How Much Nicotine Should You Use When You Start Vaping?

If you are thinking about vaping for the first time, you probably have a bunch of questions running through your head. For example, you’re probably wondering which type of e-cigarette or vape pen you should use.

Vaping Questions

You’re also probably wondering what kind of e-liquid you should purchase. And while there’s no right answer to those two questions—first-time vapers often learn which vape pens and e-liquids they like best simply by experimenting with different ones until they find what they enjoy—there is one question you probably have that could make or break your entire vaping experience: How much nicotine should you use when you start vaping?

Often times, new vapers will make one of these two mistakes when they first start vaping. They will either choose an e-liquid that has no nicotine at all in it because they aren’t sure about whether or not they’ll be able to handle the nicotine in e-liquids or they will choose the highest level of nicotine and assume that they will be able to manage it. This is not necessarily the best way to pick a nicotine level! Instead, you should learn about all of the different levels and get a better sense for which one might serve you and your individual needs best.

So what are the different nicotine levels? It varies, but in general, there are a handful of nicotine levels that you will be able to choose from when you vape. Each level is measured in milligrams with some of the most popular levels being 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. Some e-liquids also come in strengths as high as 36, 42, and even 54 mg, but these levels are rare and you shouldn’t try them if you are a first-time vaper as there’s a good chance you won’t be able to handle the kick they provide. You should stick to finding the level that works for you so that you enjoy vaping while you’re doing it.

Now that you understand the different nicotine levels associated with vaping, let’s take a look each level and see which one is best for you:

0 mg: Are you a person trying to stay away from using nicotine but still want to get a good vaping experience? Then this level is probably best for you. When you use an e-liquid that doesn’t have any nicotine in it, you will obviously not put any nicotine into your system. Whether you want to stay away from using nicotine or you are trying to scale back on it, this is the level for you.

3 mg: Do you plan on vaping often once you start, or do you need the jolt that nicotine provides in small doses? This nicotine level is low, so you’re not going to put much of it into your system when you use it. But it will still give you nicotine when you need it. Whether you are trying to cut back on your overall nicotine use without cutting it out completely or you are just interested in maintaining a steady nicotine fix throughout the day, this level will provide you with what you’re looking for.

6 mg: Have you used nicotine fairly often in the past, or do you feel that 3mg is not enough for your you? You will be more than comfortable with this particular nicotine level. It’s not too high and not too low and is generally viewed as a good place to start, assuming you have used nicotine before. If you use it and find that you aren’t getting the nicotine that you need, you can always increase your level, but you can also scale it back over time and drop down to 3 mg and eventually even 0 mg if you’re trying to go in that direction.

12 mg: Are you interested in getting a heavy dose of nicotine when you vape? This is for those who are used to getting heavier doses of nicotine, this should do the trick and keep your satisfied.

18 mg and up: Have you been using nicotine daily for a long period of time? You might be able to handle more nicotine than the average person. You don’t want to start at a level this high if you’re not used to using nicotine regularly, but for those who use this much nicotine already, it’s a good place to begin. There are also higher levels for you if have extensive experience with nicotine. Many brands have started to create e-liquids that contain 24, 36, 42, and 54 mg. Those levels are certainly not recommended for newbies, but they are available for those who can tolerate them.

If you’re confused about the different nicotine levels, you should speak with someone at your vape shop about which one would be best for you. By describing your situation and talking about how you plan to vape, you can pick out the one that works for you and start enjoying your vaping experience right away.

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