PG vs VG: Which Should I Get?

What is the difference between PG and VG? What is the best blend for me?

Our American made e-juice comes in a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Add in some natural and artificial flavorings along with your desired nicotine content and voila! But what exactly are you vaping? Propylene Gycol- PG e-juice is responsible for producing more of a “throat hit” when vaping. It gives people who are quitting smoking a more authentic “smoke” feeling when vaping. It is also noticeably thinner and less sticky than VG e-juice. Along with produing the throat hit, PG carries flavor through better than VG. Vegetable Glycerin- VG e-juice brings a sweeter taste to your blend and is the vapor production in the e-juice blend. Although the VG can be sweeter than PG, the sweetness of a flavor usually overpowers this. With a juice blend higher in VG content, there are thicker more noticeable vapor clouds.

Which is safer to inhale?

PG and VG are both food grade products that have been approved by the FDA. PG is commonly used to manufacture ice cream, make ice blocks, and is used by countless beverage manufacturers. VG can be found in numerous cosmetic products, foods, and beverages as well. Although the FDA deems both of these ingredients safe, there have been scarce reports of people experiencing allergic reactions to one or the other. They are not serious or life threatening reactions, they are most commonly skin rashes. So which one is safer for you to inhale? They are both equally safe to inhale. In fact we use a 50/50 PG VG blend for all of our premium e-juice.

Why do we use 50/50 blend?

Here at Aspen Valley Vapes we want to give you the best of both worlds. For those quitting smoking, we like to provide a decent throat hit to simulate the feel of smoking. This can make it easier for you to kick the habit for good! As you go up in PG content you will produce less and less vapor. Part of the smoking habit is actually blowing smoke out, which is why we didn’t go with a higher PG content. We wanted to give you the best of both worlds. Not to mention, in our testing of flavors and PG/VG blends, the 50/50 blend worked best by delivering the most accurate flavor while still producing a good amount of vapor.

Will we use different blends of PG/VG?

At this point in time it’s safe to say, yes, eventually. Before we get into different juice blends, we are working on making new flavors of e-juice. With numerous flavors in the works, we are very excited to offer you a wider selection to appeal to all flavor palates. Andy Flynn

One thought on “PG vs VG: Which Should I Get?

  1. PJ says:

    As someone who works in a compounding pharmacy, I can attest that the PG is MOST LIKELY the healthiest choice of the two (PG vs VG,) with the former being less harsh on the thyroid. I am continually searching for the predominately PG E Liquids because 1) I find the quality of the vapor to be superior, and 2) I could care less about the amount of vapor, or the size of my cloud that I exhale. Please consider offerings of more of the PG based E Liquids, and you will continue to retain me as a customer! Thanks for listening.

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