Pioneer4You IPV3 Recall

IPV V3 150W Box ModRecently we have received a large number of inquires asking if the Pioneer4You IPV3 150 watt box mod had been recalled. We contacted our rep from Pioneer4You to see what they had to say on the matter. This is the exact response we received:


“Dear VIP customer,

Here is a guidance that should be told to your iPV3 consumers:
Users must follow the guidance below:
1) Take out the batteries to charge;
2) Do not use the iPV3 when charging;
3) Keep the batteries same level of charge & voltage when using;
4) Use the same type & brand of batteries, batteries should always were purchased together WITHOUT prior use and charged together.
Failing to follow these steps could result in damage to your mod!
Pioneer4You is not responsible for any damages or injuries that result from misuse of the batteries or the unit!
Thanks for your attention, we are always caring the safety of our products.
Since it can work at high watt over 100W and sub ohm 0.1ohm, it requires strictly on batteries!
We really appreciate your care!”
Please take note of these precautions when using your IPV3. As of now, there has been no recall for this device and we will always keep you up to date and informed on the latest happenings with Pioneer4You. Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Pioneer4You IPV3 Recall

  1. KaSandra says:

    Yes I have the IPV3 and we sell it at our shop. I was told this when i ordered them. I feel like a reputable B & M will tell you these things before purchasing it. I really try to help my customers any way I can, and in this business knowledge is like gold!

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      Yes, letting your customers know these type of things is very important! Sometimes it can be very hard when you have a company tell you one thing, like that the IPV3 would include a touch sensor, and then it actually doesn’t.

  2. Aaron robinson says:

    I bought one then it got recalled and now I need a box mod if anybody can maybe give me one I would really appreciate it thank you

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