New Natural Tongkat Ali Based E-Liquid, Helps With Something We Never Saw Coming!

Something new that is sure to hit the vaping scene by storm comes all the way across the pond from Shenzhen, China. What is it? No, no it’s not another 6th generation mod but instead a natural e-liquid.

Huizhou KIMREE Technology CO, LTD. has released a new take on e-liquid that’s main ingredient is Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub that grows in Southeast Asia’s rain forests near the equator. In addition to being natural the Tongkat Ali shrub is also known for enhancing male function. Which is due to an ancient custom in Malaysia of drinking Tongkat Ali coffee.

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Don’t call B.S. just yet, modern medical studies have actually been done on the roots of the Tongkat Ali shrub. The results showed that the roots of the Tongkat Ali shrub, especially the core, are composed of numerous phytochemicals. Do you know what these ingredients can naturally enhance? If you guessed testosterone production, you’re correct!

The preliminary experiments with the e-liquid are promising and show similar results. Using the pure natural plant, KIMREE extracts the essentials from the Tongkat Ali plant to allow for easy absorption into the lungs. During the preliminary tests the natural Tongkat Ali based e-liquid was vaped in a constant temperature straight to lung e-cigarette, demonstrating that the e-liquid could be used in a related device without affecting its effectiveness.

With the use of a constant temperature straight to lung e-cig, the phytochemicals in the Tongkat Ali based e-liquid are absorbed into your body through the lungs to help enhance testosterone production. If further tests prove the e-liquid’s efficacy as a fast acting male enhancement, this could be a breakthrough in the male enhancement industry. Where pharmaceutical enhancement products currently available on the market can take up to 30 minutes to kick in.

This is not only a breakthrough in the male enhancement industry, but looking at the bigger picture KIMREE can take their research and over 3,000 hardware patents to work in congruence with the top pharmaceutical companies to develop treatments for respiratory diseases or other medical options.

Andre the chairman of KIMREE said “as the greatest invention of the century, electronic cigarette’s main significance is not only vaping, but also promoting the respiratory absorption of active ingredients in the e-liquid”

What do you think about these new developments in e-liquid? Do you think that it is good for the industry or do you think that it is doing more harm than good? Let us know your feelings in the comments section below.

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