Level

When you purchase an e-juice for the first time, you will need to select the nicotine level that you want. Nicotine levels vary and can range from no nicotine at all up to 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, or even higher. If you don’t mind how much nicotine you get when you vape or you are trying to scale back on nicotine, you should consider choosing a lower level.

If you are used to smoking one or two packs of cigarettes—more on that later!—you should consider choosing a slightly higher level to give you the nicotine that your body is used to getting. Regardless, the nicotine level of your e-juice will play a part in how often you vape.

Some studies have shown that most cigarette smokers only need one or two puffs to get the nicotine that their body is looking for. However, they end up smoking the entire cigarette because…why not? They’re paying for the cigarette after all, so there’s no use in putting it out after just one or two drags of it.

You can approach using an e-cigarette differently, though. If you take one or two drags of it for the nicotine fix and feel as though you got what you were looking for, that might be all you need. On the other hand, if you are actively trying to cut back on the nicotine that you put into your body and using a lower dose than you’re used to, you might need to vape more often. There is an inexact science to it.

If you find that you are not getting enough nicotine when you vape and you are vaping more and more as a result of it, you might want to think about changing your nicotine level. You also might want to think about using a higher nicotine level every now and then and using a lower level for your more frequent vaping. This will help you establish a sweet spot and, over time, it will also help you scale back on your nicotine intake.

Your Previous Smoking Habits

Have you turned to vaping in order to try and reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke everyday? Or are you vaping simply because you like the idea of trying it out and don’t have much of a history when it comes to smoking? This is a very important aspect of vaping, because it will likely affect how much you vape.

Those who have spent years smoking cigarettes have likely developed habits that will be difficult to break while vaping. For example, outside of the obvious habit—the nicotine!—you have also likely gotten into the habit of taking frequent breaks throughout the day to smoke. You have probably gotten used to smoking a certain number of cigarettes as well. You may even like to sit and relax at specific times to smoke.

You will need to take these habits into account when vaping. If your plan is to substitute an e-cigarette for tobacco cigarettes, you can use these habits to guide you as you vape. You may find that you enjoy taking the same breaks during the day to vape, and you also may find that, if you were smoking two packs of cigarettes every day, you need to vape more.

Those who don’t have much of a history with smoking should ease themselves into vaping and find what works for them. Start by taking a couple drags at a time to see how you feel when you’re vaping. There are some vapers who like to vape all at once during one session when they get home from work, while there are others who like to vape two or three drags at a time throughout their day.

There really is no right or wrong way to vape—at least as far as the number of drags are concerned—but you should consciously monitor your vaping habits to get a better idea of how often you’re vaping.

Your Reasons for Vaping

Vapers vape for all kinds of different reasons. Some do it to provide their bodies with nicotine. Others do it to try and scale back on smoking. People also turn to vaping simply because it’s fun to experiment with all of the flavors that are available.

You may very well find that you are one of these people. Additionally, you may vape because you enjoy the sense of community that it provides. There’s nothing quite like a group of vapers standing together and talking about their preferences for certain e-cigarettes and e-juices.

You should take the time to figure out what works for you as far as vaping goes. If you are vaping to get nicotine into your system, you may need to take additional drags to make it happen. However, if you are in it to try out new flavors, you may not need to take as many drags when you vape. Rather, you can find the flavors you like and use them more often than flavors that might not necessarily be in your wheelhouse.

Bottom line: There is no right amount of drags in vaping. Try and find what works best for your situation and go with it before reevaluating later. You can always work to change your vaping patterns based on your individual needs.

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